short film 1997 mitsubishi mirag
Altair Club Cars [SHORT FILM] 1997 Mitsubishi Mirage

[SHORT FILM] 1997 Mitsubishi Mirage

Meet Paul Osorio and his 1997 Mitsubishi Mirage with that JDM touge style build.

I remember my dad having a old pickup truck it was mighty max or early 90s mitsubishi and every time we’d have to do something he’d ask me for my help i mean i didn’t do much besides hold a lie or hand them wrenches but i just remember it was really like good connection we had it was fun like you know to help my dad and saying hey i helped put this together and

Another thing that i think really influenced me was playing the game initial d it’s this really cool game that has all these like japanese legends of cars like the skylines the early evo’s we never got here at the rx-7 so it’s just really fun game i used to go to the arcade with my friends we play i was never really good at it but i enjoyed it nonetheless and

Pretty much throughout the game you take a car you modify it and you pretty much togi through canyons and that’s one of the big reasons where i really got into a japanese scene and like just driving in canyons my name is paul soryo and i drive a 1997 mitsubishi mirage so awake at the mirage it was actually unintentional i was just looking at the personal ads

On raj forums dotnet and i see it there’s a 1997 coupe for sale it was really nice blue and it just stood out to me the engine had a two point four swap but the car wasn’t running the guy had some timing issues and so i shoot him a message we talk back and forth and we come into a deal i paid around $600 to get it shipped from arkansas down here to socal and

I get the car i think it’s gonna be like a cakewalk to get it running next thing i know it’s not i’m having a hard time i have a friend come over he tries to do he can car sits for about a year before i actually put another more together and get the car running be tomorrow’s owner is kind of tough i remember looking online trying to find parts to modify a car

Like like anybody would at a young age it’s into modifying cars and i could barely find anything and just searching through google i found this little site called mirage forums net this really tight-knit community of a bunch of mirage owners of fortune and fitch and mirages and they had how to’s parts that would fit from other cars and all this great info that

I didn’t even know existed which is amazing to me at the time there was other like-minded people like me trying to modify these cars like nobody saw is anything special so the motor is a 2.4 4064 it was actually assembled by my friend his name is justin merrill so the head that’s on the motor is actually off the g4s motor it’s very similar to the evo head

As pretty much anything that fits the evo hood will bolt onto that head and that hit is available off the hyundai sonata and the kia optima so for the exhaust running a no-name header down pipe back it’s all custom it’s all 2.5 stainless steel for the resonator i’m running a 2.5 vibrant ultra quiet and for the muffler moneena third gen eclipse v6 muffler for

Suspension i’m just running bc racing coilovers and factory strut bars so exterior wise i’m running factory us mirage side skirts i’m rhian japanese spec from bumper front fog lights and headlights evo four rear bumper and evil 4 rear trunk along with taillights driving to mirage is pretty different i’ve had people that come up to me and they tell me like why

Did you modify like i’ve had people laugh that i’ve modified mirage i’ve had people think it’s like the coolest thing to me it’s a great car i’ve really enjoyed i enjoy the fact that it’s different like i can drive somewhere and i know there’s not gonna be another one like it parked next to me so if i had any advice for anybody try and get into the car scene i

Would suggest not buying somebody else’s project because i learned my lesson the hard way but i also suggest just do things right the first time like don’t cheap out buy a cheap part and brakes you spent twice as much replacing it and build what you want to build just because it’s not popular or somebody thinks it’s like a lame car doesn’t mean that you think

It’s lame if you want to do it go for it

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[SHORT FILM] 1997 Mitsubishi Mirage By CARS ONBOARD

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