rowan atkinson on his experience
Altair Club Cars Rowan Atkinson on his experience with the Johnny English Rolls-Royce Phantom

Rowan Atkinson on his experience with the Johnny English Rolls-Royce Phantom

Rowan Atkinson gives us the background on ‘Johnny English Reborn’ the sequel to the 2003 hit movie in which he plays the British spy, Johnny English. In the interview he talks about the film, the car and his passion for Rolls-Royce.

Johnny english is a british spy and he’s a british spy who’s not as good as he thinks yes i won’t leave you my number and when we were planning our sequel johnny english reborn that oh we wanted a car the johnny english should drive oh tim karlenko double agent five years ago he turned up here a sergei pod of caen a member of the exclusive oakwood golf club which is

Where you’ll be meeting him i’m making you his opponent for the day you’ve booked two in mr. peter adams thank you tucker it seemed to me logical the british intelligence should have a british is what is perceived to be a british brand ah the rolls-royce and truly the rolls-royce of automobiles i suppose it doesn’t stem from me and my personal prejudice is because

I’d grown to love the rolls-royce brand and i’m so aware of the qualities that i know i appreciate in it and i just thought it would fit very well with the feeling of trust of authority but also with this little tweak of the engine and the gadgets and everything else it invests it with a sense of fantasy i’m a plating all the bells and whistles say bonnet but

Command accepted voice activation recognizes only you but a sense of credible you know fantasy i can quite believe that you could make indeed we sort of have made a rosa rose phantom which has all these amazing facilities and all this amazing power and capability roses fairly run on their experimental engines the nine liter v6 teen goes like the wind only quiet

Beautiful i’d always been an enthusiast for sports cars for fast cars for british cars but there’s something about rolls royce and the experience of driving them which i just love i suppose it’s just the fact that they’re lovely i think lovely is the adjective that i keep coming out with it’s just a lovely experience getting from a to b beautiful girl mr. adams

Ah the royce ready sir thank you shall we let’s go command accepted so what line of business are you in mr. adams well don’t you dare guess arias i’m mr. adams in your mister whoever you said you were well stop oh sorry i thought i have forgotten something they’re not necessarily the fastest not necessarily the most aggressive handling cars in the world but but

There’s something about it’s a lot to do with the depth of the quality that the quality is there in depth not just the veneer of quality the wood and the leather and the the things you touch which i suppose you would expect in a car of this caliber but it’s the fact that you’re so aware of the engineering quality in depth as you’re so aware of the way that you

Know the chassis is designed the way the doors open and close the way the whole thing is devised beneath the surface that instills you with a great confidence in it rice ready sir come the character of the rolls-royce phantom in our film is that of a good companion abstraction detected it is the trusted friend who will come to your rescue when everyone else has

Abandoned it’s a character that has an attitude and has a function in the story it comes to the rescue yeah the rolls-royce phantom if you like in our film saves the world and set the sat-nav for switzerland there to kick some bottom you you

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Rowan Atkinson on his experience with the Johnny English Rolls-Royce Phantom By Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

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