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Altair Club Cars Semi-Autonomous Driving – FORD ESCAPE TITANIUM PLUG-IN HYRBID – Highway POV Test Drive

Semi-Autonomous Driving – FORD ESCAPE TITANIUM PLUG-IN HYRBID – Highway POV Test Drive

In this POV Drive video we take the 2021 Ford Escape Titanium Plug-In Hybrid compact SUV for a test drive on a highway in Toronto, Canada! Here we test the Ford Escapes driver and safety assist systems like lane keep assist, lane centering, and adaptive cruise control.

Welcome to gc cars my name is eric and today we’re going to take a highway pv test drive in this 2021 ford escape titanium plug-in hybrid and in this hybrid preview test drive we’re going to test the adap while the assist system so adaptive cruise control linky persist and lane centering assist but if you wanna hear all my thoughts about this 221 ford escape make

Sure to click in the top right hand corner for my full review where we talk about the exterior the interior and how it drives and all that this is more of a showcase without much of an opinion intake let’s take the uh line that was formed through the sand here i want the snow i mean get onto the highway okay and let’s start testing our assist system first of all

Lane keep assist there’s a button at the end of the stock on the left hand side and we have lane keep assist enabled let’s just start drifting out and see what it does there you go it steers us back and centers us in the line wonderful let’s try that once more a little bit more of an acute angle see what happens and even that it catches back nice so that works

Pretty well then how about we test both the adaptive cruise control as well as the lane centering so that cruise control simply just press the button here and then set up to the speed that you want and now instantly the um lane centering is also active of course this is autonomous driving this is an assist system so you need to remain in control the only reason

Why i’m showing you this with my thumbs off i’m still holding the wheel it’s just as a signal to you okay i’m not holding the wheel right now we need to switch to the middle lane though there we go so whenever i’m holding like this means the car is doing all the input i’m just ready to intervene when i’m holding like this it means um i’m in full control okay so

Let’s see how the steering works quite a bit of a turn coming up but it does a good job centers as well let’s see yep works very well does a very good job now there’s a very tough corner coming up that almost no system gets not even super crucial was able to get it so we’ll see let’s see how it fares probably i will lock out of this because it is a pretty tough

One and a little far left but oh he’s staying in let’s see can i pull the whole corner nice that’s impressive that that was good not bad for it okay and um no that’s a great lane center ring assist this is a very good system i like that a lot let’s try it once more on this left hand turn a little far a little for the left and i would like it to be right there

But no this is a good one this is a good system nice okay let’s uh take manual control back and um yeah we’re just gonna cruise for let’s actually go back into hybrid mode um i wasn’t even in hybrid mode the whole time let’s uh cruise for maybe one or two more minutes and i’m just gonna be quiet while we’re doing that so you can hear how it is to drive it on uh

On the highway so also have two more pv test drives one at night where we test the high beams and the headlights and the automatic hybrids we also go for full-on launch in that one and we have a city pv tester kind of tested the smoothness and we test the hybrid system like fully v-mode hybrid mode and uh all the good stuff so you can get a pretty comprehensive

Uh image of how it is to drive this escape in various different scenarios but like i said um for like the most comprehensive look at it and follow my thoughts on this escape and it’s actually a good car check out the full review which should be on your screen somewhere right now and with that i want to thank you so much for watching i hope you enjoyed it i hope

You liked it um we upload videos every single week about every kind of car from compact cars since budget cars to trucks and luxury cars and sports cars everything so if you like cars make sure to subscribe the bell and other than that thanks so much for watching i’ll be like and i hope i’ll see in the next one thank you and goodbye

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Semi-Autonomous Driving! – FORD ESCAPE TITANIUM PLUG-IN HYRBID – Highway POV Test Drive By GCCars

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