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Altair Club Cars Steamboat Motors 2020 Ram 2500 Mega Cab Longhorn Diesel Stock #R9008

Steamboat Motors 2020 Ram 2500 Mega Cab Longhorn Diesel Stock #R9008

Hey guys robert here at steamboat motors getting a little dark but i wanted to share with you real quick this uh 2020 ram 30 no it’s a 2500 2500 longhorn cummins turbo diesel guys this is the mega cab and it is a thing of beauty two tone this is white with kind of a bronze on the bottom four by four off-road graphics as you can see tires and wheels tow package yes

Of course this one has the sprayed in bed liner and let’s just take a quick look and yeah the fifth wheel grommets and everything are already there you can see the wiring the bed lamps and so on and so forth already in place all right let’s take a look at the inside oh i don’t know if you saw that or not deployable running boards boom cavernous all right it’s

Huge in here uh longhorn badging it’s getting a little dark guys but this one is poised with lots and lots of features i don’t know if you can see that but you got rear heated seats rear ventilation you’ve got rear power outlets and the list goes on and on um there’s some functionality here on these seats i’ve only got one hand but just let me point out this is

The longhorn lots and lots of cool stuff watch those power deployable running boards as they go right back into place tow hooks fog lamps iconic ram front end okay let’s talk about remote start real quick i love ram because watch this all you got to do is hit the button it doesn’t matter if it’s locked or unlocked it just goes to work and figures it out you can

See led accents you’ve got some marker lamps up front or up on the top and then proximity entry boom did you see that i put my hand in here there’s those uh deployables again and let’s just take a look at the inside of this one climate control here well we got we got to do it i mean we’ll start here so once you start it you still have to hit the button to get

Everything up and running and operational and so forth first things first so that’s on high already okay good well let’s do this then let’s get these uh power seat or heated seats boom heated steering wheel boy that’s a thing of beauty uh can you guys see that it’s a little bit better thanks heated seats ventilated seats heated wheel um big there’s a lot of things

Going on with the backup camera guys so check this out um you’ve got multiple views right so you’ve got the the very rear you can see that dynamic uh lane line with the trailer boom you got the bed lamp you’ve got the split version and there’s a trailer lamp that’s obviously not connected because there’s no trailer but you can put it on when you get a trailer so

You can or a camera i should say so you can see what’s behind the trailer even i mean and then also watch this 360 surround view this thing’s replete with features and technology four wheel drive on demand but of course four high four low heel descent assist you’ve got the tow haul mode uh let’s see exhaust brake rear parking sensors biggest touch screen in

The industry goes to ram yes thank you very much let’s go to let’s see oh gosh there’s so much going on here let’s let’s back out of that and boom you’ve got all sorts of things there’s your home screen sirius xm but of course bluetooth capability uh apple carplay android auto too much to talk about here in-dash navigation and the list just goes on and on lots

Of things going on up here on the dash steering wheel controls you’ve got even uh looks like adaptive cruise control lane keeping assist um so much going on guys give us a call you can’t really even see oh boom sunroof okay so you got that and then the longhorn um badging built right into the seats here um it’s the thing of beauty longhorn yes it’s got all the

Right stuff guys give us a call today at steamboat motors i’m going to turn this one back off kind of a quick video didn’t touch on everything but we hit the high spots this one’s awesome guys call us today at steamboat motors 970879-8880 if you haven’t already spoken to toria jackie jason spencer corey reach out to me it’s robert it’s steamboat motors 970-879-8880 thanks for watching

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Steamboat Motors 2020 Ram 2500 Mega Cab Longhorn Diesel Stock #R9008 By Steamboat Motors

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