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Altair Club Cars SOLD: 2022 Buick Envision Sport Touring FWD – Cinnabar Metallic: Beautiful – Kent Otott

SOLD: 2022 Buick Envision Sport Touring FWD – Cinnabar Metallic: Beautiful – Kent Otott

SOLD: 2022 Buick Envision Sport Touring FWD – Cinnabar Metallic: Beautiful!

Hi there keno todd on the lot here at concordia chevy buick i’m standing in front of this 2022 buick envision it’s a cinnabar metallic a little bit dusty because we live in kansas and everything outside gets dusty but you talk about one gorgeous little suv it’s the sport touring package you know this little st right here the blacked out badging the navigation the

Bose sound system a lot of nice little features with it the nice little remote here give it two little pushes you don’t have to hit the lock button anymore just push the button twice she remote starts push this button twice the rear hatch goes up let’s take a look back here plenty of room for items spare tire underneath there yes it’s a donut folks i hear that

All the time doesn’t have a full size spare tire when’s the last time you’ve seen a full-size spare tire that’s what i tell the folks unless this is a pickup truck or suv you can push that little button there it has the hands-free item too so you can kick out it and it will lower down to unlock everything come back here push that button she unlocks i was in this

The other day made a video on a cold day and i never got it posted nice cupholder you have the red sport touring trim around here the back seat is comfortable with ac vents right there lighting little hookups for the toys that come along with us all these days now stickers at 41 685 now people ask me kent do you like these little envisions well once i grow up

And i go from sports cars to something responsible i believe this is what i would pick the drive right now now we hop in foot on the brake push the button she comes to life i’m going to turn the volume down because it just comes up to static the pre-programming thing at gm it gets goofy i don’t know what they think at times you know i like their products just

Some of their engineering things that are a little bit goofy at times but heated steering wheel heated seats up front give this a little slide you got a hidey hole here usb ports 12 volt or what i refer to as a cigarette lighter give that another push it goes away let’s throw the key down there for now now there’s a little button here armrest pops up plenty

Of room for snacks i would put bags of peanut m ms in there i like those my favorite candy i don’t eat it as much anymore since i lost lost weight you know 60 pounds down and staying there now memory seats right here those buttons bose sound system so good quality sound guess what folks that’s older people oh my age and older no more cd players they’re listening

To it all the cool kids are listening to things on their iphones and items like that easy push button things here for your ac and this thing will blow you away you can turn that pesky auto stop started off with that little button your lane keep assist with lane departure warning right there all your little buttons matter of fact let’s store into reverse surround

Vision look at that all the way around there is you know you back it up you got the little safety alert seat so we’re going to back up oh we got close to something so my seats vibrate something pops up here let’s pull forward even when you pull forward you get a little front vision so you can park it in your garage and not bump things there we go we throw her

Into park you got apple carplay i would use the android auto oh push that little button tada navigation how about that folks so couple things before i hit my five minute mark call me 785 243 s-a-v-e that’s the store number set up a test drive for this we have two one’s black one is red right now or reach out to me on my cell phone call or text if some you know

785-243-8656 looking for a vehicle this is the one to get all right give me a shout once again i’m kent otot i’ll always take good care of you my number again 785-243-8656 bye for now

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SOLD: 2022 Buick Envision Sport Touring FWD – Cinnabar Metallic: Beautiful! – Kent Otott By Concordia Chevrolet-Buick

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