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Sad News on My Birthday

Electric car review. It’s My Birthday and I’ve Got Big News, DIY and car review Scotty Kilmer. Worst electric cars to buy. Buying a new electric car. Buying a used electric car. Should I buy an electric car. How much does it cost to run an electric car. Why not to buy a electric car. The truth about owning an electric car. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 54 years.

Rev up your engines all these people are whining toyota isn’t going into battery electric vehicles enough yeah let me tell you something i’ve been on this planet for 69 years just had a birthday matter of fact today is my birthday don’t jump on the bandwagon with everybody else when it comes to any kind of new technology many of them fail or become cost prohibitive

Toyota hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon because they know there’s still people going to be buying gasoline cars for quite some time everybody talks about oh there’s the combustion engine banned by the year 2035 that’s the ban in california on the sale of new gasoline cars doesn’t mean you can’t drive them especially toyotas they’ve bought a 2034 it might last 20 30

Years hey they’re still going to have gasoline people can buy to drive them around and it’s not like oh there’s a gasoline combustion engine ban over here it’s coming let’s all jump on the electric bandwagon blah blah blah you jump on the electric bandwagon you’re going to find it’s going to be a very expensive hand wagon the cost of the vehicles and of course the

Price of electricity is only going to go up over time they talk about oh they’re cheap they’re charged up well tesla just raised their rates for the supercharges in california you know it’s only going to go higher and higher and higher and higher as time goes on it’s just a matter of logic and the capitalist economy the more people want to buy something the more

They’re going to charge prices because they can get away with it and if they legislate that everybody has to drive a million insurance companies most places make it law that you have to have insurance right insurance companies can charge whatever they feel like charging because you have to buy it it’s not an option when it becomes something you have to they’re

Going to stick it to you just like the electric companies they make the electricity pretty much a monopoly they might say oh well you can buy from this company or that company well they all get it from the same place i left because i had a neighbor in houston i’ve got green electricity in my house i’m like no you don’t i said your electricity comes the same wire

That mine does it comes from a gas powered plant down the road that runs natural gas to generate electricity right this didn’t come from the wind or whatever it was the same stuff i was using now maybe it goes into some company eventually somewhere but he was using the same electricity that i would use and there’s no difference it doesn’t mingle on the lines from

Oh this is regenerative this is from oil and gas no it all comes from the same place don’t get fooled by this green nonsense just so you pay more money just like recycling watch any of the programs about recycling you’ll find out most of it is a fires they don’t actually recycle hardly anything they just say they are you sort it and then they just throw it in a pile

Or they send it to another country where they burn it or whatever don’t fall for the green nonsense because most of it it’s just baloney to charge you more money for what you’re doing and it’s not changing hardly anything except your money’s going in somebody else’s pocket that says they’re green and i guess they are green they’ve got your green dollars bloodline

Says not a remote starters work a remote starter doesn’t work in freezing weather but it’s dark perfectly when i use the key thanks those remote starting systems are extremely complex once in my life i got talked into installing one on a customer’s car okay he bought it i installed it it was such a pain in the butt i told them this is the first last and only time i

Ever put one of these systems in your starts with the keys so the car is working fine with a key but the remote system the computer has to check to make sure it’s in park it’s not moving it’s sitting everything’s okay then it starts the car you say it doesn’t work in freezing weather something’s wrong with the electronic receiving unit or where the receiving unit

Hooks up to the car to make it start if i were you i’d leave the stupid thing alone i’ve never seen anybody able to fix the things when they broke other than replace the whole unit which costs a fortune now i mean you might check your remote battery and that the sending unit you got maybe that’s going bad and pray it’s not in the car itself but since it starts with

The key unless getting a new remote fixes it i would just leave it alone if i were you israel romero says scotty should i use ngk iridium spark plugs for a honda civic 02 and how long should i go before i change iridium plugs are really good plugs the reason they use iridium is because it’s really hard metal and it doesn’t decompose and start to eat away so then

The gap gets too big and it doesn’t spark right you can use it on a 2002. they can last sometimes 200 000 miles but here’s the thing you got an old car it’s 20 years old you got to check them every once in a while if they’re getting carbon because it burns a little oil then you got to replace it that’s the thing on a brand new engine they can go really long time

But you put them in an old engine they’ll run fine but if you burn a little bit of oil they’ll start fouling up sooner than they will later i tell people they have oil burners to carbon up the plugs a lot get a lot of carbon on them i said just buy the cheap spark plugs you’re going to be changing them all the time anyways don’t buy spark plugs that are 15 20

Bucks a piece when you can get ones that are three bucks a piece because you’re going to be changing them all the time because they’re following up with the oil jeff says it’s a good idea to buy one owner 88 volvo 7 go to jail 92 000 miles in a five-speed standard transmission those 88 something points could run forever they were solid built vehicles really solid

And the standard transmissions are really strong with their automatics that were a little bit on the weak side it’s only got 92 000 miles so it shouldn’t be worn out on the other hand let’s look at it it’s a 1988 volvo 36 year old car that’s an old car what are you gonna do with it you know it probably is going to be good for an everyday driver rubber is a leak

Things will start to wear out maybe it’s a knock around car i wouldn’t use it as an everyday driver when they’re that old all the rubber is going to rot and you might say well rubber is not that expensive yeah okay see the rear main sail or the engine goes it’s a rubber seal costs 20 bucks right but you got to pull the engine off or the transmission to change

It’s going to cost a fortune so i wouldn’t buy it as an everyday driver muhammad says what’s your opinion on a toyota chr i did a video on one last year and i was impressed i liked the vehicle if that’s the type of vehicle you like but before you even buy something like that road test one some people don’t like they ride a little a bit rough maybe they’re too small

Maybe it’s too noisy on the highway maybe it’s not comfortable for you my brother-in-law a few years back he bought a yondai he liked it he looked good he took it for a trip to canada and back from texas then he got rid of it and got himself on because he said it rides rough and hurt my back i didn’t like it he should have road tested it first if you’re thinking

About buying one they’re excellent vehicles it can last a long time but road tested first don’t just say oh yeah that’s going to bite and then say oh man my back hurts it’s uncomfortable it’s too noisy check that out first i always tell people that you’re gonna buy a car a new car road test one first it might be something you hate about it then you wouldn’t want

To buy it they’re reliable they’ll run a really long time but road test one first tj says diesel tech or auto tech what do you want to do diesel tech guys generally make more money and if you’re going to do diesel tech for big diesels go right ahead there’s always going to be money in that the big diesels because let’s face it they’re going to be driving diesel

Trucks to deliver stuff for a long time if they do eventually switch to electric trucks hydrogen trucks whatever they’re going to be the same trucks they’re just going to have different power plants and then you can learn how to fix them too you already have the tools for working on it right you’re going to make a lot more money working on big diesel trucks than

You are working for cars you go to auto tech you work for somebody else some of it’s barely minimum wage when you consider the money you have to spend on tools and what they’re going to pay you and it’s they don’t pay a salary they pay you hourly wages based on how hard you work and they keep cheating the mechanics i know guys that worked at dealerships and they

Double bill the customer see one build a mechanic would see another and so the bill might be 2500 bucks a mechanic might have made 75 bucks doing the work but with diesel tax no they get more money if you don’t mind working on diesels that would make a better choice jackson 69 says what do you feel about the new age mustang gt they’re going back to a lot of the old

Body style you look at a newer mustang and an older mustang and they really you can see the similarities but kind of in the middle they lost it as far as i’m concerned they really lost it when they went to the fox body i always thought foxbody was a gm thing i don’t like them i mean that’s you like them or you hate them i hate them some people like them but to me

They weren’t mustang enough went back to the old style i like the style now as anything else it’s a ford mustang you got to take care of those things if you don’t guys beat the heck out of them then they’ll fall apart like anything else since they have a lot of horsepower they’ll fall apart even faster mark walker says regarding glow plugs can i change just one of

Them sure you can do whatever you want if one’s bad go ahead and change just one glow plugs of course are on diesel engines when you turn the key on they glow red hot so that the cold diesel engine will start up once the engine’s warmed up you don’t even need it if one burnout and the other’s working perfectly fine it’s just to start the engine now you get a gasoline

Car i wouldn’t advise changing just one spark plug if one’s worn the others are worn and that’s how it runs all the time but the glow plugs are only to start it up and if only one of them’s gone out what that just change one then if it starts great since it only starts the car and has nothing to do with it running down the road normally you can do that so uh scotty

When’s your live podcast on saturday and thursday eastern standard time now i’m back in rhode island saturdays 10 a.m eastern time because i’m on the eastern time zone now i do a live car talk and also thursdays at one o’clock in the afternoon eastern time before i know i’m in tennessee tennessee is a weird state eastern half is eastern time in the western half

Is central time well i’m in the western episode central so when i’m in tennessee it’s different it’s 10 a.m on saturdays central time and one o’clock in the afternoon central time when i’m in tennessee but i’m in rhode island now for a couple of months so 10 a.m eastern time on saturdays and one o’clock in the afternoon eastern time on thursdays well i’m here in

Rhode island so you can ask me questions i’m here to help everybody out and you can ask me questions live and get some interesting answers and if you got something funny or a horror story to tell about your experience with cars hey joining the show pipe it up and then i’ll talk about it i’m here to help everybody a little entertainment too you know we all need a

Laugh nowadays in these insane times we live in so if you never want to miss another one of my new car remember to ring that bell

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Sad News on My Birthday By Scotty Kilmer

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