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Altair Club Cars SPORTS CARS: N/A Porsche 718 Cayman GTS vs Turbo Audi TT RS | Stigs Garage ft. Becky Evans

SPORTS CARS: N/A Porsche 718 Cayman GTS vs Turbo Audi TT RS | Stigs Garage ft. Becky Evans

Naturally aspirated or turbocharged is a question that often divides the motoring world, so in this instalment of Stig’s Garage, we have two German sports cars that both make 395bhp to battle it out on the Top Gear test track. The 718 Cayman GTS has a naturally aspirated 4.0-litre flat-six and a 6-speed manual gearbox. Its contender, the TT RS, has a 2.5-litre turbocharged five-cylinder under the bonnet. Becky reckons the Cayman is more of a driver’s car but also knows the Audi has all the mechanical grip and power to take on the Porsche. Time for Becky Evans to make her predictions and let the Stig do what the Stig does best. What’s your money on?

Welcome to the top gear test track we’re going to take a look at a bunch of cars that didn’t quite make it into the main show and we’re going to pit them head to head to see which one puts down the fastest snap we’re talking super suvs hot hatches sports cars old versus new fast estates retro electrics nothing’s off limits first i give them a quick test drive then

Our resident racing driver will set their definitive lap times once and for all today we have got a couple of pocket buckets for you this is going to get super interesting there’s something to be said about naturally aspirated i mean in an age where there’s just so many turbocharged engines the fact that you have all of that power delivery and linear power at

That as well like this car has just got so much punch to it the 718 cayman gts to me is a true driver’s car naturally aspirated three pedals manual but i don’t know if it’s got what it takes to take on the engineering of the tt rs and that four-wheel drive system around the track let’s see what happens now the thing for me when i’m driving an rs yes they can

Do fast extremely well but you know the one thing that i sometimes think they’re missing is a bit of heart i mean driving the 718 cayman there’s just so much going on it’s analog you know you’re really feeding the power in and the car is reacting to your inputs where the thing with an rs is sometimes i feel like it’s driving you instead of the other way around

It’s a tiny bit soulless in theory the audi ttrs has all of the mechanical grip and power to take on the 718 cayman but you never know we’ll see what happens out on the track here we have the famous top gear board now for the two cars we’ve got today both pocket rockets both got the same power but this time it’s naturally aspirated versus turbocharged although

The porsche has got the same power it’s not quite got all the same performance the audi is definitely faster off the line but the main thing here is the fact that we’ve got a damp track as opposed to completely dry so for my predictions i’m going to say the audi tt rs is going to come in underneath the alpine and above the supra mark 5. and then for the porsche 718

Cayman gts i say it’s a safe bet to say that it’s going to come somewhere around here i’m picking very safe times i think but you never know what’s going to happen out on track now all we need is a driver luckily i know just the guy three two one so mm-hmm three two one well that was certainly interesting to watch i could see

From where i was standing that stig was having a lot of fun out there particularly in the cayman but it’s going to come down to traction games here to see which one is going to prove to be fastest let’s see what the times are okay well that is definitely not what i expected at all so the audi tt rs here has come in with a surprising 1 24.9 all right guys when

I was watching him out there he looked pinpoint but it shows here that you can’t always predict with the naked eye that’s well below what i thought it was going to be so it’s coming beneath the porsche boxster got that there and now the porsche cayman 718 i mean this is actually blowing me away at 123.5 so we were nearly there but i definitely did not think it

Was going to be the quickest car of the day just going to add a d in here to show that it was a damp lap out there today look maybe they’ll have a rematch and it might change up in the future but for now that’s it from stigs garage we’ve got plenty more cars coming to this series very very soon we’ll see you there

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SPORTS CARS: N/A Porsche 718 Cayman GTS vs Turbo Audi TT RS | Stig's Garage ft. Becky Evans By Top Gear

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