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Altair Club Cars Steamboat Motors 2020 Ford T-350 Transit Cargo Van High Top Stock #F-9006 AWD

Steamboat Motors 2020 Ford T-350 Transit Cargo Van High Top Stock #F-9006 AWD

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Hey guys robert here at steamboat motors just want to share with you a 2020 transit t350 cargo van it’s specially outfitted for conversion with lots and lots of extras check out this big um dual pane window in the back it’s the t350 you can see the badging right there it’s an all-wheel drive ecoboost you got a full trailer package uh on the vehicle and let’s uh

Let’s check inside here oh i just did a remote start on this one guys so let me uh unlock the vehicle and uh there’s your remote starter right there on this one okay it’s huge it’s a uh it’s a high top and it has these um convenient double doors that extend all the way out if you ever need to do that you probably know this by now if you’ve been looking at t350

Trans advance that they’ve got that little locking mechanism here some sort of additional power or generator there we’ll have to look at the options to see what that actually is look at this overhead compartment you’ve got rear ventilation big infotainment touchscreen auxiliary upfitter switches you got brake controls the list goes on let’s get into that here

Momentarily i just want to point out i’m six foot four standing up really comfortably in this vehicle with probably about six inches to spare even and this comes back together super easy and bingo piece of cake now this one does have a uh remote uh door release right there so you just tap that twice and the door comes right open so that’s kind of cool i’m gonna

Go ahead and put that back and let’s step around to the front and as you can see that just closes right up it’s a little cold here today in beautiful steamboat springs all right guys so we’ve got remote keypad here if you lose your keys or you want to lock the keys inside whatever the case power windows and locks all that stuff but of course now when you do a

Remote start and you get a partial functionality you need to actually put this key in as you can see it says turn key to drive and there she goes so that’ll bring the vehicle to life and let’s start looking at some things here so um there is as i mentioned a lot of functionality here there’s your am fm that’s easy enough to figure out um what else do we have hang

On just a second let me hold that phone together there you go so um devices uh here’s your vehicle settings uh right here guys so there’s a whole different menu here that does have the driver assistance package it’s really cool blind spot intervention pre-collision assist lane keeping driver alert the list goes on there’s really too much to talk about here but

Um i want to point out that that is in there all sorts of other things you can look at there’s your driver assistance uh graphic right there with the lane keeping assist and so on all right let’s talk about uh what do we want to talk about next oh here you know what let’s do let’s talk about drive modes while we’re on on the subject so there’s four d or actually

Five different drive modes you’ve got normal eco slippery snow and ice hopefully you can see that let me zoom that in uh and then um mud ruts tow haul and the list goes on all right let’s back that out uh let’s look at some of this technology over here you’ve got uh what have you uh am fm bluetooth it’s got um let’s see what have we got here fordpass okay there

It is fordpass is awesome because you can connect the vehicle to your phone start stop and uh check so many other functions and features right from your smartphone so that’s a thing of beauty right here um what’s that there’s your traction control you can turn that off if you get into a situation where you need to do that parking sensors um looks like you can

Open the van let’s see there you go yeah yes you can open the door even right from the uh from the dash so there goes that so that’s kind of convenient from the driver’s position boom open and close that door let’s talk about this wide angle uh backup camera actually it’s got a couple of different views so that’s the front side right there and then you can um

Oh so here’s how that works so when you’re just sitting here if you tap on camera it’s going to show you the front all right so there’s that and then of course if you um switch to reverse that’s where you’re going to get the wide angle back up camera with the dynamic trailer line right there so you can line up your trailer and so forth a lot of things going on

Here guys this is a 2020 transit t350 let’s step outside get another look at the vehicle t350 transit van all sorts of additional equipment for the upfitter and i will send you the oem window sticker here shortly my name is robert at steamboat motors if you haven’t already spoken to toria jackie jason spencer or corey reach out to me robert at steamboat motors 9708-798-8888

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Steamboat Motors 2020 Ford T-350 Transit Cargo Van High Top Stock #F-9006 AWD By Steamboat Motors

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