rusty frame repairs on project c
Altair Club Cars Rusty Frame Repairs on Project Cheapfinder before a test rock crawl – S11E33

Rusty Frame Repairs on Project Cheapfinder before a test rock crawl – S11E33

After giving Project Cheapfinder a suspension lift in the last video its time to tackle the extremely rusty frame that everyone commented about.

After the last video we got a lot of comments but oh crusty the frame is a little see-through action going on on the frame there it definitely is not perfect we’re gonna weld some rest do some rest and hopefully hold all the rest together and then we’re gonna go uh bag on it honestly we’re calling that good excuse me sir easy easy well that’s new ready for path

Making productions i’m out in the driveway today after the last video where we uh put a lift on project sheep finder we got a lot of comments but oh crusty the frame is considering i’m a supposed to be taking this thing on an over landing trip over the whip saw trail in a couple weeks figured i should probably do a little bit of welding on the frame and brace this

Thing up before i drive it halfway across the province and have it folded half on me let’s get to it and uh we’re gonna do a little bit of frame repair on project cheap finder as usual around here after we uh repair the frame well we’re gonna have to go test it out so the frame super rusty in this uh rear wheel well i also had somebody asking well why am i working

Outside in the gravel uh laying on the ground and swearing about it instead of working in here the whole point in project street fighter was uh to do it on the cheap in the driveway in the gravel with hand tools so any of you guys who are uh wanting to build an off-road rig on the super budget super cheap and only have some gravel to work in well wouldn’t be as

Helpful if i pulled her up on a hoist so on that note we better get in the gravel and positrax over there whining at me he’s driving me nuts thanks boss well not even two minutes into working on frame repairs on that thing and uh well squirrel getting distracted by camera mounts for the path maker rig i uh i’m in and out all the time i actually want to mount this

Here so we go to uh do a little bit of welding on the ever changing pieces of steel that are in here for camera mounts perfect gotta love tack and stuff with expensive camera equipment attached to it perfect take the welds oh just just buttery today it’s a good time for the cheap finder perfect five minutes well spent okay you don’t need to worry about my

Lack of jack stands a little see-through action going on in the frame there we really got to fix this we’ve got a cross member get the leafs or the uh spring and we got the panhard so if this goes it all goes wrong and uh well it’s about to go thankfully through the powers of television well i cut this like six months ago to somehow weld on here right on over

The bracket right into as solid metal as we can get it definitely is not perfect far far from it we’re gonna make it work you don’t need to worry about my workbench being messy all right there looks good enough for me here’s an old pro tip tire there you can sit on it a couple clamps sparkle machine we’re gonna send it there’s nothing quite like gluing rusty

Metal together with a sparkle machine in the wind in the driveway we’re gonna weld some rust do some rest and hopefully hold all the rest together and then we’re gonna go uh bag on it so let me get this welded up you know you didn’t real buttery welds when you can uh hold one with your welding on a ground clamp so my uh my blood welds are in burn through on

That one i burned through all that one but uh now i’m gonna try to do some blind welding up along the top so now we’ll just try to uh smear some more weld around oh also i’m gonna note because someone’s gonna say normally when you do a fish plate you want to come to an angle not straight up and down it’s the cheap hinder i don’t care i didn’t want to cut it again

All these wells down because they’re ugly and yada yada yada they’re a little bit of prozied in there i thought to myself i thought why why do i care you guys want to see this little dingle ball over here yeah yeah miss porosity here you don’t need to worry about that look it’s my bump stop honestly we’re calling that good now we need a piece of cardboard and

We’re gonna take a little look at what we got going on over here i definitely made sure to uh put my goggles on before climbing her to here because uh huh she’s a little crispy in this zone here and we don’t want this trailing arm to rip right off so we’re gonna find something i could put along here but uh i don’t have much goodness going on along here maybe

I have some angle iron or something oh that sucks i want to note the other side not too bad i do believe we found the piece of scabies rusty metal that we’re gonna use oh i’m gonna be from here all the way up to here in this case really can we go all the way up to here let’s get greedy can we have 30. we might be able to get greedy here 30 inch piece let’s go

See how she gets oh yeah look at that would be like a practically like a new frame have that speed up the frame this is like pure rest on that’s it myself on fire a little bit on the last one but we’re getting a couple good attacks in there and uh i’m gonna hit it with the mini sledge man structural steel here falling out i guess i’m not gonna hit it anymore

Let’s do some more gross really all right well it’s far from a perfect repair we got a lot of rust along there so we didn’t get any welds we got some in the end we get some here get some there and uh kind of zoom on the inside so it’s still super crusty hopefully it’ll hold up a little bit longer but uh it might just be time to take it for a test drive because

That’s really what this is all about you don’t need to worry about that dent because i already got a hole over on this side all right pause yeah you think pos is here to help no he put his ball down there there you go also we don’t worry about paint around here i’ll be a waste of good paint hung a junk down come in let’s take a look paint’s overrated so is grinding

Her welds sure looks a lot beefier than it did up there and uh looks a lot beefier down there so i’m pretty stoked with that really wouldn’t be a jeep finder vid without a bit of rat bagging on this poor old girl in the woods so uh we’re gonna take the sink down the berm trail that i’ve only ever driven the path maker down so this might be a terrible idea you

Got your uh pathfinder you’re wondering why this one’s just doing such an easy job here it’s the world’s rear it’s all about the welded rear unfortunately i gotta stop here before we get the camera see like i’ll i’ll cut all that out i just went back there and grab the camera and set it up down there this is what uh it’s the effort i put in for you guys just

To do some cheap finding 92 nissan pathfinder and uh she’s working great we’re uh we can work our way down through the trees here and over the sperm the path maker line is over on the far side there but that’s a little zesty for this old girl even when i’m doing right here is a little zesty to this thing but foreign body damage here but i don’t know close

Ah i think we did it without any body damage i’ve never driven up here in anything ever i got the trees down it’s really steep like really steep and i didn’t expect the first thing to drive up here to be the cheap finder normally we go that way and over the boulders and the uh path maker but let’s uh see if we can do this first lines up the berm and project

Cheat finder um hmm that’s not seeming very likely god damn it bs there i realized i was there or that was there this might be a little bit more that we can do we were hoping to go there and then cut left it honestly makes me want to go get the bath maker and just hammer up it damn it damn it damn it what ain’t that the way i’m not mad i’m just

Disappointed what that means is we uh every time i turn around and go back up the trail that we just came down which i also never planned on going back up okay well let’s uh turn this hole the project you find around try to head back uh back out the other way if i had the uh i had the winch project done we’re driving up there but we don’t so now the mission is

How to turn around without losing any windows i don’t know what i’m doing here oh you don’t need to worry about that okay oh the ankle there excuse me sir nope so you mean more throttles not the answer you know weird because in my world it normally is i’m getting just bojanged in here easy easy well that’s new come on open fred let the team down thank

You go to uh pro shadow to my uh new patrons i got a andrew v and uh tim and uh thanks so much guys for signing up also looks like i got a raise from uh alan and uh my good buddy j20 thanks guys uh what can i say uh because of you guys looks like uh the next trip i’m doing we’re gonna uh we’re gonna take this thing and we’re gonna run the whipsaw trail which uh i

Couldn’t do without the uh the help of the supporters on the patreon channel so uh thanks you guys we’re uh we’re gonna get filming over there in a few weeks in the uh little jeep finder and i’m stoked to uh do some more uh over landing curious about the patreon i guess uh you can go there sign up i got a couple of options uh if you sign up for 10 bucks a month you

Uh i’m gonna put your name on the side of the uh path maker rig as a uh thank you a little bit of the sponsorship and uh support for the channel so let me work my way around these last couple trees here and uh we’re uh heading out wheeling with the boys tomorrow so uh we’ll get that up of course i never get the uh orders right anyway so it doesn’t matter anyways

We’ll uh go check out the frame maybe we’re stuck all right let’s send out these goddamn woods we’re uh gotta do the last step is turning into a bit of a uh tradition here let’s look at the damage that we did today so these dance are new that one and that one and uh okay well that’s new well it’s kind of new we had a little bit of a dent there the other day

But uh it’s more substantial then oh look at the nice comp curve on the front bumper oh oh that’s brand new and uh oh the wii u scratch that’s uh that’s not new oh this is new didn’t we kill a brake line that would that would definitely be uh on brand so i kill the damn brake line oh since this video was about these uh this steel take a look good and

Looking good oh you can’t win them all right on that note i’m gonna wrap it up just fix the brakes on this thing next time maybe finally get to the front bumper anyways cheers guys thanks for uh tuning in

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Rusty Frame Repairs on Project Cheapfinder before a test rock crawl – S11E33 By PathmakerProductions

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