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Altair Club Cars STRAIGHT PIPE NOVITEC EXHAUST for the Ferrari 812 Superfast [ENGLISH]



Hi guys welcome to a new video absolute motors i am scott i’m the new head tech workshop manager here um this week we’re going to be working on the ferrari a12 superfast this has come in for some protection on the front end the ppf doctors are gonna work their magic to give it a more refined look we’re gonna tint the windows that’ll give you a little bit more

Privacy change the look up a little bit and then finally we’re going to slap a nova tech exhaust system on it now this one already has the nova tech system from the cat back but we’re going to give it nova tech downpipes funny story of that the customer saw an f-12 we did last week decided he loved it so much that he wanted it done to his so here we are doing

That for him we’re just letting the car warm up in a second i’m just going to get in the car and you guys will be able to hear it with the valves closed stock valves open and then at the end once you’ve done all the work you’ll be able to hear it with the nova tech system on it oh foreign the ppf doctors have worked their magic on the a12 the front end’s

Protected the window tints were done yesterday they’re completed and looking mint now as you can see the a12 is on the ramp and it’s ready for us to work our magic on the exhaust which is going to be the crowning piece on this car so as you can see underneath the car we can’t really get to the exhaust at the moment because the skid pan is in the way so we’re

Going to have to remove the entire skid pan all the way up to the front of the car to get to the bits that we’re replacing so we’re going to change the current h-pipe for a novatek x-pipe change the down pipes from the engine back to the x-pipe and this should really change the noise of the car and give it a more throaty grunty sound and uh we think it’s gonna

Sound great now we’ve just finished removing the skid pans underneath the ferrari so remove the two side ones the central front one um this enables us to get to the exhaust we’ve had to drop the ferrari engine mount out of the bottom because this is actually in the way of being able to remove the exhaust so it has to come out and stay where it is now as you

Can see the exhaust is fully accessible and we’ll be able to get it out and put the new nova tech one in and as it happens the exhaust has actually just arrived so let’s go and unbox it now this is the down pipe that leads from the exhaust manifold we have a couple inputs here for pressure tubing and then this will run back to the x-pipe and then out through the

Tailpipes and here we have the x-pipe so when the air travels out of the exhaust it’ll come into the x-pipe crash into each other create turbulence and create that real raspy poppy banging noise that we all love to come out the back here we have the original stock downpipe and cat off the car now this particular downpipe has the opf filter already in it we

Are swapping this out and deleting both the cat and the opf filter for this novatec straight down pipe you can feel the difference in weights there’s a massive weight saving benefit of changing the downpipe out we’re also changing the h-pipe that was originally on the car for an x-pipe so now with a h-pipe you have two straight pipes and in the end an opening

That connects the pipes together we’re going to swap it for an x-pipe which has a bigger opening and makes the gases crash into each other on the way out this creates a more raspy bumbly sound and overall gives it more refined refined noise so now it’s time to install the exhaust so we’ve finished the exhaust system on the ferrari it fits perfectly the

Engine mount is back in place x-pipe is in place down pipe’s in place all looks great next is to lower the car we can then start the car for the first time and we can show you exactly how it’s gonna sound oh the car is now back on the ground the exhaust system is fitted the skid pans are on and it’s sounding great the last part now that needs doing is it

Needs to take into the tune up so that they can put it on the rolling road and write the software because at the minute the software doesn’t exist for this car as it’s the first one with this system installed so hmm now the car is now back from the tuners it’s sounding great they’ve managed to get everything running perfectly right now we’re

Just leaving it here running so it can warm up but while that’s happening let’s take a listen back at how the car sounded when it was stock the car is now warm and now it’s time for you to hear the novatek exhaust i’m going to quickly explain how we make it louder so the bat box has a set of valves in it and this little remote control here activates the valve

System so you press one for closed and two for open this is the valves closed and this is the valves open so that is the ferrari 812 project complete don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested having work done on your own car and if you like the sound of this one don’t forget to give us a thumbs up and subscribe and i’ll see you in the next video you

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STRAIGHT PIPE NOVITEC EXHAUST for the Ferrari 812 Superfast! [ENGLISH] By Absolute Motors

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