starter replacement on my 1974 f
Altair Club Cars Starter Replacement On My 1974 Ford F-250 Ranger SuperCab. Quints Garage EP.21 Watch Till The End

Starter Replacement On My 1974 Ford F-250 Ranger SuperCab. Quints Garage EP.21 Watch Till The End


This video was brought to you in part by amre backflow testing love you uncle scotty on this episode of quinn’s garage we’re gonna the wind is just right in the teeth 11 years ago get wrapped your brain around that one i purchased a starter for my 74 ford that’s got an 84 4.9 306 that’s bolted up to the original borg warner so this may or may not fit uh i reckon

We could check fluids uh coolant yep good enough brake oil dipstick can’t reach it so yeah that’s good yeah nope nope wait nope it’s not gonna work it’s too shiny send it back well first things first i got the old power juice shooter 6000 undone so i don’t care myself i got it out i’ll get you in that in a second do a visual inspection so here’s the old one

Okay i’m gonna try to cover up the mic so here’s the old one it’s pretty grody but it still works so i’m gonna keep it but get in here you can see how those are kind of worn down and iffy and these are all nice and pointy and good the only thing that’s different and i knew this when i bought it is that that one has this kind of connector and this one has this so

I’m gonna but it should work though i’m thinking i got i got a brain plant here but i reckon we’ll get all this stuff off it does say ace is that is that an ace hardware or is that like a oh it’s going to work forever well if you can see that yeah you can there’s the flywheel clutch is behind it so this visual inspection the flywheel looks pretty okay might be

Putting a new flywheel in when we do the clutch in a month or so we’ll have to look at it and see but for right now it looks okay there’s a big puddle of oil underneath this truck well stained oil but not from this truck that’s from when my dad’s yukon was parked here because this truck does not leak oil as bad but it’s 47 years old it’s gonna slobber a little

Bit oh oh yes you just gotta tickle them a little bit to go in but they’ll go in it’s got a tickle tickle tickle status there’s top one in i got that in a few turns let’s get bottom one in so it doesn’t crush my teeth okay it took me about 10 minutes to get it out because i truly did have some problems with the i think the transmissions threads on the top

Are a little messed up maybe not maybe the bolt was just so darn dirty but this one’s going to be full on two minute install dewalt i’m going to get you in on the torque setting a torque rating for these starters here there until you start seeing uh people that have already died george washington let’s go for abraham lincoln hang on abraham lincoln let’s see if

We can make some music electro digital choke sounds a lot different cranking but it cranks sounds a lot more up there in the pitch all right let’s shut it down crank it back up sure i have got 18 flavors of leaves in here what because you had to have the window down this thing is really grumbly i love it i mean this motor was designed for tractors so kind of

Makes sense i’m going to insert a clip of it cranking with the old starter with the new one i’ll put it back in all right at about 50 pounds of oil pressure a little fluctuation that’s normal the exhaust pipe was banging against the cross member like that it was creating an awful racket so i took a piece of tin foil and i jammed it up there up up there right

There and uh fixed it it’s fully warmed up now it’s cammed up i know they put a cam in it in o3 i have no idea what cam maybe a comp maybe you don’t i i really don’t know i know it’s been cam though well for the record every four-stroke engine has a camshaft but that’s fine he’s to run it around the block not entirely sure what part of the starter running it

Around the block is going to tell me but talking about i just wanted to drive it i’m procrastinating against using the wipers just because they haven’t been used in a while and they’re a little bit kind of just smear the rain around and make you laugh at yourself oh feel the 120 horsepower you know it’s there and 283 foot-pound no i can’t no 120 horses 260

Foot-pounds of torque that’s like that ratio of difference is like diesel torque specs so the 300s they’re not messing around they are all or nothing first gear is short it’s right there yeah and then it’s gone and then second is and then third is is there and then fourth i’m not quite sure if i just had a seizure or what happened we’ll figure just kind of

Forget you saw that okay lady they gave you a sidewalk and you’re in walking in the middle of the road that i just don’t understand people and back on the street two really nice guys across the street working on a car they love the truck

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Starter Replacement On My 1974 Ford F-250 Ranger SuperCab. Quint’s Garage EP.21 Watch Till The End By Quint 1836

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