stage 2 vw mk7 gti build in onei
Altair Club Cars Stage 2 VW MK7 GTI Build in ONE(ish) Day

Stage 2 VW MK7 GTI Build in ONE(ish) Day

The final episode leading up to our main event! This exact car will be competing against others like the WRX, SI, Q60 and more, releasing Black Friday! Kevin’s stock Volkswagen GTI is getting the full stage 2 treatment plus more:

What’s going on guys kevin with m.a performance here today and we have a really fun one for you if you’ve been watching our youtube channel you may have seen that video where charlie went ahead and built our shop sti he kind of mentioned we’re going to be building some cars that we maybe haven’t touched on in the past and we have a really fun one today we have a

Mark 7 gti behind us so just as charlie built the sti we’re going to go ahead and put a set of wheels coilovers intake down pipe cat-back and some other goodies on there as well so with that said let’s hop right in with the intake no no no mechanic all right everybody’s favorite volkswagen using the old torch we’re gonna need you later all right moment of

Truth let’s see what the filter looks like it’s actually it’s actually pretty good not gonna lie so here’s a really interesting design choice by volkswagen you can see air comes in through here you got the little scoop and on the back side empty flows through here and into the air box but you can see on the front here there’s actually no cut out for air here so

What we’re probably going to do is actually cut this out just to help get airflow in there why they did it i don’t know but i’m sure that there’s some really smart engineering reason why and uh you know as per usual we’re gonna completely go against that because we can shameless plug if you need install instructions go to if you want to get one

Of our intakes go to uh on the product listing on the website should be about halfway down you have to scroll it’s on the right hand side all right so i already went ahead and attached it but guys remember earlier we had uh the air filter and then we had this little connection hose here uh basically that just slides on there you’re actually

Gonna screw this uh clamp this on and then we’re just gonna go ahead and connect this to where that hose was on the air pump and so now you have a nice little filter down there uh instead of feeding into your intake all right guys so we just finished up the intake up above and the last piece underneath the car now we are doing things in a little bit of a weird

Fashion here considering we’ll have to be back up for the downpipe but since we have the car up in the air here we are going to go ahead and take the stock catback off and get our m8 performance cat-back put on the car uh and then last but not least we’ll take care of the down pipe to make sure everything is good to go up top and then we can align everything back

Underneath the car of course you’ll notice we went with the carbon fiber tips that we have as an option on our mark 7 gti exhaust personally i think the carbon fiber with the red is going to look really really you need good all i quit let’s breathe okay okay last resort i mean i just don’t think that this is an actual thing go for it i can’t here

Comes the redemption arc i think we’re we’re underestimating the power of the loop all right tony hopping tagging i’m telling you it’s the hands i got these dainty hands that wasn’t easy great success do thank you all right so we got most of the cat back the rear section at least installed on the car here we’re going to go ahead and do the down pipe

Next we’re going to start from up top here we’re going to get the v band on the turbo side taking care of the o2 sensor that way we can pull that out we’ll get our map down pipe installed because that is going to connect to the cat-back with a v-band clamp so part of the reason why we have to do this to get the whole exhaust system so we’ll hop right in with this

Six millimeter allen because why not this should do it right oh yeah what’s it getting caught on up there oh i hate them i hate them so much i hate them with a passion i just i don’t i don’t like them oh man okay maybe it’s not as easy as it looks okay okay here we are yes we’re gonna go ahead and start to get the coilovers ready to put in the car

Now we are going with a set of owens coilovers now these are a little bit different uh because you do have to have some assembly required so just looking at the instructions now we’ll get them all set up to go in the car oh chalk oh so we are trying to get the uh the old struts out because we need the top hat and obviously we need to get them out put

The new ones in uh volkswagen uh does some really cool things as per usual so we are actually having to take the whole hub basically uh off to get the coilover out so it’s it’s really great time so really glad that i decided coilovers was going to be a good good idea so progress update we got the old fronts done we’re gonna start go ahead and work on the rears

Now and uh yeah we gotta take this off to get to the uh mounting points for this guy to be honest after seeing this not not thrilled not thrilled at all wasabi dude where did i put that monster at the side doing the same thing so what i got in my hands here is going to be a white line rear sway bar this is fairly common as far as gti and front wheel drive

Owners go it’ll help to stiffen up that rear end uh and start to give us just a little bit more rotation a little bit more of a planted feel instead of just driving straight into understeer so this should help us uh when we get out on the track at some point or any auto crossing uh that we might do so we’ll get this put in when we do the uh rear coilovers as well

No no no no no all right this needs to go up there still all right so you might be wondering what this little guy in uh my dirty hands is uh so this is actually gonna be a lateral lock lateral obviously side to side so what you do is you put this on the side of where that sway bar mounts up uh you put both of these on either the inside both on the inside or both

On the outside and that’s just gonna help make sure that as you’re driving around that sway bar doesn’t move left to right so very important uh obviously white line kits come with these nice anodized version adds a nice little cool touch to it as well all right guys so we got one of the wheels on the other side here i’m gonna go ahead and put this other one on

The front we got the rear taken care of as far as the coilovers go so we’ll get all the tires on there and then after that uh we will go ahead and take this guy for a test drive to see how everything feels after we got the intake downpipe cat-back suspension all dialed in of course new wheels and tires to go with it all right guys so you might notice that i’m

Wearing some different clothes here uh it did take an extra day or two to finish up the gti but we are officially finished up we got the intake downpipe cat-back we got the coil-overs the rear sway bar of course the wheels and tires so we’re gonna go ahead and put it on the ground and do the one thing that we have left and that’s to go actually take it out and see

How it feels so we’re gonna go ahead and take care of that right now we got the car out of the garage because we have the downpipe on there and a couple of other modifications we do need to go ahead and uh flash our tune on it so i’m going to go ahead and shut the car off here plug in our handy dandy access port which i got right over here all right guys so

We went ahead and loaded on our stage two tune for the gti that of course is uh with the down pipe that we have on there so our stage two is actually going to be our intake as well as our down pipe on the car so we’re gonna go ahead turn it on and uh get to driving to see how it feels with all these mods on it so just as a quick recap we of course put our

Intake on as well as our downpipe full cat-back exhaust we went ahead and put the olin suspension on as well as those 1552 wheels and last but not least we did have the rear sway bar from white line as well uh so we’re going to go ahead and uh just see how it kind of feels i mean the first thing i notice you step on the gas and there’s a lot more power uh of course

Uh going stage two uh pretty significant gains there on the gti’s um as far as handling goes um the first thing i noticed turning is a lot sharper uh we did just go over some bumpy roads and uh it handled it pretty pretty good for the most part here so all together really awesome i really can’t wait to really put this car through its paces uh and i would suggest

You guys stick around definitely keep watching the youtube channel here we’re going to have some really exciting content coming up in the next couple of weeks hopefully going to be putting the gti up against a couple of other cars so if you guys liked what we did here make sure you leave a comment down below letting us know if you want to see anything else leave

A like and again make sure you hit that subscribe button so you can keep following for what we have coming in the next couple of weeks thanks for watching guys and peace you

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Stage 2 VW MK7 GTI Build in ONE(ish) Day! By MAPerformance

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