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Altair Club Cars Some SMART FEATURES On This Car | 2022 BMW 3 Series

Some SMART FEATURES On This Car | 2022 BMW 3 Series

Tested some advanced and smart features on my 3 series and I was surprised how accurately they worked. Check out the full video to know what features I’m talking about and my impressions on them.

Somewhere which will happen later on like in may i’m planning it right i want this car that’s one point too close in india this is scary it can automatically trace that fast back welcome back the 850 cockpit views so my gym timings move it does stop some fire service related event happening in hyderabad they’re doing a rally rarely we see fire engines but good

To see they have latest equipment and all latest trucks it has bikes fire service is so important to be sorted in a city like hyderabad with our traffic and with our heat talking about heat man this heat is quite a lot doesn’t seem like much when you’re looking when you’re sitting inside home or as you can see currently it’s just 34.5 but i’m sure it feels like 37

And in the afternoon when it’s like 37 38 in the reading it feels 41 42 and in this summer not now in the peak summer which will happen later on like in may i’m planning a ride just having some phone calls about it this will be a solo ride for a bit or maybe i’ll get a vehicle at a certain location and then i’ll ride with the new group entirely new group but this

Is the ride i’m so excited about because there’s a location i haven’t done in india and there are very few locations that are left in india that i haven’t done one is the south uh kanyakumari the route the northeast and then maybe spiti and to some extent zanskar valley besides that most of india is covered here and i want to finish india all my right destination

Should be on the india map that’s the dream just heading to my office we still have the insurance office up and running but it’s in the later stages of its life cycle so just getting some final works done so some of you have been asking you have said you would put an income source video and all yeah it’s very simple error i do investments a lot of investments real

Estate online markets options stocks i did an mba and studied finance so that’s that’s a basic requirement but that’s like maybe 10 20 of my income source i’m not i’m talking about income not assets and all uh then there is youtube revenue which takes up maybe 30 40 percent of my income insurance is one of them so get some income from that but that’s gonna wind

Down soon it’s a family business that my father started so there’s always that attachment let’s see where the destiny takes as of now i’m taking it one day at a time and you saw the display earlier when i showed the temperature right how do you like that clean look previously we used to have like fully loaded packed display drivers digital drivers display that’s

What it’s called but now i wanted something clean so i just have a speedo and a gear indicator ui is not the most intuitive so i wanted a simple look and how did you guys like the order even i wish they had taken us through a trail because that would be amazing unfortunately you won’t find many trails in hyderabad it’s mostly flat land and rocks and if they take us

To a trails in a land rover defender that will be a dream come true moment for me because i love that car man like the way it climbs up the mountains and all when the promotional video for land rover defender came i was like i want this car but that’s 1.2 crores in india man double this cars price anyway lucky me i drove one land road defender if you want to see

That video click the link here that was a great experience the car has tons of features and presents man the presence on the road is next level all these vehicles you assume they’re too expensive but the technology they carry underneath is just amazing anyway too much of gano gear let me get some work done we’ll catch you guys later in the evening this is scary

Man that front bumper looks scary magnets that’s the first time i experienced parallel parking little scary when it was cutting inside because that wouldn’t because that’s a line i wouldn’t take but man it was like i wish there was a camera outside to record that but man madness we’ll do it in a drone view some other time to see how it performs from the top

That would be a good experiment but of this car man that’s how perfectly it parked here a few moments later the only thing i’m controlling is breaking guys so you not only it does auto breaking but you can control braking and all parking completed okay so this is the best it does boy as you saw this can unpark itself too but besides that there’s also another

Interesting feature called reversing assistant what it does is it remembers the last 25 yards or 25 meters of your journey i guess it can automatically trace that path back i can’t show you because i would require cones and all to show it i’ve tested it once at my home where i parked typically on the right side and it went back 25 yards of meters lovely i need

To double check it with sea also meters but bmw does give some interesting and cool features but i feel like they miss out on the basics like keyless entry ventilated seats are a must for indian weather conditions i mean it’s a luxury when it started but we got used to it so this everyone’s doing it now tata mahindra hyundai just give it man but primarily what

I paid for this car is the engine and the performance and i love it i usually don’t give so much tariff to any product but this was this is definitely worth it oh boy miss the vibrations on this bike big time air and the dive it’ll die from as high as that bike but this bike has a nice comfortable stance compared to the ducati or even ether this is more

Comfortable than the aether in just in terms of the riding posture miss riding big time man see that’s the horn i need to get fixed urgently i need to probably change the horn type also because the wiring connector so bmw doesn’t have the typical horn pins you need an adapter so i got that adapter the denali adapter but the horn was some local uh horn the horn

Works fine it’s just that the connectors on the horn are not exact fit for the denali connector that’s the issue but look how dirty the bike is man but otherwise welcome back to the 850 cockpit view currently the weather is around 38 as per the display this shows higher temperature by at least one or two degrees because i think it takes a bit of bike heat also

And this doesn’t get too hot here surprising thing ducati does get hotter than this on the move it’s cooler than this i was having doubts whether i would take the bike out today because it’s been a very exhausting day at the gym so my gym timings move it does stop me my gym timing shifted to morning and today’s my trainer said it’s legs day i thought okay legs i

Can do but he tweaked the exercise slightly my trainer and i both train along you’ll see an instagram clip later today typically i match with him all the exercises maybe obviously not the weight because he is what 25 years into training i am like less than one year probably in my entire lifetime so today i was like okay chalega but after like sixty percent of the

Exercises i thought we are done suddenly you’re like no we have three more uh exercises and it’ll take at least half an hour i was super exhausted with the leg press exercise that i lied down for a while like 10-15 minutes and then took and did some stretching and i was like super hungry today i didn’t have any protein because the protein powder was over the

Protein bars were done i had breakfast luckily otherwise i don’t know how weak i would have been kapika this bike feels a lot like a dirt bike somehow on the go this is pretty light and nimble air you don’t feel the weight but tilt it i’ll tell you because i had an experience when it’s on my knee so i know fully how much this bike wastes five hours later look

How clean the bike is like brand new especially the wheels the gold wheels are popping the guys at the service center were shocked with the quality of the chain that chain hasn’t been changed touchwood and since i got it and the chain and sprocket condition are amazing the main reason for that is this bike did only long trips like out of the 25 000 kilometers on

The odo 22 or major rights that’s it so it didn’t go through those up and down cycles that you would have if you just keep riding it in the city cello see you jcw this john cooper works this color was i was so close to buying this one but then the suspension was too hard and it was not as practical as the three series but it looks cool yeah super cool and fun

Came in 718 adv hey so was it needed the saddling needed for that small stretch no but it is fun when you have these big bikes there’s so much fun especially with this suspension super fun so that’s it for today’s video here nothing much master show will just head home in this traffic hope you enjoyed this video let me know what you think in the comment section

And in case you’re watching nighttime have a good night and take care ciao yes you

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Some SMART FEATURES On This Car! | 2022 BMW 3 Series By iGuru Crazy

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