selkcomm 2012 ford f250 xl super
Altair Club Cars Selkcomm 2012 Ford F250 XL Super Cab Super Duty 6.7 Liter Powerstroke Diesel 4X4 Pickup.

Selkcomm 2012 Ford F250 XL Super Cab Super Duty 6.7 Liter Powerstroke Diesel 4X4 Pickup.

Selkcomm 2012 Ford F250 XL Super Cab Super Duty 6.7 Liter Powerstroke Diesel 4X4 Pickup. Truck is located at 5720 Ethel Road, El Paso, Texas 79932. Call Tom at 915-244-2871 to arrange a test drive. $15988. This truck is also listed on our eBay page under Selkcomm. There are 24 still photos and more information at that site. $15988.00. You can subscribe to our Youtube channel by hitting the subscribe button and then the ringing bell. That way you’ll be notified of inventory updates. A lot of my customers have found that helpful.

Hi this is tom with sulcom uh this is a 2012 ford f-250 um super duty four-wheel drive and it has the 6.7 liter power stroke diesel this was a west texas lease return vehicle’s been well maintained uh body is super clean and uh just a pleasure to drive so the tires are all in good shape we checked the brakes and they’re all up looking good spend its life out

Here in the uh in the desert so there’s absolutely no rust uh issues i’ll take some some sil still shots of the undercarriage for the ebay listing so you can see something to see that it’s kind of remarkable okay okay right there spare tire and as you can see it’s just uh just beautiful you know hardly any little nicks on it so no accident history okay now

There is an issue here and i’m going to uh make sure that i make an accommodation for it the person that leased this uh truck uh apparently put their own um turnover ball gooseneck hitch in it’s a bmw a b and a w excuse me and uh they took it out before they gave the truck back to the leafs company so um as a part of the purchase price i will include a uh a

Gooseneck hitch you know the appropriate one uh or i will discount the truck you know to uh make an accommodation for that i hate to make fashion choices on these things because uh it’s like even when i put tires on vehicles brand new uh customers get them home and put their their favorite tire on so but at any rate that’s the story there everything is pre-drilled

Perfectly so it’s basically just a bolt-on deal got the uh towing package class five hitch and trailer plugs and there it is again nice and clean nice and straight also on these diesels i always like to i like to look at the tailpipe because that always tells a story and that one looks like it’s uh pretty pristine so like i said the tires are all up they feel

Good i have the emblem for this door so i have to put it on today little nerf bars on it also there’s a kind of a neat story for this truck as well uh all of these super duties have a propensity for a thing called death wobble and i’ve sold them with 30 000 miles and they’ve had uh death wobble so i was driving this one down the road one day and i felt the

Shimmy coming out of the front end so i took it to our front front end shop guy’s an artist and sixteen hundred dollars later it has uh just everything you can think of on the front end so new hubs tie rod ends uh list goes on and on i’ll include a uh a copy of the bill uh and the uh ebay listing but it just handles like a brand new truck so well worth the

Expense let’s go over to the driver’s side got a vinyl interior so it makes a great work truck and then uh black vinyl floors of course and they’re uh they’re in good shape you know they don’t show excessive wear uh it’s got uh power windows power door locks uh power side view mirrors that are heated oh let me get in here for a second got uh the radio control

And the cruise and the uh no that’s not radio control i’m sorry that’s sure for your uh for your display and got this it’s got the uh the locking differential uh option which is uh it’s great here’s your electric brake control there and uh of course traction control got the books here so and the passenger side is uh same thing just it’s in great shape let me

See showing 1 59 987 on the miles nice clean jump seat okay now i’m gonna fire it up so you can hear it run my favorite motor of all time is this s67 i just uh i just love it just a ton of power man okay so we have brand new batteries all fresh fluids and filters so that’s fuel uh oil filters uh and on the transmission we we dropped the pan and cleaned it

And put a new filter in so it’s got all new fluid in it it feels great and as you can hear it just uh it runs like a swiss watch so let me close this door here for a second so this is tom with celcom we’re here in el paso texas you can call me at area code 9152 if you have any uh concerns or questions you know please give me a call i’m always happy to uh i

Was happy to help out customers of colonies so once again this is time with still come and thanks for looking

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Selkcomm 2012 Ford F250 XL Super Cab Super Duty 6.7 Liter Powerstroke Diesel 4X4 Pickup. By Tom Busch

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