subaru impreza long term review
Altair Club Cars Subaru Impreza LONG TERM Review after 9 YEARS and 138,000 MILES

Subaru Impreza LONG TERM Review after 9 YEARS and 138,000 MILES

Is Subaru a reliable and dependable vehicle? What are common problems with a Subaru? Are Subaru’s expensive to maintain? Should I buy a Subaru? Are Subaru’s really good in the snow? Is the Subaru Boxer Engine dependable and trouble free?

Now today we’re driving a 2010 subaru impreza with roughly a hundred and thirty eight thousand miles this is something that we’ve owned for the last six years we purchased it as a certified pre-owned vehicle from subaru and if they’ll be kind of fun just to go over the pros what is really really good on this vehicle as opposed to other things that are not holding

Up as well so that being said let’s just talk about the good points right off the bat in terms of reliability this thing is awesome it has never let us down once you turn the key the vehicle starts every single time in fact i just replaced the battery the original battery after nine years and the battery was still good it was just starting to lose its cranking power

And i figured you know we’re in august now three months there can be snow on the ground let’s just replace the battery now so i just replaced the battery but again very reliable the check engine light has never come on once think about that nine years old one hundred thirty eight thousand miles has never come on once so it’s been incredibly incredibly reliable the

Driving dynamic is excellent it’s a very very fun car to drive the diameter of the steering wheel is quite small if you’re ten two notches it’s a lot of fun in the turns it always puts a smile on my face driving this car it’s a lot a lot of fun in terms of where we live in the northeastern united states and winter months roughly three four months out of the year

This thing absolutely rocks wintery snow sleet ice whatever’s on the road this thing just sticks so well maybe once or twice i did lose some traction the dashboard would light up like a christmas tree and you would have instant traction a very very nice all-wheel drive system on these subarus and you figure they’ve won so many rally championships and that technology

Just trickles down in terms of gas mileage really really in fact when we drove down to pennsylvania to pick up the front crossmember for the acura tl i drove i think was around five hours round-trip and i got 33 miles to the gallon and i was able to fit that front crossmember in this vehicle which still i mean just barely fit i was able to fit that that whole cradle

In the back of this vehicle which is one thing i would certainly say in terms of if you’re looking at the sedan or the hatchback at the hatchback because you it’s it’s a small car to start out with but having the hatchback at least you can fold those seats completely down i fit lumber back here molding recently i sold a generator i was able to get in the back seat

Here so you it’s it’s a really nice thing to have all of that room if you do need it so if you’re looking for a car that’s reliable excellent in the snow in terms of the parts they’re cheap not too bad the insurance are very very low in these vehicles unless you get the wrx with the sti really really cheap insurance rates excuse me running you can run this vehicle

On 87 octane point a to point b it’s a good car in terms of the downside it’s not if you saw that honda video we did a few weeks ago the honda was older than this or it is older than this and the honda still feels brand new this feels like nine years old and it’s it feels like it’s done hundred and thirty eight thousand miles and what i mean by that is it doesn’t

Doesn’t feel as fresh things are starting to go on the car in terms of the way that this vehicle is built i’m not the biggest fan in terms of the fit and finish the paint is pretty cheap for sure the interior parts a lot of plastic if that bothers you for me i could care less but you know it’s a lot of cheap plastic parts in here this being a 2010 vehicle doesn’t

Have bluetooth which is sort of odd this has a 4-speed transmission the newer subarus have cv t’s this has a four-speed automatic which is it just shifts at the wrong time it and it’s you know what it is it’s really the computer trying to give you the best miles per gallon and it just shifts at the at the at the worst time possible it’s a hard jerky shift what i

Found to be better is if you put the vehicle the transmission in sport mode and it shifts at higher rpms it makes it’s a different dynamic i would certainly recommend doing that or just get the 5-speed manual but the four-speed automatic is it’s very very dated and you will feel it when you drive the car now in terms of the box or engine does have very very good

Balance of course because it has a low center of gravity but some things you have to look at with these vehicles is if it’s burning oil and coolant which this vehicle is it doesn’t burn a lot of coolant i would say maybe it burns a pint which is you know water bottle 16.9 ounces roughly a pint maybe a month maybe six weeks does it so it’s not burning an incredible

Rate it’s more of the oil the oil is something i have to really keep an eye on and in fact this is something i was speaking with my wife is you know and she loves this car and that’s the thing with subaru owners they like diehard fans with these cars and i don’t get me wrong i like them as well but i said you know really you got to get a car soon because it’s

Burning oil it’s burning coolant and things are starting to go in fact just last week we uploaded a video and this vehicle has cool in lines has metal coolant lines for the transmission and those metal lines rusted out and what again because i checked the oil weekly i noticed that there was some some drops on the driveway and lo and behold the metal cooling line

Rusted out completely rusted out and you know nine years old to me that’s not very old for look for something like that to rust out and they did again i don’t know that to me it’s just it shouldn’t brush that after nine years timbers of the front end on this vehicle subarus are very well known that things sort of wear out on the front and what i mean by that is the

Sway bar links i did replace that was one of the very few things i had to do in the beginning and what with the sway bar you go over a bumpy here it almost like a clinking clunking sound really cheap though like 25 bucks and that expensive to do we did a video on how to replace them but the sway bar links we did the front wheel bearings we did at 120,000 miles now

Interestingly enough subaru states they recommend that you replace the wheel bearings every 60,000 miles at least on this vehicle in my case i they were perfectly fine i would any time i did maintenance i would turn the wheel they wouldn’t bind up there was no noise coming from the wheel bearings but at 120,000 miles i replaced them now i’m the type of person that i

Want to do the the due diligence as opposed to being stuck at the last moment and having to i now need to replace the part so i replaced them 120,000 miles we have a video on that as well and they were just just starting to bind up so the wheel bearings and i think a really really good high quality on this vehicle the lower ball joint did go out of roughly 110,000

Miles that’s in a sense of maintenance item that’s no big deal of course the brakes the rotors now this being an older subaru it does have a timing belt and i also have a video on that showing on how to do a timing belt and a water pump replacement and that was at a hundred and seven thousand miles now with this vehicle subaru recommends changing the belt at one

Hundred five thousand miles and had a hundred seven thousand miles that belt was still in really really good shape no stretch marks there was just a slight sliver of some of the threads coming apart but it was still in very very good shape one hundred and five thousand mile recommended interval it’s really very conservative you could go beyond that but change it

You know don’t don’t push your luck now the newest subarus have timing chains fortunately so you don’t have to worry about that but these older ones do have timing belts the water pumps are known to be really good on these vehicles i’ve no i’ve had no issues with the axles but it’s the front suspension you have to sort of keep an eye on because it’s one of these

Vehicles that does creek i wouldn’t say prematurely but just start the creeks here and there in fact we had to replace the front strut bearing and then about a year later the front driver side strut started to leak so this also has brand new struts but that being said that’s my honest six year 138,000 my review on this vehicle and iii would buy it another subaru

In a heartbeat that’s the bottom line so that pretty much wraps it up i hope i hit most of those main points if you’re thinking about purchasing this vehicle

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Subaru Impreza LONG TERM Review after 9 YEARS and 138,000 MILES By CarsNToys

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