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Altair Club Cars SUBARU Impreza – Best rally car ever? World Rally Championship – Top WRC cars

SUBARU Impreza – Best rally car ever? World Rally Championship – Top WRC cars

SUBARU IMPREZA WRC. The iconic Subaru WRC rally car has many fans. It’s the car which made World Rally Championship winning drivers out of Colin McRae in 1995, Richard Burns in 2001 and Petter Solberg in 2003. Subaru became the winner of the FIA World Rally Championship for Manufacturers in 1995, 1996 and 1997 using this Subaru Impreza rally car.

If you almost pretty much anyone under the age of 21 to name describe or point out a rally car this is more than likely want it be thinking on the subaru impreza whilst other cars have won more championships and more rallies this is still the one car which somehow seems to evoke everything the magic and mastery of rallying over the past 15 years the coolest car was

The the two-door in present like i think that’s uh i think maybe it’s a p mm i beat guards speak spoilers cool in car i think that’s that’s got to be it it did change the way of modern rallying when it came out there was nothing really to compete with it in the days when colin was driving and he was so far in advance for everything else iconic car s being the same

Color it’s got this sort of cult following with it with a color all the team wears the same people buying the shirt and so on fantastic guy it’s made this world champion it made us runner-up in the world champ ship three times as well and we’ve got a lot to thank the impreza for it is a fantastic uh subarus grass roots were in engineering from planes to trains

To buses and the rose reveals were more likely to be bound on the lots of analogies john within our subaru and the farmers vehicle and everything but i think the real step started from the nineties onwards the early nineties when we started the legacy david wishes had in the team and taking it all forward it seemed a very young culture because we’re taking young

Drivers and we’re experienced drivers but the younger drivers roy’s pushing and the team was quite young in the early 90s the japanese manufacturer approached the rally preparation outfit pro-drive to produce a carb about road and rally after a brief and successful period of legacy 1993 sort of urban the impreza almost wanted to date the event the hands are very

Fattening it’s been iconic it’s been the whole the whole concept the boxer engine nobody else uses of opera engine you know this very very low center of gravity the transmission system when it did win its first event increase the following year in mark the start of something very special let’s go back to 1995 and with carlo sight and a young colin mcrae behind the

Wheel the subaru was dominant superiority forcefully demonstrate when it’s swept the top three places on two successive rallies an amazing feat and especially when you consider they were two very different events the bar swimming tama curves of spain and the mud sweat tears of the rac rally in the uk colin really was a lot to do with it as well be really sure the

Car off for you know systemic worked and handled and he was a great scene to watching the stage and his antics and a lot of the other drivers as well were very very good in the car we had lots of good strong results and that we seem to dominate for quite a while you know the team was very young and fresh and it was like a fresh look in the rally deep crater in both

Brunei and wrc bought one three in said you’ve bagged restrains in 95 96 and 97 and gave colin mccrea richard burns so burn their championship crown and amazement about it i think it’s the fact that you can nearly buy the same car on the street and like some of my knights of god wrx ism like it’s not such a different part of what i race so it’s it’s pretty cool and

Why they’re good funded rock euro car is almost the same or it’s exactly the same layout you can’t buy a four-wheel-drive turbocharged ford focus for instance but that i think that’s another reason why the invest has been so popular and so successful is you can actually go in the showroom buy a blue one with gold wheels boxer engine exactly the same layout as the

Ramage are so probably that’s one of the biggest reasons has been so popular the impreza has become iconic the blue and yellow paint work the huge spoilers the air vents and as modern technology takes rally into people’s homes and all types of guises the impreza will be imprinted on their minds for many years to come it is quite fun i can keep a true identity in

The championship it doesn’t confuse people and it relates directly to that and obviously its marketing people think of all these things but you know everyone relates when they see blue the pink subaru it’s just embedded in a bronzer in their bronze mines now through all the time try to make a nice design make a nice car and and and keep their design the same color

For many many years and also that makes it a big influence on on on the history of car most children heard of a subaru impreza i think with all the games on a colin mcrae playstation all that sort of thing that really brought it on as well so everyone relates if you say rally they say super impressive so the subaru impreza and possibly one of the most iconic rally cars ever made you

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SUBARU Impreza – Best rally car ever? World Rally Championship – Top WRC cars! By FIA World Rally Championship

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