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Altair Club Cars SCARY CLOWN RACED ME (Lamborghini Aventador SVJ vs McLaren 600LT)

SCARY CLOWN RACED ME (Lamborghini Aventador SVJ vs McLaren 600LT)

This guy was hilarious 😂

All right dari here comes your challenger bro you ready for this i don’t even know who my challenger is bro who is it we just got anonymous phone call bro and he just said he didn’t want to disclose his identity but he’s gonna pull up today where is he from honestly i don’t even know we don’t know anything bro we just know it’s a mclaren oh mclaren oh that’s

Going to be fast what kind of mclaren oh is that him right there looks so good what’s up bro what’s up wait what’s are you guys serious should we go up to him bro yeah yeah well yeah just go go talk to him man let’s see what’s about what’s up guys what’s up man trying to get this race on a run so i heard you’re trying to race me yeah what’s good you guys want

To run it yeah let’s do it you sure you’re going to be able to see out of that clown mask perfectly fine i’m going to see the rear view mirror and those headlights well you don’t got to be like that when you come up here all right well if i win you got to give me that clown mask all right all right let’s run it 600 lt right here guys this thing weighs about 2

900 pounds don’t let it fool you mclarens are light they’re fast it probably has over 600 horsepower crank so let’s see how it does against the svj i’m gonna start my car too all right this is gonna be close sorry have you noticed the tires you guys hear that you ready bro yeah what do you think man i think you got it all right let me go ahead you got it you

Got it yo the tires on the 600 lt trofeo ours what do you got on here your all-wheel drive so i think you got him on the launch bro both cars should be sticking here we’ll see what happens i think you got it all right hopefully it’s gonna be closed yeah i think the srj will take it looks like the mclaren was flipping a little but that was a good race that was a

Good race i think we need to run it back yeah svj got it maybe if the mcfarlane contraction it would have been faster but scary clown what do you got to say now how do you think you did i think it was pretty good we both went at the same time i think i saw him about six car lengths behind um so we’re gonna switch sides now and see if that makes a difference let’s

Go now now appreciate that make the race man you can keep the mask all right i got another car for you guys so be ready ready for the challenge let’s go man good job fast car bro drive safe drive safe i’m out all right guys thanks so much for watching another episode i thought you performed very well today thanks everyone did definitely fast cars out here

Make sure you guys subscribe we post every week stay tuned for the next race we got a lot of stuff coming for you guys a lot of great content so and uh let’s see if this video gets uh 500 000 likes and maybe we’ll post every day all right we’ll see you guys next episode peace

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SCARY CLOWN RACED ME! (Lamborghini Aventador SVJ vs McLaren 600LT) By Dobre Cars

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