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Altair Club Cars Should this new Volkswagen electric car have Tesla worried? (2024 VW ID.4 preview Australia)

Should this new Volkswagen electric car have Tesla worried? (2024 VW ID.4 preview Australia)

The new Volkswagen ID.4 electric car is going to be in Australia in 2023 – is it a better choice than a Tesla EV?

This is the car which keeps tesla shareholders up at night it’s the volkswagen id4 the brand’s first ever from the ground up fully electric suv while it’s been out for a while in europe this is our first close look at it in australia in this video we’re going to share with you everything we know about it so far and when it’s going to launch in australia as well so

Stay tuned but before we do remember to check out the full story over at dot a u where you can also see all of our rolling volkswagen coverage now let’s get into it first up arrival timing and pricing the id4 has been delayed for an australian launch for some time with build slots being prioritized for europe where there are incentives for electric

Cars finally though it will arrive in australia hopefully before the end of next year at least that’s what the brand tells us so far now pricing wise you can expect in that mid 60 grand region and this car here is representative of what will arrive first when it finally does arrive you can expect the most affordable version to cost around about the same as a high

Spec tiguan think in the mid 50 to 60 grand region the id4 will also be joined by the id5 which is a coupe a spin-off that car is only available in a high trim level internationally so expect that to cost a fair bit more what the id4 won’t be joined by is its golf-sized hatch sibling the id3 that car has been delayed for an australian launch expected a full year

Later but we will receive a facelifted version potentially with major improvements so keep an eye on that when it comes to design the id4 looks new but unmistakably volkswagen it’s as though someone has taken the tiguan and smoothed everything out as though the car was formed by water this is no doubt form meeting function with cars in the electric era being

Largely freed from the design constraints of combustion vehicles but aerodynamics have become much more important for efficiency still unlike some electric cars all the id models follow a sleek and inoffensive formula which will offer a wide appeal now i’ve hopped in the id4 and set it to my comfortable driving position and things are looking very good in here

It’s a super clean design feels nice and open and it’s dominated by this big screen in the dash here which i love there’s a little screen down here which is kind of quaint it doesn’t have that much information in it unlike current combustion volkswagens but i guess it doesn’t really need to because it’s electric there’s not that much to show there’s also other

Neat design elements like these big seats and these little arm rests which are very kind of range rover almost i like that now let’s talk about the practicality promise in here it’s an electric car so it should be better than normal let’s take a look space seems really good in here i’m 182 centimeters tall and i’ve got plenty of room adjustability is really good

With electric seats and a steering column with the screen attached so when you move it around the screen actually comes with you so there’s no chance of blocking it with the steering wheel which is a really neat touch and i also have nice soft touch surfaces very of course typical of volkswagen for my elbows to sit on and a nice open area down the middle here now

This is actually really cool because you’ve got this storage area up top with these little dividers so you can have cups or larger objects if you want you’ve got a wireless charger hidden away down underneath because of this nice open space here and two more cup holders or again an open space it’s got a removable kind of insert down there which you can adjust

To your liking it’s uh it’s really neat i like it can’t wait to drive all right i’m in the back seat now and it’s immediately impressive that’s behind my own driving position and as you can see i’ve got plenty of knee room headroom’s not too bad either considering that this car has this massive panoramic sunroof as well other benefits here you’ve got this flat

Floor so you can even fit an adult in the middle seat very cool and you’ve got of course bottle holders in the doors and two more in this drop down armrest here the other amenities are excellent too there’s two usb-c ports and two adjustable air vents and not only that there’s a separate climate zone for rear passengers with its own little touchscreen too so

You’re not left wanting back here at all boot space is a good story too with 543 litres of vda on offer in here which for reference i reckon i could curl up into quite comfortably without feeling like i’m squashed there’s a full bay underneath to store all of your charging paraphernalia as well so you don’t need to eat into this space here as you can see this

One’s come with a net and there’s a ski port too pretty neat we don’t quite yet know exactly which spec of id4 will arrive in australia but there is an entire list of variants available overseas and we now have an idea of what we’ll get the car we’re looking at for this video is said to be representative of what will arrive in australia first it’s a long range

Vehicle with a 77 kilowatt hour battery allowing for a driving range of more than 500 kilometers we will also get one of the mid-spec motors see the power for those on your screen now more basic versions available overseas might arrive at a later date including a rear drive model with a 110 kilowatt motor and a version with a smaller battery rating in at 52

Kilowatt hours allowing a 360 kilometer driving range a high spec performance oriented gtx model is also earmarked for australia as are all-wheel drive versions just showcased in europe the id4 range has efficiencies ranging from 16.3 kilowatt hours to 100 kilometers for the most basic versions to 18.2 kilowatt hours to 100 kilometers for a fully loaded gtx as

Mentioned already there are two battery options 52 kilowatt hours or 77 kilowatt hours with driving range reaching to the mid 300s to over 550 kilometers depending on which variant is chosen charging okay the volkswagen id4 uses a european standard type 2 charging cable which looks like this here and it can charge at a max rate of 135 kilowatts on dc which means

A full charge in under 40 minutes and on ac this high spec one here can charge up at a rate of 11 kilowatts which means a charge time of around six hours the id4 standard safety suite includes most key active safety items including autobahn speed auto emergency braking make sure to check out the full written story to get an idea of what we can expect in our

Market but the suv also has a maximum 5 star euro and cap safety rating expect volkswagen’s standard five-year and unlimited kilometer warranty for the car but we’re yet to see how volkswagen will structure its high-voltage battery warranty or service costs in australia to get an idea volkswagen in the uk offers an eight-year 160 000 km warranty for its high

Voltage battery components and a service interval which is equivalent to two years or 30 000 kilometers so should tesla be worried well you tell us it looks like the id4 is going to have all the ingredients it needs to be yet another mainstream ev challenger in australia’s market we’re really looking forward to driving it you

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