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What’s going on boys and girls it’s your boy the truck whisperer what’s wrong what’s bro back with another video this video is different this video is about uh finding um lows for sprinter van cargo van okay i did a video a day ago or two days ago about uh 16 foot uh box trucks because a lot of people was asking me you know about a 16 or 20. here’s the deal

A lot of people i mean you just can’t afford to buy a 26-foot truck you just can’t you know what i’m saying but you want to get into the business so what i do i show you guys that if you got access to a 16 or 20 you still got action so go back and take a look at the video now if you got a sprinter van or you want to do a sprint event i know a lot of females

Um hit me up and you know they’re more so into trying to get into the sprint event or the cargo van or whatnot so this is the video for you you know if your money’s short you know and you want to get into it and start with a cargo van or um a sprinter van you know and then work your way up you know what i’m saying sometimes we got to start where we don’t want

To start to get to where we’re going so here we go uh we’re just gonna hit a couple a couple um cities because my uh battery is low so uh it’s 13 loads in los angeles california you know so it’s hope there’s hope for you let’s take a look at this one it’s been posted for seven hours 27 minutes it’s probably because they don’t want to answer the phone uh offer

1700 on um a thousand and 281 miles like i said that price is not set in stone it’s never going to be set in stone so but uh look it’s it’s um look at the lint so you guys just trying to get into the business some other kind of way this is where it’s at right here you can get into it with a sprinter van or cargo van this one right here has been puzzled for

Seven minutes offer is fifteen hundred dollars uh on um twenty one hundred miles of course they will have to come up off that price um it’s partial so let me show y’all let me show you guys what i did so this 200 mile dead head i put los angeles so right here truck type you put uh vans and standard and you put vans and specialize right there the length and

The weight right there and i’ll put both full and partial so both so check this look see there’s five it’s five in atlanta if you’re new to the channel subscribe you understand what i’m saying go ahead and subscribe to the channel hit the notification bell hit the thumbs up or hit the thumbs down don’t matter which one you do just do something um it really

Helps the channel out it really helps get the information out there for the people who don’t know and um you know they’re not misled when they come over here you know they’re not wasting money and and um doing it wrong you know they come over here and do it right the first time you know because you can call me for free the number is 310-817-0832 you can call me

Every sunday between 12 p.m and 2 p.m pacific times california time you dig or you can email me thetruckwhisper gmail.com everything is free just like hitting the thumbs up and hitting the thumbs down it’s free subscribing is free hit enough hitting the notification button it’s free you know what i’m saying let’s take a look at this load it’s been posted 59

Minutes they want you to come up with a price it’s uh 600 miles so guys it’s doable you can come into the game with a sprinter van and this is sunday so i’ll check again uh maybe monday or tuesday this is this is this is sunday so it probably they really they probably really haven’t posted anything yep where are we going next like i said we’re not hitting

Anything special i’m just showing you guys what’s out here real quick i got a low battery i didn’t uh realize that when i started this video but we will make it do what it do we’re just picking something it’s three it’s three in colorado let’s take a look at this one so that’s the thing you can come into this game any kind of way you want to i’m showing you

Right here i’m showing you proof i’m not just talking it i’m showing you you can come in any kind of way with a sprinter van with a 16 foot with a 20 foot you know you you can come in this game any kind of way you want to there’s two in arizona so like i said if you guys have any questions you got that number you hit it up 310-817-0832 pick my brain don’t

Be afraid i ain’t gonna bite you i got the uh i got the ig up you guys go over there and follow me follow your boy now look check it out i’m still gonna be talking trucking and all that good stuff you know what i’m saying but i’m gonna i’m gonna let you see how i do it i’m gonna show you how i have fun i’m still gonna be showing you the trucking and all that

Type of stuff but it’s going it’s going down over there it’s going down because i’m gonna do things over there that i can’t do over here on youtube you understand what i’m saying so make sure you go follow your boy and uh i’m i’m uh it’s gonna be so listen listen all i gotta say is follow me because the page is going private i don’t know when but i’m the page is

Going private but i might get kicked off of ig because i’m about to be i’m about to be doing the most i’m about to act a donkey you hear me over on ig anyway uh that’s all my battery’s gonna go dead but i was just trying to uh let you guys see that you can come into this game with a sprinter with a sprinter van or a car or a cargo van you know what i’m saying so

That’s what it is it’s your boy the truck whisperer y’all be safe you hear

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