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Altair Club Cars Sporty and dynamic: Audi SQ5 | DW English

Sporty and dynamic: Audi SQ5 | DW English

The sportiest version of Audi’s 2nd-largest SUV: the SQ5 is stands out from the “normal” Q5. Along with a suspension that’s 30-mm lower, it has a fast, comfortable eight-speed Tiptronic transmission.

The sportiest version of audi’s second largest suv has an s in front of its q one of the many differences between the sq5 and the q5 is that the suspension is thirty millimeters lower car tester matas cora knows how agile the sq5 is in curves it also has variable shock absorber control so you can choose between comfort and road feel for a bit more money you can

Get pneumatic suspension which will allow you to raise the car to drive on dirt or lower it for pavement image of the starter order of violence a big defender contributing to the dynamic driving behavior the sporty quattro all-wheel drive has software to brake the wheels and the inside of a curve what matters really likes is the steering depending on your speed

And angle of steering it noticeably supports the transmission ratio and the power steering this may not be a go-cart but the steering is very direct and precise of course if you have passengers who aren’t used to a car that responds so quickly maybe you should steer a bit more smoothly of delay vigo and as far as their gear thomas mcdonell shaman and the scene

For estiga the swollen potato the khan responds well even though it weighs almost two tons limbed in denominations for mothers dynamic driving characteristics aren’t everything in the sq5 appearance plays an important role to the normal q5 already has very striking lines but many details have been sharpened even further in the s version 20-inch wheels are standard

Our test car even has 21 inch wheel rims the optional pneumatic suspension lets you take the car off road mater says the designers have achieved a sporting appearance worthy of the vehicles dynamic character he does quibble about one detail that doesn’t support that impression from a distance you might think that this is the exhaust but it’s just a panel the real

Exhaust pipes are under the car until emphatic will a look under the hood at the engine compensate for that mutter says this is the real core of the car the 260 kilowatt 3 litre v6 tfsi engine he removes the cover which is still a bit hot take a look at this heat shield under it is the turbocharger which brings the exhaust together just before the turbine that means

Maximum torque is already reached at just 1500 rpm and stays there up to 4,500 rpm that’s what makes this car accelerate so powerfully we get diesels out to our soup arianna fauna it’s sprint’s from zero to 100 in five point four seconds top speed is 250 kilometers an hour average fuel consumption is rated at 8.5 liters per 100 kilometers the montes notes that

The interior of the sq5 is fancier than that of the q5 contrast seams on the steering wheel are standard these honeycomb upholstered seats cost a bit extra but the standard seats with alcantara leather are very attractive but i can’t agha an entire about you can even order seats that have an optional massage function they make the sq5 not only a top-notch sports

Suv but also a very comfortable long distance travelling car madame compress whenever montes points out that the sq5 starts out at about 65 thousand euros in germany that’s expensive but it has a lot more equipment design and driving fund than the normal q5

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