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Altair Club Cars Salvage Bentley Flying Spur – Bumper Installation, Headlight Restoration, And Final Assembly

Salvage Bentley Flying Spur – Bumper Installation, Headlight Restoration, And Final Assembly

Installing the front bumper cover, restoring the headlights, and totaling up the cost of rebuilding my cheap salvage Bentley Flying Spur.

What’s up youtube is james welcome back to my channel and today we’re gonna be finishing up some of the work on this billy start with the front bumper cover so as you’ve seen in my previous video he saw a finished up that bodywork on the front bumper cover and we got it painted now it’s time to assemble it and put it back on the car here is the first shot of the

Bumper cover out in the sun and as you can tell it looks really really good it’s really nice and slick and i don’t really believe i’m going to have to do any kind of water senator buffing on this thing maybe just a little bit with some 3000 grit track i don’t think i have to go crazy there’s not really a lot of trash in there and it’s really slick so i’m really

Happy with the way things turned out so of course now we need to reassemble this bumper cover we’ve got those side markers we got our chrome trim there we’ve got our parking sensors we’ve got our grills we’ve got all the stuff that we’ve got to put back together on this bumper here before we can stick it back on the car so that’s what we’ll do next this is all

Our components that need to go back on this bumper cover or parking sensors our markers our washer covers and our chrome trim and what i like to do for i start assembling anything really i like to make sure everything’s nice and clean and that’s just what i’ve done i’ve cleaned everything here and that way you’re not putting dirty parts on the car now while

I’ve got this front bumper cover off and it’s easy for me to access these headlights i wanted to go ahead and clean them up just a little bit so most new cars nowadays they have plastic headlights and this thing has plastic headlights and you know they usually typically yellow out and as you can see it don’t really look too bad but it is kind of yellow it’s kind

Of dingy not really that bad but just look over here at this one that i’ve already done look how nice and clear that is look at that chrome in there it’s nice and clear so normally i would take these headlights off of the car i’ve went santa with about 800 grit sandpaper and i would actually clear coating with automotive clear coat but these headlights are just

So hard to get off i’d have to at least loosen up the fender and it’s a lot of work so i decided you just buff these out so this is going to be a very nice detail to the front end of this car especially now that we have a fresh painted front bumper cover it’s gonna make this whole front end look nice and clean here’s the finished product and as you can see

These headlights turned out great they’re nice and clean and clear that’s gonna make the whole front end of the car look a lot better once we get it reassembled now even though these headlights weren’t in bad shape something as small as this can add a lot of detail to the car so there we have it the finished product the bumpers back on the car it’s all nice

And bolted down and as you can tell it looks really really good now the paint does not match 100% and there’s several reasons for that one it’s not the original paint – it has a flex agent in it which actually causes the tenth of the clear to be a little bit different and also the only way to really get this 100% correct is to do a blend on sort offenders onto

The grill onto the hood and for me that just was just out of the question so the other reason i’m not too much worried about it is this car does have a salvage title and it’s not gonna be perfect you can’t expect you know to have a salvage title car and it’d be perfect you can make it perfect but with that branded title it’s never gonna be perfect for how much

Of that i have in this thing i think i really got a great bargain and i have a really nice car for that amount of money and i will get into that so ever since i’ve started on this project i’ve been getting these comments at least two or three a day about hey how much did you pay for this thing how much did you get it at auction for and today i’m gonna tell you

Just that so i’ve been trying to hold out until i got this thing completely finished and i believe we’re right at that point i do have some small cosmetic issues that i need to take care of but for the most part is finished and i wanted to give you guys a complete rundown from the cost of the car – all the parts and all the materials that i used now here’s the

Moment that everybody’s been waiting for let’s talk about the price of this car so if i this court the auction – be it the fees and everything out the door was thirteen thousand ten dollars that’s a bargain we had to add a brand new pair of batteries a main battery and a star battery and that was three hundred dollars we had to replace the right side fuel pal

Module and that was a hundred and ninety six dollars to do the oil change for the oil the filter and the drain plug that was a hundred and thirty dollars i ended up buying four fuel filters and the total for all four was for the belly service manual download and the vcds cable i paid right at a hundred and sixteen dollars for those two items headed by a brand

New tire for the left front and that was $150 i bought the suspension control module that i replaced in the back that was $35 on ebay now the paint and the clear coat and the sandpaper and all those supplies that we use to repair that front bumper cover that came in at around two hundred and twenty one dollars total price on parts and supplies on this field was

Twelve hundred and twelve dollars bringing our grand total in the entire vehicle to fourteen thousand two hundred and twenty two dollars now i would say that’s a bargain for a total price to this vehicle even though it has a salvage title we got a great looking car we got a great run in a dropping car and i don’t think you’ll be able to get one any cheaper than

That i think for the price you can’t go wrong these things sell between 32 and 40 thousand dollars with a clean title depending on biology and condition and one like this would be in that price range so i basically look at it as hey i saved half pipe on a salvage car and putting it back together so as always thanks for watching check out some of my videos on my

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Salvage Bentley Flying Spur – Bumper Installation, Headlight Restoration, And Final Assembly By 4Lane Blacktop

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