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Subaru Impreza WRX 300

2005 subaru wrx pro drive 300. so this is one of the 300 limited edition cars for the uk only in 2005. they all came in this color with those wheels um it came with the 300 barging so the badging on the wings on the rear they got a custom set of mats um stamped seats and the front light covers are stamped as well or stick it sorry um it also came with the

Pro drive performance engine upgrade so it’s like the 265 brake obviously quicker than the standard wrx i said they only made 300. this one was sold new by alex noble and sons in edinburgh um to the current owner it’s had no previous owners we have full service history for it including timing belts and water pumps done at seventy thousand it’s on something like

Seventy thousand nine hundred or seventy one thousand now um so obviously very recently then yeah i’ll tell you seventy thousand seven hundred eighty two so it was a couple hundred miles ago it’s had timing belt and water pump and everything um now the owner does have pictures of that so we can’t forward it on but obviously we’ve got stamps and everything as well

Let’s start by having a look at the bodywork we start on this front drivers corner so you can see all nice and clean along there arch itself is all lovely and solid all the way around the wheel i’ve been told the wheels have just been refurbed actually so they are like brand new it’s just had new calipers as well obviously the correct calipers and everything but

They look nice and bright which is always good good tires on there nice bridgestone on this one we’ll check the rest as we go around but i do believe they match obviously you’ve got a 300 barging underneath the indicator on the wing if we look down this side you’ll see it’s all nice and clean all the way along panel gaps are lovely so you got sill covers on being

A wrx but it’s as you can see they’ve not been rammed up a cable smashed about or anything like that driver’s door itself it’s lovely and clean and tidy no marks have anything to point out at all really on that it’s not even any scuffs on the corner of the wing mirror no stone chips or anything on the pillar if i have a look at the roof you can see that’s all

Nice and straight we do have one or two little marks in the in the paint from bird poo they may polish out i’m not sure more than likely well i would think all the glass is nice and clean obviously but these being frameless quite often you find the glass gets all scratched up but as you can see that’s all lovely and clear on those rear driver side door again

Lovely and clean on this rear arch again it does have a plastic bit of trim but you can get your hand behind it’s all nice and solid all the way around another good wheel with a another good what we’ve got on here it’s not a bridgestone kingspan kingston yeah king star sorry so bridgestone on that front king star uh another king starts on his matching yeah

And a bridge stone on the front so bridge stands on the front king stars on the back so it’s matching across each axle so that’s good uh back to the bodyweight so this rear quarter again all nice and clean and tidy around the fuel filler caps good up this large pillar again that’s nice around the window and on the roof line is all good really really really clean

And straight this car as you can see looking down the side of it lovely no scuffs on the bumper going around on the rear again it’s got the original dealer plates on there as well which is nice and then if we have a look underneath from here you can see all nice and clean nice and tidy it’s got a pro drive um i’ve seen the stainless exhaust system on it and you

Get this uk also you impreta 300 wrx barging on the back both real tail lights nice and clean as is the spoiler quite often people use these to open and close the boots so they end up in a bit of a state but this one’s lovely and tidy leveling clean no sign of any mark on the deck lid itself if we look up the passenger side you’ll see that’s all nice and clean

Too wouldn’t say it’s had any paint work either because if you go down the side with the sunshine on it it’s all one color all the way around which is lovely this rear arch nice and clean another good wheel i say matching tires across each axle we’ve got a very small stone ship just here behind the handle on the rear passenger side sill cover on this side again

Everything clean not bashed up or anything like that both doors all nice and straight there’s no marks at all on it there’s nothing around the handles no one’s opened it with anything in their hands i’ve got that little chip which will have pointed out and this pillar is really good and there’s the roof from another angle again lovely and clean no marks on the

Wing mirror all the plastics are nice and dark they’re not dried out or cracked or anything like that this front wing again you got your 300 badging again is lovely as is the arch all the way around inside the arches is lovely and clean as well for me that’s always a good sign if you can be bothered to get in behind there and clean and you tend to look after

Your car you’ve probably warmed it up and cooled it down right around onto the front both headlights are nice and clear no cracks or anything in those obviously you’ve got these covers on the front which are nice and tidy well half of the bumper is nice and straight that’s not been smashed up any curbs got one or two little stone chips as you’d expect but hardly

Anything you’ve got to get really close i mean we’re filming this in in 4k to try and get as much detail as we can but you can barely see any of it and around the uh the intake is all nice and clean as well the bonnet itself’s leveling straight there’s no ripples or dents or anything in it have a look on the inside so again the 300’s got um the mats wrx seats

But they got stamped um slightly differently from the normal cars obviously blue and black interior this door card lovely and clean door checks and the cells and everything are all good they’ve not scuffed up or anything like that this seat has literally no signs of anywhere at all really really good post is good there’s no rips or tears or sagging in that

And then this alcantara wears normally really badly but actually that’s really really good it’ll look dirty on the camera because it’s alcantara but that’s just every alcantara seat there the pain of a cameraman’s life driver’s seat sorry steering wheel even it’s really good no sign of any wear on the top or anything like that all on the top of the dash is nice

Original subaru cd player in there as well so the double din unit it’s not been replaced normally they’ve got a big screen in there air con in this one as well it’s done seven hundred and eighty two miles which again you quite often see these things on a hundred and fifty hundred and sixty thousand miles so that mileage is nice and low like i say no previous

Owners as well and good service history if you’re looking for one this is the kind of thing you should be looking for inside the doors and the in inside the door checks everything they’re all good rear bench doesn’t look like it’s ever really been used to be fair there’s no sign of any kicking on the back of the seats there’s no wear at all on the blue the light

Blue bit can often wear kind of funny but that’s lovely headlining lovely and clean there’s no stains or funny funny smells there’s no sagging or anything like that into the boot we’ve got a set of rubber mats which have gone over those sort of limited edition ones um proper subaru ones let’s see up to you whether you put those back in or not the the boot carpet

Itself lovely and clean it’s all well and good something being one owner but if it’s had one bad owner then it’s not a good car but all the signs are telling us that it’s been a good owner of this car under the bootleg boot carpet sorry it’s lovely and clean it’s no sign of any corrosion you’ve got that spare wheel there which is the space saver size but yeah

Really good nice and tidy there’s no sign of any moisture or anything which is good another good door card on this side and again like i said this bench on the rear is really clean back to the seats are all good door checks better than some bodywork on the outside of cars i’ve seen lately nice clean door card on the front passenger side again this seat no sign

Of anywhere like i said it does look like there’s like there’s marks on it but that is the alcantara if we brush it all one way see it’s all nice and clean but again the bolsters are all good dash is good so there’s those limited edition mats i don’t think you can replace now we’re still in fantastic condition again you’re going to have to experience some dodgy

Camera away to get the bonnet up there we go again here’s all nice and clean stuff it’s all been cleaned fairly recently nice and standard it’s not messed with it hasn’t got a bigger turbo or a daft intercooler or anything on it nice standard as they meant it to be which on the limited edition cars that’s what you want if you want to put big power through one of

These don’t do to a rare one what’s the point um so it does have a factory immobilizer on it so it’s just lock and unlock turn the key and it fires up straight away on the button nice and smooth happy have a look around the back there’s no sign of any smoke or oil or water or anything pouring out the back we’ll give it a little rev and check again and again

Like i say nice and clean nothing on the floor there all good so there you have it 2005 subaru impreta wrx 300 if you’ve got any inquiries or questions please get in touch we are open every day for viewings or if you can’t get us we can do video calls answer any questions you might have whatever you need thank you

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Subaru Impreza WRX 300 By WB \u0026 Sons

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