spied twin turbo lexus lc fwith
Altair Club Cars SPIED Twin Turbo Lexus LC F…with TWO Motors?

SPIED Twin Turbo Lexus LC F…with TWO Motors?

The upcoming Lexus LC F is caught in racing-guise sporting possibly a strange new combination motor. We also get teased by Toyota USA about the GR Yaris, and questionable marketing by Toyota’s super bowl TV spot.

Welcome back to the channel luxurious pleat the gr yaris might be come into the united states we get some super bowl ads the day before the super bowl from toyota and last but certainly not least the lcf well it’s racing version was spied on the track we got sounds of it and we also got some juicy news rumors potentially about the motor smash that like button and

Let’s get into it over at the drive the gr yaris getting teeth by toyota usa this is what they said does the north american market need another hot hatch let us know what you think as they quote this jalopnik picture of the gr yaris so frustrating why would they even do this you know it’s not coming it’s not going to come to america why would you even do this oh

Drives me nuts what do you guys think is toyota just being facetious just stirring the pot a little bit if the gre rs comes to america it is probably one of the most craziest thing toyota has ever done to say one thing oh yeah it’s pretty much never gonna make it to america we’ll never say never but 99.99% shirt they’ve told us that is not going to make it here so

Toyota usa is just stirring the pot they have like people talking about it but yeah it’s never gonna come here i’m not i have zero hopes for it coming here and i’m a little and i’m not mad at toyota for doing this but it’s just it’s just a little misleading what do you guys think over at the ward’s auto toyota and lexus hybrid sales pace and spain now they’re hardly

Moving any units over there i mean you look at they’re just they’re around 10,000 units and all of them are hybrids which is pretty cool next year they’re not going to sell all hybrids because they’re introducing the lc convertible and the toyotas that are doing that are doing pretty well 78% of the 89,000 which comes out to be about 60,000 those were all hybrids

So hybrids rule the roost when it comes to europe and it looks like it’s doing the same thing in spain new new vehicles for toyota spain the plane launch new yaris a refreshed chr a fully battery electric the ux 308 vertical version like i said the lexus lc 500 interestingly enough madrid is getting its first hydrogen fueling station so maybe maybe a glitter of

Hope for the mirai in the future for spain and in 2020 the first toyota vehicle to be manufactured in spain the toyota pro ace city is a light commercial vehicle we built at french automakers psa plant and vigo it will be offered and being in passenger vans i would not be surprised if they make a fuel cell version of this vehicle to coincide with this new fueling

Station in madrid but that’s just a wild guess by like i said i would not be surprised over a motor one toyota supra gr mn coming this year with nearly 400 horsepower this is coming from best car which is japan’s like rumor mill website most of their stuff i would say they’re 50/50 reliable which is not very good but some of the stuff is pure gold some of its

Pure trash but it always gets me excited regardless but the report is indicating that the model would likely to be at some point in 2020 not only would it get more power but allegedly lose weight by incorporating carbon fiber components extra body reinforcements would make the model stiffer than the existing one and there would be an upgraded suspension a more

Aggressive body seems to be very likely to no idea on pricing by knowing toyota will probably be like 15 20 grand more than the current supra tatsuya tata toyotas chief engineer for the supra indicates that the company intends to introduce new variants of the coupe every year this means that there could be something fresh coming to the supra in the coming months a

Fresh supra a new super edition every year is a little crazy to me but i i guess i mean they don’t sell a lot of them so they might be able to switch it up every every year maybe slightly different paint combinations slightly different body customizations different tunings it’ll be really interesting to see if they do end up sticking to that every year coming out

With something different it’ll be a lot of fun it’s not a bad idea because it keeps excitement in the brand it brings recognition to them they will end up selling all of them regardless because they don’t make that many it is a cultural icon even though it’s made by bmw / the toyota newsroom all-new toyota highlander goes wherever it’s needed in a twenty20 big game

At head over to the newsroom if you want to watch this i’m not gonna play it back for you but there is a famous actress cobie smulders she’s in a lot of shows like agents of shield is probably the biggest thing that i reckon are from but she’s driving around different movie sets picking up characters right before they die from well you see the cowboy here he’s

Running from some bandits who are chasing it down there’s also a guy in like a hazmat suit save him from a huge explosion and she picks up a lady that’s getting attacked by like this big alien thing what’s really strange to me is that a highlander is built for families i don’t know have a cute cute commercial with kids like what do you guys think there’s a little

Ridiculous over the top of them to spend all this money ridiculous sets and cgi or should they just do something cute with kids i don’t know i’m a dad so i’m probably leaning toward the towards the kids thing but the highlander is meant for families plain and simple what do you guys think poor marketing yeah i’m not a big fan all right let’s get into the best news

Of the day over at motor authority this could be our first taste of the new lexus twin turbo v8 and before we get into reading this article let’s just give you a taste of the sound of this monster all we know about this v8 other than its reportedly to be used in lcf is that lexus says it’s going to be in future road going models sports cars specifically now

Here’s the rumors that i have never heard before i don’t know where motor authorities getting these rumors but i’m going to be able to expand on this quite a bit rumors point to the engine featuring a four liter displacement and that’s nothing new that’s something we’ve heard for a long time what is absolutely crazy is a pair of two liter inline fours sharing a

Common crank and angled at 90 degrees and then they go on to say you know the current 5 liter vlc 500 has for its re own horsepower the new 10 turbo mill is expected to deliver up for its 600 horsepower the horsepower claimed is nothing new this lexus pair of two liter inline-4 sharing a common crank is something i don’t know if any company’s done before it wouldn’t

Surprise me if they have but this is something i had did not expect at all to me this makes a ton of sense this makes their future as a brand it’s pure and simple modularity is the future or i should say the remaining future for the internal combustion engine it is no longer profitable to make these big motors you have to have to have different casts you have to

Have all these different tunings you have lots of different things that can go wrong with all the youth all these different motors tons of different research and development this reminds me a lot of what volvo is doing volvo really just has one power plant they have a four-cylinder they supercharged and turbocharged and yeah that’s a lot of crazy stuff going on at

The same time but they just have one power plant other than their hybrids and their plug-in hybrids but they just have one power power plant and so that allows them to just reduce their costs and focus on making the best version of that motor as possible making it more reliable giving it more power making it more efficient they just put all their eggs in one basket

And that makes a ton of sense lexus is taking this 2 litre inline-four they have quite a few inline force if we just say that this is the the super-efficient in line for that they put in the ux for example the ux 250 and the ux 200 they share the same motor they’re tuned a little bit differently but it would be that motor and it only makes 169 horsepower which

Is not a whole lot in today’s terms but it only makes 169 horsepower naturally aspirated in the ux 200 now we know what’s possible from boosting a 2-liter motor or an inline 4 look at the cla amg 45 i think that’s what it’s called it has like 370 horsepower out of a twin-turbo inline 4 now i don’t know how well this potential motor could scale if it could double

In scale i don’t think that it’s gonna have a you know a linear scale like that i think it’s you know i don’t think we’re gonna see 750 horsepower from if they have that same sort of power from a single twin turbo 2 liter i don’t think we’ll see that i’m sure toyota is able to handle a ton of boost if you look at the old 2jz motors able to handle crazy amounts of

Power super reliable that you could just boost them to the moon and back and they could just would take more power and they would do it pretty damn reliably let’s say they’ve perfected this 2-liter motor they’ve over built it and now they can just boost the hell out of it and slap two of them together and share a common crank and it is i don’t know the history of

The entire automotive market i don’t ever remember hearing anything to four cylinders in the same vehicle i’ve heard of like w twelves before where you know they put 2 v sixes together and crazy stuff like that but two fours make a v8 right that’s crazy so and then how would this how would this affect the rest of the vehicles out there well we know they’re going

To be going plug-in hybrid shoot and just about everything in the next 5 years at least lexus is toyota will eventually get there and let’s say you take this 2 liter motor right there already making it let’s say you put this 2 liter motor you turbocharged it you put a fat electric motor in the back of the es for example and you’re good to go or let’s say you twin

Turbo this 2-liter put it in the lx with tons of electrification that could work i’ve heard you know latest rumor we heard was a two and a half litre v6 twin-turbo v6 going into the lx with electrification well i don’t know what if they don’t go that route maybe they do this maybe they put this to two liters in there boost it it doesn’t need to have 600 horsepower

On the lx but what if they d tune it let’s say they put 500 horsepower in it and tune it for more torque that’s a possibility as well so i don’t know maybe i’m just making something out of nothing but this is this seems like a revelation to me then this rumor it’s still rumor i don’t know how likely to likely it is to be true but a 4-liter v8 makes a whole lot of

Sense if it’s being made up of 2 2 liter inline fours so what do you guys think that news is absolutely ridiculous if – 2 litres can become a v8 i mean the sky’s the limit use your imagination of what lexus and toyota could do in the future what if they even make it smaller what if they make a bunch of 2 cylinder motors and they could just stack them together oh

This vehicle only needs four cylinders oh we’ll just add two more we got a bunch of these two cylinders laying around or just add another one to it make it a straight six now you can make it a straight six what what i came you know i don’t even know i don’t even know the sky is the limit you can make a straight eight out of this thing what do you guys think use

Your imagination tell me in the comments i’ll catch you guys in the next video thanks for watching patreon supporters you rock if you want to support the channel head over to my patreon page i don’t know what else to say enjoy the super bowl peace out guys

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SPIED! Twin Turbo Lexus LC F…with TWO Motors? By Kirk Kreifels

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