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Altair Club Cars Subaru Legacy Turbo | The sedan which is not afraid of any SUVS

Subaru Legacy Turbo | The sedan which is not afraid of any SUVS

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With it’s Rallye heritage, the all-new 2020 Legacy is set to shake up the mid-size sedan segment just as it did when it debuted 30 years ago! This sedan comes loaded with content and competitively priced. The seventh-generation marks the return of the turbo Legacy GT ( Or Legacy XT if you live in the USA )! With 260 horsepower and 277 lb-ft of torque sent to all four wheels via Subaru’s legendary Symmetrical Full-time All-Wheel Drive. The new Subaru Legacy comes well equipped with standard features, including the award-winning EyeSight driver-assist system, as well as automatic climate control, heated seats and more. Inside you will find Subaru’s newest infotainment system, which runs through dual 7-inch touchscreens or an available tablet-style 11.6-inch touchscreen.

Hey what’s up everybody welcome to car question it’s in 1989 that we saw the first generation of the subaru legacy this car even racing a lot of rally competition with some big names behind the wheels so today we’re going to look at the new generation of that car but you’re gonna say to me matt what happened it doesn’t look like a brand new car yeah probably

Subaru went light on the exterior design but it’s in new chassis it’s a new road handling for that car it’s gonna be more performant because it’s the return of the turbo engine and finally you’re gonna see an impressive interior redesign and that was about time this week a car question the subaru legacy when you look at the exterior design you know it’s

Subaru they’re real conservative it’s the front end that you’re gonna see the most change for the new legacy you’ve got the lines right here of the light by the way led lights on all model that you’re gonna choose some chrome on the full equip model that we have if you look completely on the side they’ve extended the fenders a little bit so it’s looking muscular

In some kind of way they want to put that movement feeling in the lines of the car but once again it’s real discreet but once you get to the rear of the car now you’re gonna see some difference even if it’s still conservative it’s looking good and by the way if you’ve got a 2.5 liter engine only one exhaust pipe and if you got there turbo one people will know

That you have more power when they are gonna see the dual axis for the wheels if you go with a base model it’s gonna be still ease otherwise you’ve got those nice will ear mix of gray and really shiny silver if you want and you’re gonna be rolling yokohama tires 18 inches which are real smooth and can go also onto a gravel road once you’re gonna take place

Inside you’re gonna find yourself in a comfortable environment and is it spacious yes it is it’s really big when it comes to passenger space interior space you’ve got more cubic feet than the fusion the altima the camry you’ve got also the touch range which is gonna attract your attention because in the model that we are running its 11.6 inches high pad style

Great graphics a new multimedia system of subaru there’s a ton of configuration that you can do with that screen it’s really crowded in some kind of way once you’re gonna master it it’s not real difficult to use you’re gonna be capable you’ve got android auto apple carplay which is only gonna take a certain section of the screen but once you get customized and

You can also personalize with your driver profile whatever configuration you want fluidity is not the same as a high pad because it’s usually our reference when they try to mimic something like that and you’ve got also the possibility to use the nfc connection to make sure that your phone is connected quickly if you’re gonna go for a base version that screen

Also will change for a dual screen it’s looking different it’s feeling different but it’s still cool and functional with apple carplay and android auto sound system if you go with the base for speaker more equipped version six speakers and finally the most equipped version will have 12 speaker with 576 watts of power but sometime you feel that armin cardin

System might be a little bit off tune when you ear the sound quality inside use a cable to get the maximum quality of the sound that you’re gonna listen to so usb connector up front in the rear do wall and you’ve got also a wireless charger which is gonna be dealer installed it’s an option but still it should have simply included that and you’re gonna have the

Possibility to get that great interior that we have two tones colors real quality seems really fun when you touch that later everywhere even right here towards your elbow in the center console i think it’s gonna last over time and it won’t stain also with the stitches that i see everything seems a really perfect except for the feeling of that steering wheel that

Not really sure and you’ve got also the stitches that show that they might have paid a little bit more attention to it but otherwise it’s looking like a great luxury sedan inside they really did a good job on the interior and it’s looking great instrument panel is a little bit crowded also you’ve got a lot of information typical subaru style once you get behind

Me ample space and how about the luggage i loved a lot a lot to put a lot of big suitcase so they really made an interior which is really big for a sedan of this size so let’s talk about the engine well you’ve got to say bye-bye to the older version the h6 that we add the famous 3.6 r so this one was built for 256 horsepower but super replaced it with the

Turbo offering so that’s better but if you don’t like turbo engine don’t worry about that you can still go for a 2.5 liter 90 percent new parts compared to the older version you can nearly say it’s completely brand new so this one’s going to be good for 182 horsepower at 5800 rpm torque is gonna be rated at 176 pound-feet of torque at 4400 rpm and it’s finally

Direct injection and if you want to go turbo 2.4 liter it’s still a flat 4 engine you probably know that engine because it’s used also in the subaru ascent this one’s going to be good in the legacy for 260 horsepower at 5600 rpm in pound-feet of torque 277 between 2000 and 4800 so there’s no manual you got only a cvt with a new eight-speed manual mode that you

Can select so you can use the paddle shift if you want so it’s a simulated gears so boat engine will be able to use regular fuel even if you use premium this won’t give you much more horsepower turbo no turbo and base with that car you have the famous subaru symmetrical all-wheel drive system there is no x mode or no lot function and with the cvt transmission

You’ve got 60% of the power which is sent to the front wheels and 40% to the rear wheels and i really like that configuration in that system during winter and fuel consumption now so it’s gonna be six point seven liters with the 2.5 liter on the highway 9 liter per 100 in the city and if you go turbo this can go up and the numbers on paper is set 10.2 liters per

100 or 7.5 liter per 100 on highway but believe me we’ll go over that and it’s gonna be even the worst in winter when you’re gonna have studded tires so we did some acceleration testing with the turbo engine it’s quite reactive but but once you get the maximum boost otherwise sometimes it feel like e when you’re gonna live from a standstill but the rolling thing

With that new platform is just awesome and the noise inside the cabin as improved a lot with that new super global platform you can feel the end ling is way better than the previous version you’re gonna have less body roll in this car feel much more grounded to the road than it used to be so cornering will be even better once you’re gonna brake there’s no fading

But you don’t get much feeling out of those and it’s the same thing for the direction it’s not precise it’s not vague it’s right there in the middle it’s not really a performance car even if you go for the turbo version but it still in those way better than it used to do with the previous version in talking about suspension one thing that’s gonna help you also

When you’re gonna be cornering is an active torque vector in mated to that famous all-wheel drive system of subaru so once you’re gonna send that car into curve and now was a big power in the torque you can feel it and i think it likes to accelerate on the eye away even more than leaving from a standstill and when you take those curves you feel that the car is

Just sending and i really like the feeling behind the wheels even if it’s not a sports car though let’s talk about security well with the base version you’ve got the eyesight system which we already know it’s really big up there you’ve got a lot of camera plastic new for this year you’ve got the lane centering assist you will get a lot of densification with that

System if you leave them on a lot of beeping and i really like also the driver focus attention system which is gonna help you maintain your attention on the road but i don’t know if it doesn’t like my glasses or sometime i tend to just rub my eyes and it’s gonna beep often so you might want to try to focus your attention on the road rather than turn it off and

You’ve got all the security feature that we have in the other cars depending on the option that you’re gonna choose also security is really important for subaru so if you got an impact this car will absorb 40% more energy so you’re gonna make sure that all the occupants inside are sounding safe and you for this year is the starting feature so you’ve got about on

The right up here and if you press on it it’s gonna be some kind of con search to help you choose your point of interests your destination where you’re gonna go on your next trip or if you see an accident of the road you press on the sos button and there you go you’re gonna have some assistance that’s a neat feature because all the buyers of subaru legacy will get

That feature for three years of three and it’s covering a lot of possibilities when sometimes the competition will simply cut a little bit the corners around with their offering so let’s talk about base price us guys this one goes out for 22 grand seven hundred and forty five dollars canadian twenty six thousand three hundred and ninety five dollars this is nice

Money for the package that you get with a car which is really fine by the way and you’ve got great interior improve and all wheel drive base i really like that and that eyesight system also if you want more equipment we recommend to you that you go with the touring at $30,000 295 canadian and if you like it the turbo version well it’s only going to be available

With the gt or xt version in the states and now you’re gonna have to spend nearly forty thousand dollars to go up there so minus points with the subaru legacy well the fuel consumption with the turbo engine i don’t know where we’re gonna go with that but if you have a heavy foot that’s gonna be impressive so i cannot imagine with winter tires studs yes it’s gonna

Be fun but it’s gonna be costly with fuel you’ve got the turbo model which is only offered with xt and gt package you’ve got the cvt which some time when you’re gonna leave from a standstill don’t simulate sometimes yes in sedation if you want you’ve got that conservative styling when you look at the exterior of the car you’ve got a toroidal – apple carplay

Yes but with that big screen it’s only gonna use a small percentage of that so i really like that use all the screen but you’re gonna have to change resolution on the plus side price versus quality versus what you get standard is impressive that all-wheel drive system of subaru with the vectoring control is amazing you’ve got the tons of security feature which

Is based with the car tons of interior space here in front in the rear real amazing and how about that big screen that i really like with that new system could be a little bit more fluid though but i really like that so let’s talk about competition now well you’ve got a lot of amazing great car the toyota camry one great reality over time you’ve got an average

Version four-cylinder six-cylinder yes but no all-wheel drive so if you’re living where winter is there you’re gonna be unhappy when you will see those icy patch you’ve got an accord which is probably the best choice if you like performance the super really gets even with the turbo engine doesn’t get up to the point of that 2.0 liter derived from the type r the

A car will have only one problem though it doesn’t have an all-wheel drive system so you’re gonna lose a lot of tire grip though so that’s the only downside of it and you’ve got that famous nissan altima also which is now offered base with an all-wheel-drive system at least in canada and the sales are not going great for that car with that new redesign of the

Subaru lagasse they’re cutting grass right there under their feet because the interior of the altima isn’t as nice as what i’m seeing right now inside the legacy so what will happen i don’t know but one thing is sure subaru is getting real aggressive with the car though angry driver even if sales of sedan are going down subaru is making an aggressive offer with

That new legacy you’ve got a great base price a lot of standard equipment all-wheel drive and you’ve got even a turbo power in that car so what do you think guys will it convince you to switch from suv to this car because it’s the suv of the sedan i really like a car the center of gravity which is real low the feeling that you get behind the wheels and this one

Get a pretty big trunk so it’s up to you feel free to come in in the section down there below do a thumbs up because you like that video subscribe to car question because we will have more for you take care guys

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