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Altair Club Cars Should You Buy an INFINITI Q50? (Test Drive & Review)

Should You Buy an INFINITI Q50? (Test Drive & Review)

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All right guys how’s it going welcome back are you in the market for a small compact saloon car but you don’t fancy a 3 series an a4 alexis is a c-class a kia optima a mazda 6 a alpha julia the list is endless isn’t it but if you want something a little bit different then you might be interested in today’s video because today i’m in a 2016 infiniti q50 quite

A rare car here in the uk before we get onto the car itself i think we need some background information if you’ve never heard of infinity don’t feel bad because lots of people in europe haven’t that’s been the brand’s biggest issue infiniti are the luxury arm of nissan just like lexus’s to toyota about 12 or 13 years ago infinity tried to break into the very

Lucrative european market but it wasn’t a fruitful conquest just as they entered adolescence they realized it wasn’t working so they stormed off in a teenager style huff slamming the bedroom door behind them probably as far as i can work out and this is heavily based on my opinion rather than fact infinity failed in the uk for one main reason we are a nation of

Badger snubs we’re just too superficial i’m using the royal we there rather than me personally i just think nobody wants to spend 35 000 pounds on a new luxury car and then not impress anyone by it sad i know but true generally speaking if we spend thousands of pounds on a new luxury car we want the neighbor’s neck curtains to twitch we want to impress people in

The pub car park as we drive in we want to impress people that we don’t like you don’t want to say to somebody in the pub oh yeah i’ve just bought a new infinity and them say oh what i’ve never heard of him and then your only retort is something like well it’s like a japanese bmw or well it’s got a mercedes engine it’s just not what people want whereas everybody

Knows even if you’re a blithering idiot that a kidney grill or a three-pointed star comes with a big price tag your average brit just doesn’t recognize the infinity badge and that’s the problem and this is a fact that i think infinity just failed to recognize they should have perhaps started with how it was marketed because i don’t recall ever seen an advert for

Infinity i don’t ever recall seeing david beckham driving one on the cover of heat magazine and this has been the problem i’m not a marketing expert by any stretch but this is fairly basic stuff i mean audi did it successfully a few years ago here’s how you’re supposed to do it one you step up your marketing campaign in upmarket areas in-flight magazines on ba

Flights places like that the next thing you do is give a load of highly spec’d sporty looking infinities to a bunch of celebrities and have them drive around and get packed in it and then when you or i see harry styles behind the wheel of an infinity we think they must be good then if he’s born with his own money that’s just how it works i know this and i don’t

Have a phd in marketing so why didn’t infinity anyway they didn’t do that instead they wasted a heap of money and then left with the tail between the legs when launching a new upmarket car brand you’ve got to either go big or go home and infinity just went home every time i went to an infinity showroom which were really nice by the way an upmarket it was like the

Marie celeste there was nobody there there were more people in chernobyl another reason i believe it didn’t catch on was the model names i’m a complete car geek so i can tell different model years based on the subtle differences on indicator lenses and other nonsense like that but even i can’t get my head around the infinity model range the q the i the j the e

X the f x the q x the g it’s a good job they left before they got to the lmnop or the xyz then that letter is followed by an arbitrary number which seems to have no correlation to the engine size under the bonnet just doesn’t make any sense it’s confusing and again in the uk we know the difference between an sc and an hse an lx and a glx this is important stuff

Here in the uk and once again infiniti just didn’t get the memo anyway onto the q50 that i’m in today which doesn’t have a five liter engine as the name might suggest but firstly i’ve got to say it’s a shame they didn’t sell more of these because they’re really good cars genuinely i’m impressed with it it’s the size of a three series it looks good drives good

Feels good it should have been a roaring success styling wise i think it looks nice i know styling is a matter of opinion isn’t it beauty’s in the eye of the key holder that said i think it’s fairly inoffensive and i think that’s kind of the problem it’s not daring enough it’s not risky enough it’s a little bit generic it almost looks like a chinese car like a

Chinese copy you know when you see them at car shows and it’s a blatant rip-off of something else it’s a little bit like that if you have an infinity on your driveway your neighbours won’t be able to tell whether it’s a kia hyundai mazda lexus there’s just nothing really that sticks out i like the rear end with its twin exhaust that’s a good angle i don’t like

The front end it looks a little bit droopy and saggy it looks like a german car that’s had a stroke i think the windows are too tall because from the side probably it looks a little bit too top-heavy which doesn’t look very sporty i think narrow windows would have made it feel and look a little bit sportier but i think the interior is where it really excels i

Don’t want to use the word exquisite because that should be just reserved for bentley and rolls royce but it’s lovely it really is very nice everything is finished with soft leather even down to the color mounted gear levers they’re finished in nice soft leather everywhere you look or touch is just finished really well it also passes the all important high peak

Autos cup holder test all the buttons and switches feel nice the dials here are knurled like you’d find at bentley it’s just really pleasant really up market the steering feels nice to touch nice and padded and feels expensive if you look around there are some nissan buttons and switches the gauges are lifted straight from my qashqai but that isn’t the end of

The world this is a high spec sport model so it comes with bigger wheels which look nicer but it also comes with every conceivable extra so i’ve got bose audio i’ve got sat nav reverse camera 360 bird’s eye view camera heated seats you’ve got electric everything it’s really well turned out the seats are really comfortable too it’s like being sat in a lexus or

A volvo one thing i don’t like about it though is this twin screen setup which can be a little bit confusing although i think if this was your only car you’d soon figure it out some of the things that you would expect to be controlled down here are actually controlled up there and then vice versa so it just means you’ve got to work twice or look twice as hard

There is quite a bit of engine noise it’s reminiscent of a c-class or e-class mercedes but overall it just feels modern and luxurious the ride’s good too it’s not too firm if you were to blindfold me which would be quite dangerous i would guess that was in a lexus with a mercedes engine that’s what it feels like which is no bad thing because this is badged as a

2d i thought under the bonnet would be the 2.2 liter french engine that was found in the x-trail and other nissans from the period but it’s not it’s a 2.1 liter mercedes engine it’s a four-cylinder turbo diesel unit which produces about 170 horsepower which is pretty good it’s torquey enough it’s smooth enough like i said there is a little bit of engine noise

But that’s just a characteristic they also offered this with the big v6 petrol engine which i think even fewer people bought i’ve not looked up the actual sales figures for that v6 petrol but i imagine the number is five to drive it feels like the love child of a lexus is a mercedes c-class the seats are comfortable it drives well the steering’s not too heavy it’s

Not too light it does everything pretty well if i did lots of miles and i needed a compact little saloon car that was economical i’d definitely consider one of these the boots are good size too some part with its rivals as is the rear leg room and headroom interior space in general is pretty good it’s all just very nice and pleasant because infinity have pulled

The plug on their european operations you might panic about getting spare parts but i wouldn’t give it a second thought because there are lots of companies that still manufacture parts for this so parts aren’t an issue whatsoever also any nissan dealer will still service them as will any independent to be fair i wouldn’t worry about reliability either because all

The reports are favorable the engine and gearbox are tried and tested so i wouldn’t worry about those either as long as you keep up with the servicing they should last you because it’s a small diesel engine running costs are low too so road tax here in the uk even for the automatic model is only 125 pounds a year you’ll easily achieve 40 miles per gallon around

Town you’ll get up to 60 miles per gallon on a motorway run so yeah pretty pretty cheap to run and let’s be honest they’re the same sort of figures that you’re gonna get from any three series or a4 or xe they’re all about the same because they have to be since they fled the uk used prices have taken a bit of a tumble in the same way that the stock market on wall

Street took a little bit of a tumble in 1929 the backside has just dropped out of the uk prices of these q50s so you can pick up early lower spec models with higher miles from as little as 7 000 pounds which is such good value it does make buying one of these a very tempting proposition even a nice high spec sport model like this can be bought for under 10 000

Pounds which is about 50 cheaper than any of its equivalent rivals i just think there’s such good value that can no longer be ignored so to answer the video’s title question should you buy an infiniti q50 as a new car absolutely not no way well you can’t now anyway because they’re all short but as a used car 100 definitely yes as a new car would have bought the

3 series or the is or the xe but as a used car they’re very tempting and i think if you’re half interested in buying one of these cars go and take a seat in one because you will immediately get your checkbook out i mean think of it like this would you buy a 2012 or 2013 old-shaped mercedes c-class or this 2016 infiniti it’s a no-brainer so basically that sums

Up the infiniti q50 a very impressive car that ultimately nobody knew about all because they didn’t give one to joey essex it’s tragic that we’re that superficial but what can you do and on the bright side infinity’s loss is now your gain so thanks once again for watching make sure you give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it make sure you subscribe if you

Haven’t done already we’re nearly at 60 000 subscribers which is unbelievable so thank you to each and every one of you who has subscribed you can follow me on facebook instagram twitter i’ll leave the link below if you’ve got any comments or questions let me know i’ll do my best to get back to you so yeah cheers guys thanks for watching see you next time you

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