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Altair Club Cars SnowRunner: The RAMPMOBILE Mod is AMAZING NEW Driveable Ramp

SnowRunner: The RAMPMOBILE Mod is AMAZING NEW Driveable Ramp

SnowRunner: The RAMPMOBILE Mod is AMAZING! NEW Driveable Ramp!! | TC9700Gaming

Welcome back to snow runner y’all and today we are going to be looking at a new truck and no it is not the truck that you guys are seeing on the screen right now you guys that are watching this video right now most likely already know what this truck is this is john john hot rod’s mega cab runner now the truck in question isn’t really a truck at all it just has well

Some axles underneath it and the top of it looks like that piece of concrete behind me now if you’re baffled by that statement keep watching because what you’re about to see is potentially one of the most hilarious snow runner mods that has ever been made what you are seeing in front of your very eyes is the ramp mobile by limes and it is literally used for well

This oh come on and boom but basically what that is is it’s actually a drivable movable ramp so we can actually switch to the ramp mobile we can raise it up start the engine and then position it wherever we please now why this hasn’t been done before in snow runner i have absolutely no idea but what we’re gonna do is we’re actually gonna make a bit of a challenge

Out of it so we’re gonna bring it over here by the pond and we’re gonna place it down kind of a little bit further back than the normal ramp would be and we’re gonna see if we can get anything to go fast enough that it’s able to actually jump over the pond using this ramp instead of the other ramp now what makes this ramp really cool though is that it’s going to

Be a little bit of a higher launch a little bit of a steeper launch than the ramp that’s over at the pond right now so the first run is going to be in the mega cab runner and let’s see if we can line it up oh easy come on this thing likes to get really sideways to drop the hat come on oh it’s gonna be close oh we barely bro we barely caught the rear axle but we

Did in fact make it let’s grab a different rig and see if that will make it now don’t worry we’re gonna try the megabus a little bit later but i have a feeling that the megabus might be a tad large uh for what we’re doing here let’s grab doomsday now as we all know doomsday is a very very fast vehicle so we’re gonna actually grab the six-speed transmission and oh

A jump suspension i’m yes i am all about that i am totally down for that let’s see uh baja op absolutely and then we’ll do i’m not gonna worry about the snorkel options we’ll we’ll yeah we’ll be fine without the snorkel options we’ll throw some roof lights up there we’ll throw the brush guard on the front and we’ll leave the pro steel wheels on it we’ll keep it

Gray that’s fine all right now this thing i’ve never actually used it with the jump focused suspension so i have no clue get it out of reverse buddy like what the what the heck are you doing all right no idea how this is gonna react by the way to like different surfaces and i also just now realized that we left the mega cab runner all the way on the other side of

The pond so this might very well land on it and that’s fine i think maybe maybe it is maybe it isn’t we’ll we’ll see all right come on it’s starting to try to get a little bit out of oh god yeah well okay it started to get a little bit iffy the second it went sideways let’s see if we can actually get it to track in a straight line or at least just enough to where

We can hit the ramp with a little bit of you know forward-facing momentum instead of sideways momentum all right let’s line this thing up oh dude it just immediately i love surrender physics i love surrender physics like the second this thing’s power kicks in it’s like yoink we’re immediately sideways we’re gonna give ourselves one more chance to launch really bro

Are you serious we just fell over okay i was gonna say it this is now the last chance that we have to actually get a successful jump all right let’s back you up and i’m gonna try to in theory aim a little bit to the left that way we won’t or at least probably won’t take out the uh the mega cab runner all right come on dude it is it is slithering all over the place

Come on just barely bro just barely we ended up flipping it over right at the end but like still it was like just barely there now here’s my question what happens when we take the good old ramp mobile and we position it at the bottom of an already very extreme ramp that is what we’re about to find out now you guys all know the insane mega ramp over there the mega

Ramp is probably or at least the mega ramp on this map is probably one of the most versatile mega ramps for testing a lot of different vehicles but i’m almost thinking that this would be a little bit more interesting if we put it right here because i feel like if we put it at the bottom of the mega ramp i don’t really know i mean don’t worry we are gonna do that

I just don’t know where the vehicles are gonna end up you know what i mean all right so let’s set you right here drop it down shut the engine off this is gonna be a weird spot for it because the the the fact that we’re already on a ramp to begin with makes the angle for this ramp even steeper than it was before now cool thing about this ramp is that something like

Doomsday should be able to have a little bit more traction uh especially leading up to the ramp considering the fact that the ramp is now on a dirt surface rather than a paved surface and as we all know the snow runner thinks pavement is the devil pretty much really god that was that was almost fine can we like not please and thank you thank you okay finally

We’re good just gonna make sure to not like topple this thing over 13 million different times all right let’s see should that be about in line with where we’re gonna be actually the one on the far side is gonna be a little bit better lined up with where we’re gonna be odd i could have sworn that the middle was gonna be better lined up either way we’re gonna come

Into this with some proper speed oh boy now let me know in the comment section down below by the way if there are any specific scenarios that you guys would like to see me set up with this now portable ramp that we have all right come on full send try to keep going straight ahead oh there we go there we go there we go there we go oh my god i mean i’m not gonna

Lie that’s the farthest i’ve ever been off of that jump in like any literally like in any vehicle that’s the farthest i’ve ever been off that jump in any vehicle now let’s grab the ramp mobile one more time now and well before we can move it we gotta raise it up because that’s the thing if you don’t raise it you are not moving it anywhere you are stuck you are

Stranded and that is that now let me turn this thing around and i’m gonna see if we can maybe position it somewhere at the bottom of the mega ramp i feel like it’s probably just gonna turn into like a big explosion of doom and like i actually feel like it’s probably not even gonna launch anything in the air it’s probably just gonna like stop in its tracks but i

Also at the same time feel like oh we’re gonna flip over i feel like like literally everybody will never wow that was perfection but yeah i feel like nobody will ever let me hear the end of it if i come to this map with this thing and don’t launch something off of the mega ramp with it i tell you what we’ll put it all the way up here yeah we’ll put it all the way

Up here it’s gonna be a little bit of a challenge getting you know getting a given vehicle to make it all the way to this point without crashing but i think we can do it i i i don’t think that it’s gonna be the most difficult thing we’ve ever attempted so i’m gonna go ahead and give it a quick repair and then shut it down now we’re gonna try this first with the

Mega cab runner because the mega cab runner um is actually really good at like tracking in a straight line um unless you’re on like really slick pavement and it starts to get a little squirrely but even then it’s really easy to control so in something that’s really easy to control like that will probably be the smartest way to attempt this right out of the gate

And then after that we can get something a little ridiculous and when i say ridiculous i mean like megabus level ridiculous let’s bring you on up to the top boom oh i always love like dropping into the top of this ramp because like it’s such an epic shot the first time you see it all right there’s there’s said portable ramp of doom and we’re gonna get this thing

A little like re-situated here all right well nothing to it at this point but to send it i suppose three two one let’s go don’t want to be too overzealous though right out of the gate because that can get you into a lot of trouble all right it’s full send oh my god come on it doesn’t want to go into 10th gear oh well i feel like that just kind of slowed us down

I feel like that legitimately just kind of slowed us down okay well don’t worry though because i have a backup plan and my backup plan is this thing my backup plan is a tad bit like garage breaking but don’t worry about it breaking the garage it’s fine uh let’s see big boy no damage and then we’re gonna do the 236 inch t1 tires and then we’re gonna get rid of the

Mega rack and then that’s gonna be that all right now if this messes up then i really don’t think that there’s i really don’t think there’s much like we can go to from there i think this is about the uh the peak of insane vehicles that we could send off of that ramp it is ironic though that we’re using the megabus by limes on a map by limes to test another new

Mod by lives but again like i love that though like limes mods are some of the most like some of the like the craziest wackiest most over-the-top mods that we’ve ever had in snow runner and i just love the fact that he’s still out there like pushing the boundaries of what he can do holy i wow i almost yep i almost i almost ended up in the ravine i almost ended

Up having to go back to the garage and start over is what i ended up having to do oh boy all right will this even fit on the ramp i don’t know i really don’t know it’s time to find out full said oh my god nope well it’s more of a barrel roll ramp than anything now are we gonna make it over the we’re gonna make it into the trees aren’t we i don’t think i’ve ever

Actually done that before i think the chances of landing in the trees right there is like way lower than even landing like in the water or in the mud or anywhere like anywhere else around here like that is a i don’t know if i would call it a one in a million shot but it’s pretty dang freaking close to a one in a million shot but what i will say is you guys should

Absolutely check out the ramp mobile by limes it is a hilarious mod that all of you guys need to check out and the second it drops on console dude give that thing a go now as i record this video it has not yet dropped on console but i’m sure that once the developers get to test it i’m sure it’s gonna be you know on console pretty quickly but with that being said

And done though if you guys enjoyed this video and would like to see more make sure to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments hit the like button if you enjoyed subscribe if you’re new and i will see you guys next time talk to you all later

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SnowRunner: The RAMPMOBILE Mod is AMAZING! NEW Driveable Ramp!! By TC9700Gaming

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