rpm tv episode 238 audi a4 allro
Altair Club Cars RPM TV – Episode 238 – Audi A4 Allroad 2.0 TFSI

RPM TV – Episode 238 – Audi A4 Allroad 2.0 TFSI

RPM TV – Episode 238 – Audi A4 Allroad 2.0 TFSI

Here at rpm the audi a4 allroad is a car with which we’re quite familiar we drove the petrol version in germany last year and more recently the diesel version on its local launch both times we came away impressed and now we’ve added one to our long-term test fleet say hello to our all wrote which replaces out rather more luxurious a7 this a4 is ours for a full

Year to use as an everyday car in an attempt to find out what it’s like to live with over an extended period of time it’s been a while since we’ve had a car like this in our fleet but we’re still convinced that station wagons get a raw deal given that suvs are the more popular choice we thought that adding a station wagon to our long term test peak might prove

To a few people at least that it is a viable alternative this car has got the space and the kind of off-road capability required by weekend explores and besides what it lacks in pure off-road ability it makes up with huge style we’ve said it before but it’s worth saying again the audi event isn’t just one of the best looking cars in its class it’s one of the best

Looking cars on the road it has perfect proportions and is especially attractive because it manages to look so good even though it is the quintessential family car the allroad is based entirely on the event and the utilitarian additions to its bodywork do absolutely nothing to detract from its good looks if anything the plastic wheel arches unique to rear bumper

And extra aluminium bits all add a sense of purpose that makes it even better extras on our test car include the 8500 r and 18-inch wheels and the panoramic roof which of 15,700 red gives you quite an expensive view of the sky there are only two engine options in the allroad lineup a 2-liter diesel and this 2 litre petrol with 155 kilowatts and 350 newton meters

No matter which one you go for though you’ll get quattro all-wheel drive and a 7-speed s-tronic gearbox that lack of choice may seem like a bit of a shortcoming but as a combination they work brilliantly it almost doesn’t matter where you put the allroad it delivers a lot of healthy power match to solid all-wheel-drive stability cruise control is standard as are

The steering wheel shift pedals both of which help make this car easy to enjoy one of the reasons we like the event is because of the extra space but in reality this cars going to be doing most of its driving around town now if we had the dealer we’d have lots of lowdown talk which is useful to say when you want to tow something but the petrol is far more sporty

Delivering its power across a wider rev range besides if we really want to tell anything we do have an optional extra packed away in the back is the removable tow bar which for 10 grand gives you the convenience of being able to hook up a trailer plus the added bonus of not having a tow bar permanently sticking out the back of your car thereby ruining the looks we

Will undoubtedly get at least one chance to hit the dirt in the old road and when that time comes it’ll be ready this car is about more than just having a longer name and some extra plastic bits there is some genuine engineering to help when you go off-road besides the quattro i mean so the right height is up to 180 millimeters the track is wider by 20 millimeters

And it’s got off-road detection which basically adjusts the cast divinity systems to keep things tidy in the dirt combined all the strengths of the a4 allroad and you have a very capable car one that can happily cruise the highway can deliver a bit of power and handling when you feel like it and still take you and your family and your stuff to places that aren’t

Easily accessible by the regular event when it comes to the interiors of their test cars out he south africa generally like to show off a bit our a7 for example had almost three hundred thousand rounds worth of extras things are a bit more restrained in here a total bill is for sixty thousand ran but a third of that is on one thing alone the sat-nav system with

3g and integrated google maps the other extras include electric seats of bluetooth and park distance control it’s a comfortable interior wrapped up in alleys high-quality handiwork and the list of standard features includes things like dual zone climate control and automatic wipers and lights space all-round is good with the boot able to swallow a large amount of

Cargo even with the rear seats in place one piece of advice though if you’re considering an ordered make sure you get the storage package which helped keep things in the boot in placement we’ve only ever spent a relatively short amount of time with the audi a4 allroad but we can’t say straight up that it offers a great drive and more style than anything else in

Its class but now that we have one as part of our long-term test freeze we have a whole year to find out whether it’s talents extend to beyond from making it a good first impression 155 kilowatts and 350 newton meters from the tuna to turbo motor delivers the kind of performance worthy of a car that is less focused on family transport and more on driving fun it

Has the capabilities to match its superb looks the old road is happy in town on the open road and could also manage the odd dirt track

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