rpm tv episode 271 chevrolet tra
Altair Club Cars RPM TV – Episode 271 – Chevrolet Trailblazer

RPM TV – Episode 271 – Chevrolet Trailblazer

RPM TV – Episode 271 – Chevrolet Trailblazer

It’s a well-established fact that south africa is for bar for country and that south africans generally like their large bold suvs it’s also a fact that value for money is a very important consideration when it comes to south africans selecting the vehicles they’re going to be spending time with this is the latest generation chevrolet trailblazer a large suv available

In for watch and 4×4 forms and a vehicle that expresses a very strong sense of value which means that it should be a very successful vehicle in our markets indeed the trailblazer has achieved around 150 monthly sales since first launching in 2012 but that’s still a lot less than the segment leading toyota fortuner z’ 800 plus tele which perhaps explains why two

Years after launch the trailblazer has undergone a bit of a makeover when it comes to styling suvs are generally a generic bunch they’re generally large and wagon like with a raised stance and a fairly bold presence but having said that the trailblazer is unmistakably a chevrolet and it has the brightwork the bow tie and the character to prove it the trailblazer

Range still comprises five models spanning a petrol and two turbo diesel engines a choice of manual or automatic transmissions and a choice of two-wheel or four-wheel drive but both the 2.5 liter and 2.8 liter turbo diesel engines have been upgraded and now offer more power and more torque one of the most significant changes to the 2014 trailblazer is to the interior

And the first thing you notice here is the gray leather which really looks very smart and very sophisticated and on that subject also very sophisticated in fact very high-tech is the so called mylink system which is a way to get your cellphone in various ways to interact with the entertainment system and a touchscreen in the center here and you can actually get to

Do the normal things like hands-free telephony for instance but also you can link up to the internet with your cell phone using a cable you basically really just go to the home page you go to smart phone link you then choose an internet radio station app like tune in for instance and comes the station the music that’s playing and it really does sound quite good

Plus of course in a lot of instances no advertising whatsoever overall levels of standard equipment on the top spec ltz model featured here are extensive while space and versatility also counts among the trailblazers talents what are the key attractions of many large suv’s is the capability to offer a third row of seats in other words to theoretically accommodate

Up to seven adults the crowd layers are no exception and as you can see it has a fairly substantial third row of seats i have to say legroom not the greatest and i’m not really the tallest person so i suppose best to look at these as occasional seats may be better used by children and of course they have a negative of using these two seats –is that you lose a

Lot of luggage space but of course if luggage and cargo carrying capacity is a priority all of these seats actually fall flat the middle row actually tumbles forward and what you then end up with is a very large very capacious space that will take all sorts of gear and kit on the move the 2.8 liter turbo diesel powered trailblazer feels lusty and muscular easily

Shaking off the inertia of its 210 plus kerb weight and responding eagerly to throttle inputs the auto gearbox is a good choice delivering seamless changes and generally making the most of the urge on offer nobody buys a trailblazer because they want to go fast because they’re interested in something with great performance or even were they concerned about fuel

Economy because this is a large and heavy car but what it is is spacious and utilitarian it’s all wheel driven and it can get you places where many others just simply won’t be able to go that’s really the reason for being in terms of straight time performance it certainly is brisk enough this turbo diesel engine 144 kilowatt has lots of oomph good trans ability and

Certainly overtaking never a problem even with a load on board top speed probably around the hundred and eighty kilometers an hour mark or so but that’s not what this vehicle is about it is great from a timing perspective with a towing capacity of almost three tons that gives you an idea of just how much grunt this viewer really has comfort on the road pretty good

Noise levels about as good as you likely to expect and because of that five linked rear suspension you’d be surprised just how well this vehicle handles in a mountain pass even so it’s off the road that the trailblazer really impresses the 4×4 system features a proper low-range transfer case link to electronic traction control that works without driver intervention

And gets the job done a particular highlight is the suspension which soaks up the rough stuff and provides a composed and comfortable ride the market for large suvs is a very competitive one but it’s also a market dominated by the toyota fortuner by introducing a series of updates and upgrades chevrolet is hoping that the trailblazer will be able to grab a larger

Slice of that market and having experienced the car with its more power its better interior and they’ve really interesting and involving entertainment system you have to say that the trailblazer is definitely a better vehicle than it was before let make turbo diesel delivers all the grant one could wish for while the four bar for low range and an auto box add to

The trailblazers go anywhere appeal add the smart full house interior with its clever mylink infotainment system and is little to fault here except for vague steering and a lack of engine refinement

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