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STRAIGHT PIPED NEW 2022 AUDI RS3 Exhaust! ust! *LOUD WARNING* – Check out Car Vertical here;

Let’s hear what it actually sounds like hi guys and welcome back to archie hamilton racing and to another video where today is going to be a good one i’ve just arrived at a certain destination in my audi rs6 as you may be aware as you may not be aware i’ve bought an uh all-new audi rs3 the saloon but also the sportback the saloon is here in a really short period

Of time about two weeks so that’s really really exciting i can’t wait for it it’s gonna be amazing and then i got the sportback coming later in the eso saloon and then sportback but what we’re going to be doing today is i’ve been intrigued to hear what these cars are going to be like with exhaust today we’re going to hear a new audi rs3 with a new exhaust on it

Straight piped but also talk about the body kit is gonna be happening etcetera it’s all gonna be kicking off james got you got me got you off guard i’m always on guard thanks for carrying with me yeah well we’ve also been cycling this morning we’ve been cycling this morning today we have a nice cycle red you made me a protein shake 40 grams 40 grams of protein

Because i’m concerned about your rig anyway we’re gonna have a good day um welcome back welcome back to another video are you intrigued to see the new rs3 never so it’s the first one i’ve seen so i’m actually that’s why i’m here you’re here to see it congrats on the new car k and turbo uh if you haven’t seen it go to tom’s channel right you’re happy got more

Modification plans it is a video maybe we’ll do that maybe we’ll tune it to a thousand break maybe maybe the title might suggest that at least yes maybe and you’ve just been in this you’ve had a nice comfy ride and i bought your protein bar but we just arrived come on james come this way uh we’ve just we just arrived at r44 um oh very nice uh they’ve just moved to

Uh wembley area so all very very exciting as you may know uh r44 they’re very much specialist in the bmw world reece has appeared on my channel many a time and he did my m3 i needed your m5 i brought my home three done and tom used them could not fault them looks amazing such a lovely guy and what they’re doing is they’re going to be doing my rs3 the modifications

On it when it arrives so they’re going to be doing the whole body kit and all of that kind of stuff right so we are we’ve just arrived so this is a new facility it’s all just being built they’ve only just moved in um so yeah there’s lots uh happening so it’s really really exciting and cool to see if this is anything to go by the rs3 is going to be good yes who are

We good to see you good to see you mate yeah good thanks well congrats first of all congrats on your new unit welcome to wembley you made it yeah very cool yes tell us about well what’s happening yeah so this is our new unit it’s uh about one two months into kind of development so there’s still lots to do we’ve got lots going on but our little showroom where we

Can keep our shop car clients can sit and enjoy themselves by the cars being worked on yeah we’ve got our website our office dylan dylan dylan we saw you dylan we’ve got four projects on at the moment um our m3 our m4 super app and the rs3 um so our main kind of objectives for the first two quarters of the month or year so you bought this m4 what we stand for

Uh from the dealership and we are developing carbon bumper uh fenders and bonnets and stuff for it really breaks and stuff yeah so we would like homestreet to be on the road all the time so we came to events and stuff like that we do filming and then there’s them we needed another car so we’ve got an m4 where we should pull the front end off and send it all off

We scanned it and we’re developing all the carbon fenders like the gt3 rs you know with a little perfect and then your supra we’ve actually done a video on that so don’t talk too much about it but that’s yeah we’ve got that i don’t know when we’ve got that november time and i’ve still not put the video out guys quickly this video has been sponsored by carl

Vertical who are supporters of the channel basically our worst nightmare or my worst nightmare probably yours as well is when you buy a car and it has history that you are not expecting it might be damaged a damaged car it might be a minus discrepancy it might be so many things you don’t know what you are buying but with car vertical they make your life so much

Easier because all you do is you go to the website you type in the registration number and it will bring up absolutely everything we have here is we have an audi rs3 the older model and it basically just gives you all of the information of the car’s history in the uk now it even tells you if it was a police car and i actually love that feature it’s so so cool the

Stolen vehicle check as well so all of the different countries it scans all of that so you can see if it’s been stolen and then you have the mileage part just there which gives you all the history of that and as you can see right there we have damage 20 to 30 000 pounds worth of damage it’s a write-off let’s be honest the photos where you can see this car has been

In a serious accident and the photos are unbelievable and what i love doing is giving you guys a discount code so what you guys need to do is you need to click the link in the description or in the pin comments so you guys can go and check out carl vertical more and you’ll love it i love it i use it all the time and it is a game changer anyway let’s get back to the

Video now talk to us about this rs3 because i want to talk to you all about this obviously i’ve been pestering you because we know my one’s coming yes yes yes right rs3 we wanted to get involved um the newest rs product has come out and we because we specialize in the carbon stuff as well as titanium exhaust so we’re gonna do the full work so you’ve seen already

You can see that we’ve got some translucent kind of like spray on um this is from scanning so yeah we’ll drop some scanning stuff so we scan data 3d scanned the whole car the whole body line from about here downwards yeah um that way we can look at doing little trivias like this so we’re going to make a little carbon trim that goes a little bit further past there

Which would be nice really yeah yeah little things that i think now that’ll look that’ll look amazing but it’s quite expensive but if you can do like little trims here and there it adds nicely and are you gonna is she gonna be nicely lowered reese have you i’ve seen your stories of you having a go at that yes yeah plenty i think yeah you’re getting an oyster card

For that yeah yeah yeah oyster card chaos that’s a good one um okay so you’re going to lower it yeah so we’re working because obviously it’s a new car there’s not many parts on the market we don’t really specialize in springs and stuff like that like manufacturing wise so we use hmr kw maybe yeah we’ve got spacers ready to go on this week so that will work out

We’re doing a full carbon kit front lip side skirts oh it’s gonna look amazing it’s gonna look good really good um mirror covers what’s that miracle oh james already organized that that was a stupid question because you know he would have done that out bills i’ve seen something i love to point that out yes lad yes lad so carbon euros paddles you know i know i saw

That very good carbon paddles in carbon or stainless steel anodized black so they’re a nice little touch so yeah we’re going to work on the interior because it needs some love because personally i just when you come from a bmw everything’s like in reach but you know you’re changing gear down here these are lovely mate you when when it’s got on you is that going to

Have a new wheel yeah so we’re going to re-trim it we’re not going to change it retrieve it will make a big difference i like the voice brand but yeah i think a lot of customers aren’t buying the balls sprung they’re getting like either launch dishwasher using bits in the interior add some more carbon i don’t really know this is standard so i need to look at the

Base model because the case model will be the most popular won’t it because wall springs have already probably stopped yeah yeah traditions are from the launch perfect and so you’re doing all the all the all the things overlay images of the spraying that’s all to do but before anyone asks us that’s all to do with the spread uh development yeah so whenever there’s

Like a surface that’s really shiny such as gloss black especially on these modern cars we need to spray like a white spray it just kind of evaporates over the course of a couple of days before you simply wipe it off that’s i didn’t know they had event there quite like that mate that is the best feature on this car yeah i think we could maybe do a little um can you

Make it carbon maybe yeah ah this is all things which i’m buzzing for wheels can we do wheels so yes we’ve got our wheels coming from a new design for us coming in about two weeks time lower space blow it space it sit sit sit down before we found that when you went to a 2021 like a size up you’d lose the drive and these cars are for drivers and my my m4 the drive

Is amazing yes the driving is perfect that car is perfect as long as as long as the ride is good you need to get some concave so instead of running a space on our aftermarket wheels we’re just gonna push the concave in so when you look at the car the wheels will look wider that’s gonna be good yes we’ve got our wheels coming two weeks time for the m4 and the same

Design we’ll look to put on these cars perfect now now i’ll walk to the back because this is where yeah this is where this car has been having a lot of work from you guys yes this is the bit probably where everyone will be interested what you’re about to say in terms of body kit and exhaust and everything yeah go there’s a lot going on so first of all it’s the

First rs3 to not have the tips incorporated with the exhaust system um so first step is to make some new tips because if you make a more aggressive diffuser um you need to extend the tips out it’s quite hard because they’re all mounted on the inside so we’re going to do some nice carbon exhaust tips to pair up with our titanium exhaust system yeah and then a

Full replacement diffuser with some little winglets that come across here um so is it going to be a whole massive diffuser yeah it’s going to be aggressive i feel like the rs platform customer is quite like an aggressive setup compared to like a m3 they’re quite like a metal clean yeah so we’re going to go for something aggressive here and it’s quite mellow at

The moment it all looks very loud it’s a bit more like yeah yeah we’ll go upstairs perfect oh can we see the renders perfect like that yes i was just about to ask convenient is it what yeah what do you think to that i think it’s pretty cool my carbon car comes with that wow that’s cool he’s looking into that going i want that yeah yeah vorsprung saloon

Doesn’t have the spoiler the saloon don’t have a spoiler they actually got spoilers for the saloon because it uh shares the same rear boot as the s3 which has been out for a while now so we’ve already scanned it didn’t know that so i should have spoilers for you uh straight away yeah next do we really wipe and delete of course no you can’t do that people do

This i think that’s the thing with the hatch isn’t it you just want something sure you’d be surprised how tell us what you’re gonna do the exhaust exhaust so as you can see we’ve scanned it all on the floor and now we’re going to make a titanium system so i’m going to reduce remove the ops which is a key thing yeah kind of straggles the exhaust sound um and

Power is power it’ll increase power because the flow will be increased um we’re gonna just remove all the sciences and just probably keep the main back box and do a really good job with it and map it like a like an m exhaust where this goes around the outside you’ve got valves and then when you open the glasses straight through but this we’re not we’re not gonna

Do names of who did the exhaust or anything because we’re in an r44 unit and that would be very rude so this has had a system and this is intriguing because this is a glimpse of what there is to come so obviously you guys are doing the titanium system this has been pretty much straight through i believe so once the valve’s open yeah straight right that’s the most

Important thing is ops opf delete so that’s going to be here reese you in there i’m gonna hear it here we go let’s hear what it actually sounds like oh sounds good that actually yeah even on idle now it’s making a nice that’s nice that’s me then reach one more if that’s a taste of what’s to come i’m excited very good very good very good and it’s all about

So yeah so will the tiny titanium system be louder or crisper it’ll be slightly louder and a little bit deeper because tone was the most important tylenol because these cars when you start removing things from the standard system causes weird tones did you see the lights just got freeze you know he likes playing certainly aren’t you francis in the design studio

With rhys yes did you call it the lab race this is the lab the lab the dream factory this is cool this is cool it’s nice it’s small it’s just where we come in it’s cozy and quite warm yeah i’d be warm in that jacket as well to be honest maybe you’d also look better come on then right reese let’s talk about because that looks absolutely unbelievable phenomenal

Sensation the best thing i’ve actually ever seen uh which gets me very excited so is that what it’s gonna look like relatively yeah so we’ve um this is our probably like red one render so we’re still playing around with the design all right because you scan the car as you’ve seen we’ve already gone into production on the or into cad design with the side seals the

Front splitter we’re playing around with just making sure that you like it um i like it yeah so that’s the side seals looking good um and that’s the rear i think that’s pretty cool race i’ve never seen a car as good as that ever ever yeah it’s it’s a screen sell your rs6 sell everything get it get it all gone and get that that’s perfect no it looks good quicker

Than an rs6 anyway yeah yeah be quick it works amazing love that side side um but yeah that’s a little teaser what’s going to happen we’re still playing around with the final designs there’s the rear that we were playing with the other day oh yeah yeah yeah um but we’ve kind of changed the design of the diffuser i think maybe no spoiler yeah it doesn’t clean maybe

A little lip spoiler thing look yeah but the this detail just stands out doesn’t it james we love it we saw that earlier oh we saw that earlier now and we’re highlighting it now really accentuates the front end of the car aren’t you yeah no it looks good i think this is we’re onto this the right path you are on to an absolute winner right so we have just took the

Cars to a certain place we’re taking photos and everything else got the rs6 alongside the rs3 so so cool because yeah my rs3 is not far away and i’ve had the best day ever and uh to hear the rs3 to hear about all the kit and everything which is coming it’s going to be amazing it really is going to be amazing and like i say two weeks time my new one the saloon war

Sprung is here and we’re just going to go to town and we’re going to enjoy it and i can’t wait once again to be back modifying that price range of car i love it i really really do but yeah as you can see we’re just here by wembley the wembley arch love it and then we’ve got the rs6 my one oh so so good and then uh the rs3 but look at this we were actually i

Was just taking a picture for instagram actually it looks so so good a huge thank you to our 44 performers make sure you check them out i’ll leave all their links down below exciting stuff give this video a thumbs up guys comments down below i’ll see you very soon bye

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