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Altair Club Cars Sprinter The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Passenger Van 170 wheelbase and tall roof

Sprinter The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Passenger Van 170 wheelbase and tall roof

In this video, I check out the Sprinter 2500 Passenger Van. This is one massive vehicle but it is quite easy to drive. I’ve driven a few cargo vans and passenger vans in my time of reviewing cars but this is definitely one of the largest I’ve had the pleasure to review. I hope you enjoy the video and my thoughts on the Sprinter.

So my time of reviewing cars i’ve driven a couple of cargo vans something most of the time they’ve been empty sometimes loaded down with stuff in 2017 i drove the mercedes metris which is kind of the younger cousin to this but this is the first time i’ve driven the big passenger van loaded in with seats and everything this is the hundred and seventy inch high roof

Sprinter 2500 so this isn’t your normal vehicle this isn’t going to be your straightforward normal review that we do we’re going to touch a little bit on the trims and what you can get here we’re looking a little bit on the exterior but inside what is what really counts with this vehicle so we’re gonna do a lot inside this car let’s get into it so there are endless

Ways you can configure a cargo van a sprinter van first of all you have both the metris and the sprinter the metrics like i said is the smaller kind of version of a sprinter for the sprinter you can get a cargo van a crew van a passenger van or the cab chassis for the passenger vans like we have here you have a 1500 or a 2500 again this is the 2500 you can get

A hundred and forty four inch wheelbase or the hundred and seventy inch wheelbase like we have here and finally you get three different powertrains to choose from which will jump into when we look under the hood of this one so starting off with the exterior here new for this year model they have increased visibility with new led headlights you got that mercedes

Grill right up front the classic sprinter van look the wheels here are 16 inch wheels with some special requested tires again along the side this is just a massive van you get a sliding door but only on the passenger side not on the driver side and along the back again you get led taillights for this model year you get that 25 badge the sprinter badge and those big

Rear doors you can also see the camera towards the top of those rear doors that give you the 360 view on this thing which we’ll talk more about when we get inside so talking about the size of this thing overall dimensions this thing has a hundred and seventy inch wheelbase that’s from wheel to wheel but overall length is two hundred and seventy four point three

Inches and then our total width here including the mirrors is ninety two point three inches and our total height is 113 point five inches all right so let’s check out what’s under the hood here so under the hood here is a four-cylinder turbocharged engine it produces a hundred and eighty eight horsepower 258 foot-pounds of torque and is matched up to a nine speed

Automatic transmission your other engine option for the sprinter is a six cylinder diesel engine producing also a hundred and eighty eight horsepower and matched up to a 7-speed automatic transmission and for the hundred and forty four inch wheelbase not for this big hundred and seventy inch wheelbase you can get that same six-cylinder diesel engine with a four by

Four powertrain these are all rear-wheel drive so this one is a twenty nineteen and after playing with the configurator online it looks like the twenty twenty you can only get that v6 diesel for the 170 inch wheelbase but this is a twenty nineteen and has that four cylinder under the hood also you have a max payload of three thousand three hundred and seven pounds

Your max available gross weight is nine thousand four hundred and eighty pounds and the curb weight is six thousand one hundred and seventy three pounds also your fuel tank here is a 22 gallon fuel tank alright with that let’s check out what’s in the very rear of this thing so again you have these huge rear doors back here that opened up like barn doors they can

Go fold all the way back like this you got a nice grab handle to get in so interior standing height is seventy five point five inches that’s about six foot three i’m six one and i definitely can stand up in this with no problem with a couple of inches above me the interior cargo length is a hundred and seventy eight point five inches or almost fifteen feet and as

You can see we have thirteen total seats we have three rows of three one row of four and then you have your two your driver and passenger seat that makes this a total of fifteen passengers all right now let’s open up the side door and check out those rear seats so you can’t pull on the handle and open up the door if the vehicle is unlocked you also have the key

Here with a button to open up that side door we also have a step that swings out for us to help get into the back of this vehicle and a little grab handle all right so all the way back here in the fourth row it’s a pretty decent place to sit it’s a little bit tight for me again i’m six one it’s a little bit tight for me but i could handle it you also get usb c

Charging ports on every row which will show a little bit more but let’s move up one more row now we’re in the third row you get a little bit more as well as far as knee room goes then the previous row the seats are still really nice really comfortable you also get in this row and every row forward you get cupholders built into the rows and of course those usb c

Charging ports and again this is a massive vehicle lots of rows lots of seating we’re now in the second row and finally up here in the front row still a three seater across still nice leather seats obviously a lot more knee room here so if you got the big passengers you want them to be up here you still got usbc connectors and some speakers back here and again

Your only exit here is on the passenger side and not on the driver’s side although this window is an emergency exit in case anything happens you do have bars to pop that window out for an emergency all right so enough back here let’s check out the drivers position so one of the first things to say in this thing is that these seats are actually really comfortable

As well as the steering wheel position i’ve been in some other cargo vans where the steering wheel position or the seat isn’t that comfortable and you don’t want to be driving it a lot this one seems like it would be pretty easy for longer trips or driving a lot you also get a lot of storage up here so you got storage way up here in front of the steering wheel you

Get a storage bin up here in the center with your usb type-c ports for connecting your phone there are three of them up there you get another storage compartment up here with some cupholders and this one’s also equipped with optional storage up here above the driver’s seat and passenger seat just for extra storage this does have a decent audio system in here you

Do get five speakers up front and eight total speakers in the rear tech wise this thing does have some pretty good tech in it you have the mercedes-benz user experience or mb ux with an optional 7-inch display or a ten point to five inch touchscreen display and this is pretty nice and matches with a lot of the other mercedes products which i think is really nice

You get the same kind of information system that you get in other mercedes products other than the touchscreen a lot of your other options are physical buttons and they all feel really nice and right here in the center you do get a button to open up that side door and behind the steering wheel you do get a driver’s information display that can be toggled through

Different settings to make sure that you’re seeing what you need to see as a driver and there are a few different ones to look through you also get good safety features like blind spot assist you get active lane keeping assist park assist traffic sign assist and crosswind assist where this thing will actually level out the suspension when it feels heavy winds

Hitting the side of the vehicle you also do get apple carplay and android auto integrations into this system which works just like you would expect another really great thing about this having a big vehicle it’s always nice having at 360 view this one does have the 360 view when you throw it in reverse so you know exactly where your nose is where your back end is

Where your sides are if you’re in a parking spot well and you get some guides that help you out there as well all right so let’s talk about how this thing drives and it’s a little bit noisy a little bit loud a little bit more wind noise obviously it’s a big vehicle but compared to other cargo vans that i’ve driven it’s actually it’s a lot more quiet in here and

A lot more reasonable for day-to-day driving as far as putting this on the road and driving it it’s actually a pretty easy vehicle to drive i haven’t hit a curb i haven’t bumped up against anything on the side thinking that i wasn’t turning wide enough it’s very easy to control you do have a lot back there that you got to consider but for the most part it’s been

Really easy out on the road up on the highway and even back on some really tight curvy roads another thing that aids in the ease of drive of this vehicle is all the safety features we already talked about love having that 360 camera so when you’re backing up you get a really good view of around this big vehicle you know exactly where your nose is and the back is

You know how wide it is and if you’re fitting into a lane well you have those radars that help guide you if you need it up on the highway you do have cruise control lane keep assist you have radar-guided cruise control that will keep you a certain distance from the vehicle in front of you all the tech in here really makes this a much easier vehicle to drive even

Though it’s enormous and i’ll admit that driving this thing at first made me a bit nervous it’s one of the bigger vehicles that i’ve ever driven but after only an hour or so behind the wheel i’m really comfortable with it and i feel like this could be something that i drove everyday in pretty much every situation which is good to know if we ever go for the whole

Van life stuff again we’ll touch on that towards the end one thing that i do notice and maybe you guys noticed through the microphones that it is a bit of an echo ii cabin it is big and wide open and you can definitely hear yourself talking kind of an echo throughout the cabin of course when you get more people in here it’s a little bit better this is definitely

A lot better than just empty cargo van but the more stuff that you put in here and the more people that are in here that helps when the kids were in here one of them made a good point that they wish it had one of the touch to talk features kind of like the new palisade has and the highlander has where you could hit a button up here in the front and there’s speakers

In the back that the passengers in the back could talk back and forth through but i don’t really think that’s that necessary first of all if you’re buying this for a party bus kind of thing where the passengers aren’t really talking to the driver but even if you are it’s not that hard to hear people in the back mainly because of that extra echo so i don’t know

How to really fairly judge this thing on fuel economy if that’s even a huge concern of somebody buying it i’m sure it’s a little bit of a concern because gas can be expensive and this thing has a 22 gallon tank like we’ve mentioned so filling it up is gonna be expensive i haven’t driven it a ton and i definitely haven’t driven it in situations that this thing will

Actually be used in so it’s hard to determine but i can tell you that throughout the week we’re averaging 15 point nine miles to the gallon and we already went through some of the epa ratings so another quick thing to touch on is acceleration in this thing obviously it’s not going to be a zero to 60 monster but even with that turbocharged four-cylinder and only

Heading around 190 horsepower this thing does have some pretty good get up and go when are you when you put the pedal down it does get up and go and you don’t ever feel you don’t ever feel really sluggish you don’t feel like you’re causing a lot of traffic or holding traffic up by driving a big slow vehicle this thing can get up and go and keep up with traffic

Just fine of course i’m not used to sitting up as high with a big open greenhouse and the perception of speed is a lot different than when you’re down in a car or even in an suv so i find myself driving a bit slower in this thing that i normally would but i feel like i’m going just as fast so that’s interesting but of course the more you drive it the more you get

Comfortable with it the better that will be for you comparing the seating position to other cargo vans that have driven i can definitely say this is a very comfortable one this one and the ford are pretty comfortable i still have issues driving the promaster the ram promaster the way that the steering wheel sits it’s more like a bus where it’s almost flat and i

Don’t like that but this one very comfortable very comfortable seats i can definitely see driving this for a long time or long distances no problem alright and so let’s talk about price then we’ll wrap this video up first of all the base cargo van option of this is only thirty three thousand seven hundred ninety dollars the base passenger van is forty two thousand

Nine hundred and ninety dollars and our total msrp on this is just over sixty five thousand dollars and that’s including all of the seats and all the extra options that we have here so one other thing before we wrap it up is i’m really into the whole van life stuff and this is one of the perfect vans if you’re talking about van life obviously you don’t want the

Passenger van with these seats in it but with the passenger van you actually get the ac system throughout the van unlike the cargo van which is definitely a plus and actually the pricing on these things aren’t as astronomical as you would think they’re decently priced and again i just really enjoy a lot of the van life stuff if you’re in the dfw area and you have

A van built out and you would like me to come check it out hit me up in the comments i might come check out your van but so with that i hope you enjoy the video again hit that thumbs up button subscribe if you’re not already and thanks for watching the video guys

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Sprinter — The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Passenger Van 170” wheelbase and tall roof By texasGarage

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