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Stay Away from RAM PROMASTER

I have made a few great reviews on the RAM Promaster in the past however like other things time told the truth about these Americanized versions of these cargo vans.

What’s up guys i know it’s been a minute uh i’d like to thank all my 13 and a half followers for following and supporting me you guys are great all jokes aside this isn’t about my ram 1500 at all this is about my ram promaster pos so as you know a few of you know maybe the seven of the 13 people that watch this know that i did a review on my 2018 ram pro master

Uh how nice it is uh way more pros than cons the ergonomics of it the head room uh in the high top and uh so my ram promaster my 2018 ram pro master has it 51 000 miles on it and a few weeks ago out of the blue transmission just stopped working uh it was making a funky noise in the morning sounded like i needed fluid i checked the fluid it’s fine i worked you

Know i’m at a client’s house i worked i went to leave and i became stranded about a half mile down the road on a side street sitting there for about four hours waiting for aaa and then a brain cell formed in my head and realized that triple a’s not gonna come and i contacted a local uh tow truck company and got a towed to the dealership it is under warranty thank

God um i think it’s the five year 60 000 mile warranty uh so i’m 9 000 miles under the warranty thank god so it’s in there uh i’m i contacted fca and i’m trying to get a rental coverage uh i have a rental from u-haul and it’s 300 a week which is 1200 a month plus taxes that’s over that um i’m trying to get them to pay for it because little did i know you know i’m

In a lot of groups i ran pro master groups and a lot of people have been complaining about it a lot of people have been complaining about engines falling out because the weak rubber mounts uh transmissions blowing i’ve heard of people going through four or five transmissions under 100 000 miles and engines and i’m like i said to myself now when i see that stuff

I’m like you know what maybe it’s just they bought a lemon and i’ll be fine you know it my truck won’t do that it’ll be fine and my truck all that ram promaster always had like once a month a very rare second into third kick and i i’d be driving with somebody with me and they’re looking like what the heck was that i have no idea what that was felt like the

Transmission or the talk of her locking up i don’t know and um that would happen rarely maybe even once every two or three months but it it happened since the day i got it and i baby that thing uh i you know i do put weight in it it’s a 2500 chassis you you know you think you’d be able to utilize that kind of uh capacity with a 2500 chassis um but lo and behold

You find out that the engine the 3.6 liter v6 and the 62 te 6 speed transmission is straight out of a town and country minivan and they’re putting that platform into a 2500 chassis and even the 3500 chassis i believe you know and they have these elongated frames i don’t know what they are 120 inch whatever 160 inch whatever they are and you have a minivan engine

And a transmission drivetrain inside of a 2500 chassis van and that doesn’t make sense either i didn’t know that when i got it uh so i’m a little down and out about it i’m fighting with fca for uh rental coverage that’s that’s a totally different subject but it’s uh i run my business out of that van and if i knew that was going to happen you know i heard stories

Uh now the story’s on me and if i knew that was going to happen i wouldn’t have bought the ram promaster yeah i got to fix it you know warranty is going to fix it it’s taking a while because the computer chip crap and now there’s a wall going on and god only knows how long it’s going to take now but i am going to get it fixed and what i want to do is get it fixed

And then maybe go get a a mercedes sprinter so i’m in i’m parking lot making a video this guy’s just coming over to me what’s up buddy i’m on the phone yeah thank you tiny little park a lot new hampshire you know that guy’s concerned i mean i am packing heat but i’m not gonna rub your store buddy calm down um where was i so yeah i was thinking about getting a

Mercedes sprinter they’re a little more reliable or a ford transit that was the two things i got now ironically you know my u-haul truck is a ford transit and i’m gonna go on that and i’m gonna basically give you guys a review on that thing i think it’s pretty sweet a lot more powerful uh there’s a couple things i don’t like about it but i mean that thing has

9000 miles i mean what’s not to like with 9 000 miles but what’s not to like about 50 000 miles that ram pro master shouldn’t even pop this cherry yet it’s only got 50 000 miles on it yeah this that’s what this video is about um just straight out of the blue you know usually a transmission when you’re driving it’s like oh you feel slipping first for a couple

Weeks or you hear noises you’re still able to drive it this thing just totally shut down eventually didn’t go anywhere i had it in drive and it was just like the flex plate was toast i don’t know it was just it wasn’t going anywhere i was kind of shocked actually to tell you the truth because straight up shocked but the 62 te transmission is just it’s worse

Than the regular six speed they have for you know the ram 1500 is that everyone complains about this thing is just this little tiny transmission that does not belong on a ram promaster it doesn’t and like i said you know i’m going to get this thing fixed and i don’t want to drive this thing around because it’s going to happen again guaranteed unless they put

Bulletproof bots in it but they’re not going to it’s going to be all you know factory pots the other issue i have is trying to go find a truck right now i can’t go buy another truck unless it’s really used and you got to order stuff right now and everything is 20 mock-up over msrp and you you got to wait you’re going to wait almost you know four to six months to

Buy something new if you order it but i i would if things if trucks were available i would have already uh grabbed a probably a mercedes sprinter or whatever because the mercedes sprinter they have all-wheel drive too and they have a diesel turbo i don’t know this is a lot more better options i’m going to find something else i’m not going promaster again i i’m no

More i’m not pushing promaster ever again and i don’t recommend getting one unless you plan on not driving it if you want to buy it put in your driveway and stare at it that’s cool but if you’re going to use it for work no i talked to a lot of transmission mechanics uh multiple transmission mechanics even the dealership and it’s they are notorious for breaking

Down notorious for breaking down and the fc fca knows that they should do something about it there should be a recall on it and they should fix it and upgrade it uh mechanics even just basic mechanics it happens all the time uh amazon i talked to a guy i think in georgia he um i was on a group and i mentioned my post about my truck breaking down he said he had a

Couple transmissions he used to work for a company i think fedex trucks he used to fix and they go through them like underwear men they go through them and go through them and he had a couple brand new ones he had one used the one brand new i was gonna buy off of him if you know for some reason the dealership gave me some weak excuse not to cover it but they’re

Gonna cover it and they’re just notorious for breaking down and it’s sad it really is sad you know some things you can deal with but this uh just breaking down like that and not just being shut down like that and not being able to move and being stranded you know what if i was traveling the country and i had people in the back you know my family in the back and

Traveling the country and somewhere around mississippi it breaks down i don’t know it’s stressful but let me jump into the transit and i’ll do a quick review on that for when i i’ve been enjoying so far i’m gonna run some errands and uh you’ll see me again in the transit and here is the ford transit uh it’s not a high top but that doesn’t really matter this

Is just a rental so i can keep my tools going for work i hate these things you can’t put lumpy here you can’t can’t put my seat all the way back again i’m six foot three 250 and it’s just i’m too close to the steering wheel but let’s just turn this into a uh a transit review because this thing um there’s a few a lot of things i don’t like about these things that i

Do like about it um they’re more reliable that i do know uh another thing i do know is that this thing is way more powerful it’s got a v6 i forget what size v6 it is it has a 10 speed transmission and this thing is as fast as my ram 1500 was right there ah stock no lag this thing gets high 14s in the quarter mile i know it does i should put the draggy on it and

See what it gets but it’s full of tools now what i’ll do i’ll put the draggy on this thing right before i turn it when i clean it out empty it out i’ll put the draggy on it i bet you this thing does 0 to 60 in about seven seconds maybe a little less and a quarter mile and high high 14s definitely of course it’s a rental so i’m gonna wide open throttle it and i’ll

Give it a little beating i have to see what it gets you know what i mean but ultimately i’m not a ford guy uh when it comes down to work i need reliability and it’s either this it’s either gonna be this ford transit or the mercedes sprinter another good thing i’ll take the camera off and show you um they’re pro master the a pillar so the b pillar i should say the

A pillar is really bulky on the pro master and on as you can see on the transit there’s just this little strip here which is nice because you can see a lot more it’s a lot safer less of a blind spot when you’re driving comfort ergonomic steering wheels nice nice and big it’s bulky it’s a ford so it feels more heavy duty the seat is the seat’s comfortable i mean

I’m sitting a little upright because this stupid thing rather than that it’s it’s very comfortable let me swap the camera over so you can see so you can see the interior all right here you go now again if you saw my review on the promaster you’re up here on the promaster like you’re driving an rv just sit you down a little further my head’s right around here more

Like a conventional truck uh a lot of cup holders a lot of weird spaces up here for weird different things not really a fan of because they get a reach to grab those but it’s not bad uh you know it’s a basic interior the only thing i don’t like is this thing it’s just in the way when you go to you know when you’re in drive and you go to use your fan you gotta

Kind of go over it and turn it that i’d notice this has less uh wands everywhere the promaster has one two three and your key fob this only has two in your key your key fob that’s better i’m just getting used to all this the only thing i this is one of the things i don’t like about the transit is when you’re driving like for example my windshield washer fluid is

Low steering was locked here we go ah windshield washer fluid is low and there you go and it just beeps at you until you hit okay okay there’s a camera supposedly somewhere on this i think it’s up in the windshield the thing’s clean it keeps telling me that uh low visibility am i all right i gotta hit okay to get rid of that this lane assist all this does is

Tell you when you’re gonna hit uh get close to a lane like a white line on the highway for example and the steering wheel vibrates three times cool if you’re tired i don’t leave it on too many options i don’t like options like simplicity but if you like options this thing’s perfect for you tiny little screen you know radio is cool the sound system in this thing

Uh stock is way better than the pro master this sounds very good actually very bassy uh ver uh it’s way better a way better setup i do think the promast is a little wider than this thing because this thing is um it’s the seats seem to be a little more closer together it’s almost like a a mid-sized van to me at least it’s this is a little more narrow in width

Versus the the pro master the e-brakes weird it’s electronic you gotta push it and it electronically i’m sorry you gotta pull it electronically engages and you can feel the pedal depress a little bit and you hit the brake and turn it off that’s takes some getting used to i mean other than that it’s pretty basic it’s it’s a really you know ford does a good job

With your interior it’s strong it’s not squeaky but this thing’s fast it’s got a lot of power for a v6 things i don’t like about this they’re small um the rear doors on the pro master the doors open up all the way the double wishbone hinge i think awesome love it i love that i love the sliding door i love that sliding door on the promaster these things you open

That door up and you’re in a rush get a tool or something out of your truck and that thing likes to lock at like 90 degrees and swing back at you and almost hit and hit you and the uh on the side doors i mean you can you can hit a button it unlocks the hyper extend but again it doesn’t go all the way like the promaster does side doors you know you open the first

Door and then the second door grabbing that handle to unlock it is so rounded it’s a pain in the ass it really is don’t like it little things like that that bother me it’s really techno glitchy in here a lot of beeps too many too many beeps going on is the reliability worth it yes it is it is worth it i know i’m in business i would definitely get the high top

Version of this not the low top i don’t like but anova man don’t like it i would definitely get one of these if i do i’ll do a review on it if i get a mercedes sprinter i’ll do a review either way whatever i get i’ll do a full review i apologize to everybody about i hope i didn’t i got a lot of views i think like 30 000 views on my promaster review my first one

And i apologize if i led you in that direction um they’re not good trucks they’re just not it’s a fiat it’s it’s a pro master it’s a fiat pro master that they have over wherever fiat is in europe wherever it is and i’m sure it has better mechanics over there this is just the americanized version of it it sucks okay they put a stupid uh minivan transmission

And engine in it’s horrible and i apologize if i you know you saw my video and you were like oh i’m gonna get one of these you know this guy gave a good review i apologize and uh my my recommendation to everybody that has one get rid of it as fast as you can if you can and baby it baby them don’t wide open throttle them drive normal people are behind you i mean

People like to tailgate utility vehicles anyways work trucks that’s too bad for them baby it you gotta be you gotta baby and i babied mine i never wide open through all that thing i took it easy around turns like because you hear the stories you know what i mean people are going through five transmissions under a hundred thousand miles so i’m like you know maybe

This true i’ll take it easy and lo and behold it is true even when i took it easy you know it’s sad it’s it’s too bad but this ford transit’s pretty sweet man i would definitely get one i would push this over a pro master any day of the week i’m a ram guy you know with toon rams but there’s no way i would uh ever you know if if ram pro maps if fiat decides to

You know if fca decides to um up upgrade and put heavier duty components in their ram pro masters if they made them all wheel drive with a v8 or a v6 with a you know 1500 platform uh drivetrain i’d get it i think they did change the transmission in uh 2022 i believe i ran pro masters in 2018 and uh horrible absolutely horrible i apologize again it’s just sad

When you you know you’re a giant company you know the top three in the world well top three in the united states i should say sorry top three in the united states selling vehicles and you have a millions of them out there and they’re feeling like this bad i mean go on facebook go on the ram pro masters group i think it’s ran promasters owners group on facebook

And tell them you want one or ask about the transmissions and you’re going to have about 100 people telling you to baby them don’t you know don’t put anything in them they shouldn’t be in these trucks they just shouldn’t be in these trucks all right guys short and sweet i hope you liked the video i know it’s been a while i’m going to stop making videos again i’m

Going to go down the road geez garage mockie’s performance down in the cave and get my 4000 stall put into the ram and try to cut down my 60 foot and take it to the track and you know start making more videos it’s getting nicer out so now’s the time shout out to everybody on tune rams and we’ll see you in the next one guys thank you peace

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Stay Away from RAM PROMASTER!! By TunedRAMS

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