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Altair Club Cars Showing The Homies My New 2022 Audi SQ7

Showing The Homies My New 2022 Audi SQ7

My plan was to make a “reveal” video of my new 2022 audi sq7. but then i decided i wanted to show it to my friends and record their reactions while i showed some of the cool features. some other, cooler, cars showed up…. enjoy!

What’s going on all you beautiful people welcome back to my channel now in the last video i mentioned that i was selling the rs5 and i’m gonna be picking up another vehicle well i’m looking at it right now and i absolutely love this vehicle and once again when you see it you’re gonna be like really that’s what you got but we’re gonna check it out and i think

You guys are absolutely gonna love it because i love it and i’m a car guy and if you’re a car person then i think you’re gonna love it too so um let’s take a look at it all right so here it is this is my 2022 audi sq7 now i’m sure a lot of you are probably wondering why did i get an sq7 and let me tell you why so first of all having an rs5 and having an r8

Is just not practical especially when you have a family i need i need a car that has more than two doors i went to audi to pick up a sq5 and it just really wasn’t doing anything for me i’ve already had an sq5 and when i checked out the sq7 this car actually blew me away one of the things that i love about this car is that it has a twin turbo v8 motor that pushes

500 horsepower and 560 pound-feet of torque you have to hear this i’m going to start it up and you guys let me know what you think in the comments below about how this startup sounds uh my personal opinion is that this car sounds amazing stock so i’m here in the cabin of the car and normally in an audi you would think you know especially like a luxury suv

You would think that you wouldn’t even be able to hear the motor inside the car but check this out i don’t know how that’s coming across on camera but i can hear the motor in the car so well and it just it sounds so good to me so um i just absolutely love this car and the way it sounds but in addition to that there are so many amazing features i’ll show you a

Little bit around the interior we’ll do a walk around once we get outside i’m going to leave my house i got to go to work and stuff but um we’ll do a walk around of the exterior we’ll take a look at the interior some of the cool features that it has and i really think you guys are going to love this car so stay tuned hey that’s what i’m talking about let me get

Your reaction hold on no it’s all good oh my no bro though this is really nice dude oh my god dude how like plush is that oh i gotta fix this lighting imagine if we drove this back from l.a that would have been nice but then we wouldn’t have had an actual like all right that’s true dude this thing is really nice it’s so comfy dude and like there’s so many like

Dope things that it does like these seats massage too no oh you’re not working i know i know i’m poor again ooh i’m starting it it’s like the right new range rovers have this yeah dude that shit’s clean yeah oh yeah i’d buy this too yeah bro it was so sick like so i came in i went into the store to get an s a used sq5 and i walked out with a brand new sq7 jeff

It’s dope you have problems oh wow i really like that that’s clean how they hang down super thing yeah move that hop on in dude what do you what do you think yeah i could take a nap in here right now you could i’m about to and what’s cool too let me double visors bro dude look at this like all the carbon for the whole whole party sorry jeff don’t record this

Part yeah this interior shit’s only all right bro oh yeah you already pulled like four dudes is awesome dude this is hey all my cars pull dudes i’m a married man you’re right you’re right press the button that turns the ac dude literally that’s what i was just doing yep yep go all the way uh oh you know what boom i’m gonna turn my my seat air conditioning off it

Says low but it’s not it’s nice it’s nice how many cars are you gonna get in one year you too jason you shut the up i literally knew he was gonna be like i wasn’t gonna say nothing i mean that’s what car people do we buy cars this has been a slow year for you like here i guess last year yeah last year i bought like five different vehicles but this year let’s

Try to slow it down you’ll end up with something by the end of the year so are you so yeah i’m getting like three quarters like every single time well this thing’s really nice jeff thanks i’m sure the wife loves it oh yeah dude she loves it this is her new baby no i’m her new baby oh and you know what it’s it’s kind of we’re just going to listen this is jeff

Hi josh this is johnson reaching up from iphone clinic in roseville how are you i’m good how are you good once to reach out and let you know that all the ipads are ready for pickup all right all of them how many was it again there were four all four my ipads are ready awesome all right i’ll be there in about what time do you guys close we close at seven oh okay

I’ll be there in probably like an hour or so no problem we’ll see you guys awesome thanks bye oh yeah yeah you had four ipads you dropped three disclaimer we did not do anything to this oh that’s not true i i placed a nissan logo on his engine cover all right i placed my balls on right there but so we’ve got the hex honeycomb yeah i like it i like it look at

This that they did on the inside of the door cam they wrapped the godzilla dude okay now that’s sick that’s pretty sick that’s sick i can’t get like good lighting on it though here i’ll try to let’s see if i shade it yeah i bought it with that and i was like dude that’s dope so we got a helicopter another helicopter another helicopter and then godzilla that’s

Badass thanks helicopters well you can’t really tell in the camera because there’s a glare yeah yeah that’s tight dude what’s up all these like dope ass cars just like popping up out of nowhere um yeah really nice that’s such a wide like what do you call that part door sill dude when you when you go to get in you’re going to be like how do i do this there’s

Actually a way to do it i’m actually here i’m going to record okay recording here i’m curious let’s see let’s see no jeff god all right now i want to see a corvette all right let me peep that exhaust all right let’s let’s hear this bad boy there we go oh man i love it the car i wanted the car i got yes dude oh my god that’s sick man sounds great oh yeah

It does yes man that is sick um nice well it just goes to show you you really never know how your day is going to turn out because i went to clarity i was just going to show everyone the new car uh they were pretty interested in checking it out and when we get there we get the gtr we’ve got that corvette the eures showed up the mclaren like i had no idea

That i was going to be seeing a mclaren today let alone doing a ride along in one it was like super fun super awesome um so i didn’t really get to do like a rundown of the sq7 excuse me but either way eventually we’ll do a rundown of the sq7 it is a dope card like to show you guys some more of the features and like you know some of the cool stuff as to like what

Made me super inspired to buy this car um and it’s really not that big of a list it’s mostly just the exhaust and like the luxury and just how comfortable it is but at the end of the day too there’s some like other cool stuff that i really liked about this car so anywho i think i’m pretty much done with this video i don’t want to take up too much of your time so

Guys thank you so much for stopping by my channel and thank you for watching today’s video i’ll catch you in the next one i’m out you

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Showing The Homies My New 2022 Audi SQ7 By Burnt Rubber

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