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Hi guys james paquette this is and i am super stoked about this one this one took a lot of work but it was such a good truck how could you not we wanted to keep it we wanted to go through it it needed a few things typical of the rangers i’ll get into that in a moment but powertrain wise the thing drove so good it was worth doing the stuff to it

So ensuring our next customer who buys it not only hopefully has the pride that we put into it but also just a good driving vehicle whether you’re going to use it for work or just a bomb around truck or you just don’t want to be in a car whatever the reason may be we want it to be good for you so this one we’ve put a lot of time and effort into it a little bit

Of working around with some friends of mine with in different mechanics shops figuring out the abs module was really really common in these i found one it didn’t work i found another one we got it got ford involved we reprogrammed it put it in there now 100 not that it didn’t work well before but you had the lights on the dash and i don’t want that i don’t want

To sell cars with lights on the dashes so it’s all taken care of all reprogrammed by ford factory thanks to my friend at valley ford martin and bryn they figured it out with the ford and reprogrammed that for us after we swapped it all over and then the safety stuff of course we’re going to give you a certified vehicle that’s our whole goal here so we put brand

New brakes on it they were close so we did it and those ones are the type where you got to do the grease up the bearings so we did it all the same time so front rear is done the parking shoes done there was a code for power steering pressure changed that little sensor out that one was a cheap one and same with the parking brake sensor change it out as well it’s

All good the last thing was a new windshield because it just had a crackle along the bottom that wasn’t in the line of sight so the previous customer just left it alone but now all brand new that’s it so you can see all this information that we did to it on our website at and you’ll see hey you know what we did it all at our internal cost so it

Didn’t cost this much to do and if you look at the pricing of course it’s less than everybody else and this is a better truck you should see this thing if we walk around it in the pictures or you see it in person if you want to come down the thing looks like brand new this is a 2010 ford ranger okay super cab it’s a basic truck but a little bit of paint touch-up

We did that’s it it was very very clean to begin with other than dust and now well you’ll see in a moment when i take you inside to see it and maybe you’ll see why i’m so excited about it i’ve been driving this truck for the last last month as we’re waiting for parts to come in etc etc and getting back on this one because this is a bigger project than say some

Of the other cars that we’re working on most ones are simple we’re pushing those ones first this one was on the back burner so i’ve just been bombing around and back and forth the city and picking up stuff so this one here came in on trade like i was saying and again worth it to keep it it suffered one hail claim back in july 2018 for 5200 bucks just cosmetic

That’s it whoopty do and that’s it it’s clean otherwise so let’s go inside this little beauty and we’ll come right back okay so this is inside this beautiful little ford ranger look how clean this truck is no rips no tears got the flip down seats everything’s in good shape the floor it’s got the anti-theft millennial device here five speed with reverse i’ve been

Bombing around as i said for quite a while now on this it’s fun to drive it’s good to be part of the car again because almost everything we touches nowadays is automatic it’s hard to find these am fm got cd player power port there for your phone it’s got a great heater we’re gonna need that in our province not so much for air conditioning but old school like when

I was young to roll down the windows and you’re good to go got an auxiliary port here for your phone listen to some music and in this side you’ve got traction control right there so it’s rear-wheel drive of course so this will help you stay in control let the truck do its thing only 153k everything’s nice and clean headlights on this side up on the side of both

Doors is a handy little handle to get in and out of this side too passenger and driver cup holders bench seat 60 40 and a flip down console right here with lots of storage good old-fashioned crank me down windows now in case you don’t know you don’t need a gym anymore just roll those down old school and away you go the rear doors flip out from here that gives

You lots of entrance room now these are great for kids or just a short little jaunt if you need to take an extra person or two or just fold them out of the way give you some extra room jack tools and cup holders are right there same on this side just grab the handle and open it up safety wise got airbags everywhere and same with this seat flip down flip up that’s

It good sized glove box and it’s got the manual these were solid solid trucks in their day you look through you see lots of them with four or five hundred thousand kilometers couriers use them they just stand up take good care of them and this one was well loved you can tell by looking at this truck it was well loved so don’t miss it it’s a perfect little work

Truck for you or just a bomb around without tying up a ton of money you know the price of trucks these days it’s crazy certified and good to go all right guys now that we’ve had a chance to check out all of its little features there if you need finance we have that available for you with no docker admin fees for any credit union applications if we have to go

Outside of that there’ll be a small fee tagged on as we arm the paper out but it’s still you’re getting it for the same amount of money most places do that especially if you have bad credit or the bank says no up goes the price and they fix nothing which is pretty typical this you’re still getting the same truck same price and well all the stuff that goes with

It so if you need finance you can do that if you’re coming in with cash or a check just add tax that’s it can’t do anything about that part but still again no fees for you as well nobody likes that fight and it happens all the time personally i’ve never liked it 30 years i’ve been doing this this is the better way to go i wish somebody did this when i was a kid

Because i tell you walking in green to a dealership was painful and now all of our customers tell me it was painless i love that so this is a better place to buy a car we are located just 10 minutes from saskatoon in the little metropolis of mormon right downtown on central where certified cars cost less my name is james paquette this is and thank you for watching

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