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Altair Club Cars Should You Buy an AUDI A7? (Test Drive & Review MK1)

Should You Buy an AUDI A7? (Test Drive & Review MK1)

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Alright guys how’s it going welcome back have you ever fancied buying yourself an audi a8 but then remembered you’re not a sensible german accountant near in retirement so you must get something sporty or instead well i think i’ve got the answer because today i’m in a 2015 audi a7 the audi a7 s been around since 2010 which means you can pick up early examples for

Around 8,000 pounds which is such a bargain i think when you consider the list price with 60,000 pounds when it was new now correct me if i’m wrong but weren’t mercedes the first people to make a four-door coupe a saloon thing with the cls that came out in 2006 or 7 i believe and since then everybody’s decided to make one bmw now make one with the grand coupe

A range vw make one with the passat cc i mean you could even argue that the panamera is a similar sort of thing anyway some people don’t really like the banana-shaped saloon thing but i’m not one of those people i think it’s great i was a huge fan of the cls when it came out i mean now they look a little bit old hat but the new sale ass looks great howdy call

There’s a sport bag which i think is a pretty accurate name you could buy an audi a5 sportback but i think the a7 looks better because it’s just that bit bigger it’s all suits the shape better it’s based on audi a6 but it looks a whole lot sportier you get four frameless doors and unlike some of the rivals like the mercedes cls this is a five seater not just a

Four everybody will have their opinion on the styling but i like it i think it’s modern and youthful but it’s also quite imposing in a traditional german excel it’s based on the audi a6 you do get some extras that we’re only seen on the audi a8 and it feels like quite a luxurious car this feels more like driving an audi a8 than an a6 in 2015 they facelifted the

A7 so you got a nicer interior and better lights you also get those dynamic indicators which i think look really cool so i would recommend going for a facelift model if your budget can stretch this first-generation 87 was replaced completely in 2018 the build quality is superb it does feel very high-end as i’m sat here in it the driving position is perfect the

Layout of everything is perfect it’s just a very nice place to be everything you touch feels very nice it’s all very good quality under the bonnet lies a diesel engine but you’d never know because in here it’s very refined and very quiet it’s a really calming place to be so this cars nearly 5 years old and it’s done 82,000 miles but it’s held up really well in

Fact it still smells like new there’s plenty of room all around me i’ve got an armrest here that’s very comfortable one little gripe is that because the doors are frameless they’re quite thin so i’ve got nowhere to rest my elbow only down here which isn’t quite quite where i’d like it to be i’ve heard lots of people complain about poor visibility on the a7 but

I’d have to disagree alright it’s not as good as a fiat multipla or suzuki wagon r but for a car like this i think it’s fine it’s certainly not dangerous there’s also a decent amount of legroom in the rear legroom for the middle seat is a little bit restricted because of the old transmission tunnel there the model i’m in today has a three liter v6 turbo diesel

Engine which produces 272 horsepower and this car is fast if you put your foot down it just pulls you and pushes you into your seat and unusually for a diesel the power delivery is quite smooth before you know it you’re at the speed which is better suited for the german autobahns rather than on the a6 through chapel lots of people nowadays would have you believe

That diesel fuel is the work of the devil but i think if they were to drive this audi a7 they changed their mind it worked perfectly with this kind of car i mean at the end of the day it’s a long-distance cruiser and the diesel engine is perfect for that they offer the same 3 litre diesel in several levels of tune one with 209 horsepower this one at 272 and then

They also do a bi turbo tdi which produces over 300 horsepower which is a little bit unnecessary to be honest because this one at 272 is all the power you’d ever need it sounds alright to actually and the engine never really runs out of steam in fact you’ll run out of tarmac before this engine runs out of power because the roof slopes down at the back boot space

Is compromised a little bit but having said that it doesn’t open like a standard saloon it opens like a hatchback so accessibility is better you can also fold down the rear seat so it’s quite a practical car this this model uses audis famous quattro four-wheel drive system which on a miserable day like this thanks to storm derrick or dennis or whoever he’s called

It’s perfect because it gives you all the grip in the world it’s also very economical they’ve managed to save a bit of weight because a lot of the bodies made from aluminium and it’s also more economical than the mercedes cls the bmw 6 series gran coupe a so how do you’ve done quite well there although do remember the howdy’s part of volkswagens so perhaps it’s

Best to take those figures with a pinch of salt road tax here in the uk is cheap too it’s only 145 pounds a year i would recommend going for the quattro model too because it’s quite reassuring to know that all that power under the bonnet is backed up with excellent grip the only downside to the quattro is if you’re maneuvering this at low speed you can feel the

Rear end sort of tightening up like an old crv they make the a7 in various levels of trim they do an se asp or an s line or a black edition this one’s the s line and it’s the one i would recommend the black edition i think they ask too much of a premium for what you get which is essentially larger wheels which also ruin the ride and the a/c is and the sports

Don’t look anywhere near as good the steering is a little bit light and a little bit numb it’s nowhere near as good as you’d get in a 5 series bmw in fact the car in general to drive isn’t as good as a 5 series bmw i’ve been using this car now for the last couple of weeks and as soon as i got in it i was hooked i don’t want to use the l word but i do really

Really like it i love the gauges and the dials too i like the fact that i can get my sat-nav screen there between the two dials that’s a nice touch i also love this big screen here because you can raise and lower that if you’re not using it so it’s fast solid comfortable well made well built well finished so i really don’t have any serious complaints so far

This model also has loads of optional extras including head-up display and blind spot monitoring of course you’ve got things like heated seats as standard i like the dynamic indicators and i like that you can raise and lower the spoiler by pressing this button here probably totally unnecessary but it’s quite a cool feature isn’t it reliability wise i can’t see

You having any issues but then again it’s a used car so don’t be too surprised when something breaks they have a timing chain rather than timing belt so that doesn’t need to be replaced i’d recommend getting the gearbox serviced between eighty or a hundred thousand miles apart from having to replace something like an egr valve i can’t imagine anything else going

Wrong i’ve read lots of owners reviews – and i can’t find any common issues you can pick up an early high mileage sc model for around eight thousand pounds i wouldn’t recommend doing that to be fair you better i spending twelve or thirteen grand getting yourself a nice one for a facelift model like this with full audi history and nice optional extras that’s going

To set you back most part of eighteen grand but bear in mind this was a sixty thousand pound car before any optional extras so you’re buying a piece of that quality the a7 does that clever thing by the way when you’re driving it doesn’t feel like you’re in such a huge car it’s only when you come to trying park it you remember the size of it but thanks to audi’s

Clever park assist system it’s not too much of a chore overall i think i’d be very happy with this a7 sat on my driveway i’m i’m this close to keeping it but i do have something potentially in the pipeline coming soon that’s a little bit more me i don’t want to jinx it so let me tell you what it is but stay tuned so thanks once again for watching make sure you

Give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it make sure you subscribe if you haven’t done already if you’ve got any questions or comments leave them below i’ll do my best here back to you so yeah cheers guys i’ll see you next time you

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Should You Buy an AUDI A7? (Test Drive & Review MK1) By High Peak Autos

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