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Altair Club Cars Setting a world record in a Lotus Evora GT | DriveTribes most epic video shoot

Setting a world record in a Lotus Evora GT | DriveTribes most epic video shoot

This was an awesome shoot to put together – 3 weeks in North America, firstly quarantining and then heading to Virginia to attempt to set a world record. Here’s the behind the scenes of the most ambitious shoot we’ve ever done at DriveTribe. Enjoy!

Welcome everyone to sweet sweet virginia we’ve traveled from canada got into the united states for a video shoot that is at a scale that we’ve never really got close to on drive tribe it’s going to be one of the coolest things i’ve ever done we’ve got a very very cool car which is just right there the logistics of it have been crazy but if you’re watching this now

You may have seen it i hope it’s come out good we were supposed to be filming with a certain manufacturer but it all went a bit wrong while we were in canada so we have been rescued by the mighty incredibly generous lotus this is a lotus evora gt and you may have seen the video already we are going to try and set a world record how many race tracks can we drive

On in 24 hours good morning it is 5 a.m on the 30th of september we are in richmond ready to start our record run the car is just outside the window there we’re going to fuel up the car obviously before we get cracking and then the countdown will start you will just print a sign this is richmond raceway this is the main nascar track stock car racing track in

This area and they’ve got more going on than some of our more rural circuits do so we have come here extra early with our record starting at 8 a.m it’s currently half six and we are going to get all the shots we want to get beforehand so when 8 a.m hits we’re ready to get the hammer down complete a lap and then get onto the next circuit good morning good morning

Good afternoon good evening and welcome to virginia usa the sun has risen the car is on track and we are half an hour from kickoff okay lotus let’s make some history that is a good way to get your adrenaline going in the morning um a nice slippery fast nascar track with fairly slick tires against the blood pumping okay okay the one thing i cannot do today

Is crash that car early if there’s one way to kill this whole idea it’s bitter into a wall so come on now we race pretty much some of the biggest races on the east coast so come on down and check us out almost any saturday night at uh capitol city check us all out check our schedule out and come come join us hello hello we are at capital city

Speedway which is the first third track that was so much fun yeah what’s what’s the difference uh in feel just dirt road versus the raceway that is way harder than i thought i thought would be really soft and it’d be really squirrely but it’s actually really compacted and because you’re not getting up to massive speed you can enjoy it way more so this is way cooler

Than that massive international oh really i’d come here if i was an amateur racing driver i’d be here every weekend other than that please absolutely any of you all been to vir before all right so we are a world-class race facility here we do everything from um the superbikes moto america comes here and races uh everything from you’ll see mclaren’s all the way

Down to champ car races where guys are spending 1500 bucks on a car and coming out and racing as a team uh we have something going on most days of the week um we uh we’re gearing up for our big event this weekend which is hyper fest which is just an automotive party we’re gonna have the best event rally courses to we do barbie car races i mean helicopter rides

So a little bit of everything you guys are good but if you’re all set we can load up i’m in the golf cart right here if you guys follow me down i’ll introduce you to chris and clay nealy and we’ll get you guys rolling cool you’ll enter there you’ll come down to the grid and then she will lead you out onto the track we’ll do the three complete laps and on that

Third one just follow her in and she’ll come right back into the grid at that time your suv then will come up there and then get in between correct and she’ll set that pace it is phenomenal the undulations are amazing you climb right up the hill you don’t just go off and you s-bend the entire way up smacking curbs each time then you get to the top rail do a

Big hairpin and then come all the way back down what a circuit and the fact that this isn’t you know something like silverstein was quite private back home this is a resort so you can treat it like an airbnb you come here with the lads with your cars and have the time of your life i imagine it’s quite expensive but probably worth it better than a golf holiday is

This this south boston speedway we actually just had a track back out um national bridge can’t do it anymore i don’t know if it’s something that you guys would be open to us coming by and being a part of this record you guys make yourself at home do whatever you need to do thank you appreciate you no problem what was going through your head when when you got

This random we get a lot of random phone calls so it wasn’t actually as random as you thought it was uh we had something like this not at a world record but something like this crop up one day somebody said hey we’re testing something we need a place to do it so we enjoy anything different here we’re all wide open to different things especially being in such a

Rural area it’s cool to have new and different things out to people seriously give us a little american accent what um what do we sound like okay so we’re gonna take this uh lotus evora gt out on the track and um you know we’re here at south boston speedway see how it goes again i really like this one it’s the perfect size for us as well because the camera

Guys can get around it really easily and reposition themselves also it’s out in the middle of nowhere so we can get drawn up without any issues it’s what i love about the range tracks out here especially the more rural ones is that everyone’s so chill like there’s no big barriers or you know places full of security like they’re on the uk everyone’s just like okay

We get what you’re doing go do it just don’t be silly and that’s what we’re doing it’s very refreshing thumbnails are the sneaky important video no point in having this amazing production doing all this effort two days of shooting don’t forget the picture because then no one clicks it no one watches it it’s frustratingly important all right what can you tell

Us about franklin county speedway i mean it’s probably the coolest racetrack you’re gonna go to um you know it’s real uh real americana here you know what i mean you get a little bit of everything can you give us your take on this region of the united states and just where you’re at right now um i feel like i have no idea where we are in accordance to where

We started this morning um i feel like we’re in the middle of nowhere obviously never been here before so i haven’t got a clue where i am what i’m doing but i’m gonna film this lotus on our fourth track fifth fifth i think fifth track five down three to go i think uh yeah it was cool it’s cool i feel like a place like this you can really feel the history of

Nascar all the sort of rusty fences the concrete bleachers over there and the condition of the concrete is by no means the best we’ve been on today but all the lumps and yummies that you have to deal with that’s what nascar drivers stock car drivers have been up against for decades right back to when it all first started comfortable ride i feel like i’m just

Inhaling exhaust fumes from this car oh it’s not that great but yeah the shots look good so and maybe maybe you can get workers comp who knows if you’ve got something wrong with it see what you can do for me we’ll see anything for the shot i’ll see you thank you thank you the current time is 9 40 so we are over 13 hours into our record run and right now it’s all

About the snacks so i have my man tom here leaving me something we don’t get in the uk these are miniature three musketeers bars this is dinner see you guys might think that a trip to north america is super glamorous but the car stinks of red bull i’ve got chocolate all my teeth because that’s all i’ve eaten today no sandwiches no lunch oh my god that was a

Skunk did you see the skunk that’s a piece to camera i will admit i’m tired now but that was an epic drive yeah it’s pretty beautiful blue ridge parkway it’s called wow and with the sun going down i wish we’d had slightly more sun because we didn’t really see much on the way down a lot of suicidal deer oh my gosh yeah right they were everywhere we’ve made it

Um this looks like the roughest track and i don’t mean that in a derogatory way but like genuinely the hardest bumpiest track we’re gonna have this whole time so this could be some fun the lotus has taken a bit of a hammering i won’t lie and it’s about to get the worst hammering of the day but i’m sure what’s your initial impression this place compared to the

Last place um i like the fact that it’s dirt and it doesn’t look as hard packed as the first dirt one so hopefully mike’s going to get a little bit squirrely on the track which will make some good footage so yeah hopefully it’s going to be exciting as rough as he thought it’d be rougher i think quite fun though once you understand what you have to do basically

Get the nose in and then steer the car with the throttle and the guys that race here oh for real are you taking any measures to prevent the inhalation of these fumes this time uh no i think i’m just going to have to stick with it thinking about it i probably could have worn my face mask but a bit late now i’ve the already is done do we have a particular end

Time for mexico are they for 10 for motor mile yeah i think it’d be cool to have this out so we’ll have some time cool yeah feel good yes yeah yeah we’re getting there now stay awake you guys that’s the thing you really have to concentrate because the drone goes up and i’m just going round and round and round it’s very easy to just lose concentration and then

Those walls and no i’m good has the fatigue set up absolutely absolutely it’s set in two tracks but then you see the tire marks of people that have understeered straight into the wall and you’re like let’s not be that guy so that motivates you to switch off so yeah let’s get the car in place and get the thumbnail um now i’ve always wanted to get the jump shot

On to an oval track track i think we found it that is a cliff over there are you gonna send it down uh maybe not that steep maybe just the end of it just so we get that just a little bit of air carl settle on the back uh i hope that looks good oh yeah it’s sweet i found the trash control button that’s why that looks way better review the final track it’s

Another one of those very hard compacted tracks but yes as i’ve just said i managed to find the button that takes off the traction control i’m struggling last night so if it’s understeer understeer that oversteer here you can just plant the throttle and just go with it so controllable i think about the food to this area of the world you’d find me places like this

Not the tarmac stuff what can you tell us about how this experience has been for you i mean as far as i’m aware we’ve accomplished a world record which is quite a unique thing um and coming here during a pandemic is pretty crazy two weeks in canada just to come here to do this um yeah i imagine it’s something i’ll remember and i hope you guys remember for the rest

Of your lives really we are knackered we’ve basically had a 5 a.m start followed by a 5 a.m start and we were working all the way through to 1am last night um i’m knackered the team’s knackered the evora has been an absolute trooper so yeah tell me what you thought of the hero video i’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments below i’ve been mike and i’ll see you again next time

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Setting a world record in a Lotus Evora GT | DriveTribe's most epic video shoot! By Mike DriveTribe

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