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So what’s going on gas gang in partnership with race logic yes we are back with another epic battle guys this is gonna be sick so stay tuned and let’s get it so welcome back to another epic episode of the og battles and today we’ve got the lads from evil gt going head to head so you know it’s going to be a good one both of their vehicles are tuned up and both

For all-wheel drive one’s a german family estate on steroids and the other is a revered japanese super car and in partnership with race logic and as usual we’re going to be running four tests first up it’s a zero to sixty next up is a quarter mile run after that we line both cars up for a quarter mile roll race and finally it’s a drag race to the quarter mile

Let’s get over and meet both cars and their owners so first up on today’s battles we’ve got lee from evil gt and his stage 4 r35 nissan gtr running 666 brake horsepower and 850 newton meters of torque the gtr has a 3.8 liter v6 twin turbo engine and modifications include 1 000 cc injectors a bigger intake system a y-pipe and an ecu tuned by ac speedtech the gtr

Weighs 1750 kg giving it a power to weight ratio of 380 brake horsepower per tonne and sends all of its power to all four wheels via its dual clutch transmission and lee’s going to be stepping up against ben also from evil gt now ben’s kindly being lent awesome gti’s apr stage 1 audi rs6 making 700 brake horsepower and 1 000 newton meters of torque the rs6 has

A 4 litre twin turbo v8 engine and modifications include a stage one apr ecu tune a mil-tech cat-back exhaust system and a pipe across panel filter the rs6 weighs a whopping 2075 kg giving it a power to weight ratio of 337 brake horsepower per tonne and drives all four of its wheels via its traditional torque converter gearbox lee hello from evil gt oh man it’s

Gonna be a showdown today well hopefully i’m going to win because i’m never going to hear the last of it off him what’s that right zero to 60s quarter mile roll race and drag race you reckon you’re gonna take all three um zero to 60 yes maybe just um quite a mile yeah why not yeah uh but they’re rolling i don’t know okay but i think i think there’s going to

Be a little bit in it but not much these cars are very evenly matched so wicked we’re good we’re going for a good race but we want confidence oh you’ve got to be confident yeah yeah all right cool so i’m going to win then yeah that’s confident perfect bro listen good luck man all right wicked ben from evil gt okay mate yeah i’m good so basically we know you’re

An aldi fanboy yeah so you’ve actually borrowed a car from awesome gti today i’ve drafted this in because i haven’t got anything myself that’s as quick as his gtr so i thought i’d borrow awesome’s rs6 yeah yeah yeah so how do you reckon you’re going to do do you know it’s going to be so close this has got slightly more horsepower more torque that’s lighter so

It’ll be closer it’ll be a good race i think do you really want to beat him because he really wants to beat you it’s a win-win for me though wouldn’t it if if he wins evil gt have won i’ll beat him and if he doesn’t win the audience one so you know it’s a win-win spot on see i love it i love it listen bro good luck thanks very much it’s going to be a good one

Cheers so first up it’s zero to 60s let’s see how they get on alright so let’s get a sound check and the v box touch starts recording as soon as he starts moving so as soon as lee’s ready he’s just going to go for it see what we can do let’s take the unbreak off now that is decent for this car anyway i’m happy with that whether um jamie was saying the car

Tends to do that the fastest times on this track so i’m thinking the rs6 is gonna be pretty quick but still getting so much so much wheel spin i’m just glad it’s not raining because it became over and lee gets launched to 60 in 2.78 seconds so let’s just take a quick look at the og battle zero to 60 leaderboard and as you can see lee goes into sixth position

With an insane time of 2.78 seconds let’s see what the rs6 can do okay so let’s get a sound check late mate if i win i’m sorry what 2.7 i can’t see it there we go go on that is better that is better and that’s an incredibly close zero to 60 time of 2.79 seconds can you believe it and what we’re hoping now is that lee’s lost a little bit of heat in his tires

So we start squaring again on his way back up so let’s just take a quick look at the og battles all-wheel drive 0-60 leaderboard and as you can see ben drops into 7th position just behind lee with a time of 2.79 seconds and with the smallest of margins round one goes to lee and the nissan gtr next up is the quarter mile test let’s see how they get on here all

Right a quarter mile oh and that’s a strong time of 10.9 seconds flat from the nissan so let’s just take a quick look at the quarter mile all-wheel drive og battles leaderboard and as you can see lee just makes it on and makes it into 10th position with a time of 10.9 seconds and a trap speed of 126 miles per hour so if ben beats me in the rs6 then the one

With the lack of trying that felt really quick so the question is can the rs6 beat that time and knock lee in a gtr straight back off the leaderboard let’s find out come on come on there is not a lot of room at the end of this runway 10.89 here now i beat it i beat it 10.89 quick that now for a two ton family wagon less than 11 seconds quarter mile and the

Rs6 pulls one back with an incredible time of 10.89 seconds can you believe it so let’s take a quick look at the og battles leaderboard and as you can see ben’s knocked lee off temp spot and claimed it for himself with a time of 10.89 seconds and a trap speed identical of 126 miles per hour you’re worried that dallas so what 10.89 you just you just leave it to

Me boys you just leave it to me and round two goes to the rs6 making it one all this has got to be one of the most even lineups we’ve had so far so let’s see how this translates onto the races next up it’s the roll race let’s have it so i’ve still got a transmission light so i’m already cons well you should beat me on this because i just don’t think it’s going

To boost definitely can’t launch it that’s for some certain i can see him talking to the camera in there he’s probably giving all his racing driver excuses guaranteed right we’re in manual traction’s off we are in dynamic everything is in dynamic get with lee get with come on on car oh just just i tell you what that is creeping and i mean creeping it’s

So close so close that was close that was literally that must have been this much that was close so close and that was literally anybody’s race but if we take that back and slow it down you can actually see that the rs6 just about manages to beat the gtr by a whisker and round three goes to the rs6 that was like he was he was literally creeping and i mean if

We’d have gone at bang on the same time it’d have uh it’d have probably been a foot in front right so i did that in manual it seemed to work so i’m gonna go in auto for this hopefully it launches if it doesn’t then that’s it the game’s over right then we cannot top so let’s have it come on there son oh he’s got me he’s got me no he’s got me king gutted he’s

Not pulling now though yes come on neck and neck it’s coming no level that’s it and then this hand wins and once again an incredibly close race but the nissan gtr manages to gap the rs6 by about a car and a half length round four goes to lee and a gtr ah it’s a car length it’s a car length absolutely gutted you know i didn’t get i didn’t start that launch

Quick enough he’s gonna be like you jump the start you jump the start listen to this now i didn’t start the launch quick enough so i didn’t have enough on the boost you did i say that though evil gt1 well done so his excuse was he didn’t start the launch quick enough but i win is a win i’m taking it but apparently we’re getting shut down now council’s having a

Win i mean the sheep are having a great time they’re watching two uh two lunatics holding two cars around but i don’t know who’s complaining there’s absolutely no one around here and that makes it too all and ends the day in a draw who would have thought it would have been that close ben how do you feel it went today bro can you i can’t believe that they were

So close very closely matched cars based on based on this having more power being heavier having less power lighter yeah they couldn’t have been any closer really no no no it was a good race it’s a good race i mean you know the roll race we were saying very close there was probably a bonnet in it yeah yeah well i’m not going to admit that to him yeah i’m

Going to wait for the video footage to come back but yeah i mean what else can i say they’re um they’re unbelievable both cars yeah yeah yeah yeah well shout out to awesome gti and shout out to yourself sir evil duty all the way forever my pleasure lee yes how do you feel the results went today sir i feel like a champion you feel like a champion yes definitely

I feel like i won every single one yeah so he’s not actually taking any of the actual results into account you just won it i’ll give him one i’ll give him one the quarter mile you’ve given me a quarter mile yeah what about the roll race he was basically saying you know he felt like he might have had you he might have been a bonnet in it but well i i’m right yeah

I reckon there’s about half a bonnet in my favor okay yeah so i won that one okay so you’re the true winner of the day is what you’re saying is you know i’m not sure ben is going to say the same but is bro listen thank you so much for coming down anyway i’m going to just put in he’s colour blind oh surely that’s got a difference in something can we get in

About our channel as well as you say subscribe evil gt cheers he’s on it as well can you subscribe thank you yeah and jamie said he actually said you need to push he said everybody on his channel it’s okay to come over to our you’ve got to go and subscribe to him guest gang go and give them a subscribe if you don’t know about these guys already you’re missing

Out honestly you can be subscribed to two channels these two that’s what i mean that’s right these two only thanks mate nice one so looking back and giving the different weights and powers i’d have personally never expected it to be so even both big heavy cars but both extremely fast in their own rights and once again a massive shout out to the lads from evil

Gt don’t forget to subscribe to their youtube channel for some wicked content links will be in the description and if you have enjoyed today please don’t forget to like share and subscribe and stay tuned for another epic og battles peace out so i definitely won yeah no you didn’t what are you talking about three one no i’m not having it wasn’t too hard it’s a

Family car you’ve got a supercar there how would you get three you couldn’t do all no you didn’t even get this the boost you didn’t even get a boost on the turbo mate what you talking about your car broke you should have a point took off just for that i definitely you

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