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Altair Club Cars S3:E03 – Part 1: 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV overview

S3:E03 – Part 1: 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV overview

In this Part 1 episode, I provide an overview of the all-new Chevrolet Equinox EV, its market position, features and price.

Hi everyone this is mike talks cars podcast in my last podcast i outlined some of the upcoming electric vehicles by general motors i mentioned the chevrolet equinox in that podcast which featured buick’s plans to move into full electrification well now chevrolet has given us a great first look at the 2024 equinox ev and what they shared will have everyone sitting

Up and paying attention how does 300 mile range that’s 482 kilometers from my canadian friends and a us price tag of thirty thousand dollars sound to you this will move evs into most every person territory as far as price is concerned and the range will make equinox attractive to many more people that might suffer from range anxiety how can gm build this so

Inexpensively you ask well they’re gm they are expert at platform utilization and it looks like their intent is to own the entry-level evmarket an example of this is that gm’s ultim battery and motors will be used in everything electric from the massive gmc hummer ev to the smallest commuter vehicle providing manufacturing advantages that will let them keep

The price low here are a few examples the base unit will offer a mid-level trim one lt and front-wheel drive with 210 horsepower and 242 pounds feet of torque the battery pack will deliver an estimated range of 250 miles or just over 400 kilometers upgrading the front wheel drive model with a larger battery will give you the 300 mile or almost 500 kilometer

Range spoken of earlier in this podcast fast charging stations and equinox’s 150 kilowatt charge controller can combine to provide 70 miles of charge in just 10 minutes not the most in the industry but very acceptable for adding miles on a long trip typical level 2 home charging numbers easily allow a full charge overnight compared to the gas-powered equinox

That is currently on the road equinox ev is more sleek in design with wheels at the corners and great aerodynamics while beauty is in the eye of the beholder this is an appealing utility vehicle if you’re a frunk fan well there is no trunk in the front on this one inside there are screens of plenty as you would imagine and a clean uncluttered design that is

Both comfortable and stylish for a vehicle in this price category thankfully there are buttons and switches in places where they belong this means that transitioning from traditional vehicles to this ev will not involve a steep learning curve or distracted driver moments while trying to find a way to adjust the fan if you’re wondering if equinox will be able

To tap into all of gm’s advanced technology like super cruise the answer is yes for a price this is the advantage of sharing architectures between platforms the systems are all available if you’re willing to pay for them and that’s the beauty of equinox and its starting price point you have the basic vehicle for an affordable price with an impressive list of

Standard convenience features or you can equip your equinox with all the latest and greatest features that you can afford to add if you’re currently no pun intended one of those that’s anti-electrification equinox might just be a vehicle that could change your mind we expect to see the 2024 equinox ev land dealerships in the fall of 2023 this is mike little

Reminding you that hey selling is fun go have a great day

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S3:E03 – Part 1: 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV overview By Mike Talks Cars

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