rough country seat covers for ra
Altair Club Cars Rough Country Seat Covers for RAM 1500

Rough Country Seat Covers for RAM 1500

Rough Country 91029 – Front And Rear Black Seat Covers

All right so excuse the dirtiness of my ram i will vacuum it out but this is before before i put the seat covers in and child seats is the main reason i want to do this because my kids keep destroying the back of my seat so again this is all before this is just the gray cloth interior like many many rams have and we’ll do an after shot as well and during during

So it’s before during and after all right so these are going to be the rough country uh like the set for the 2009 to 2018 ram which will also include the classic classic series so i’m going to open these up install them and see what they’re like be very careful of course using x-acto you know i’m going to rip the neoprene seat covers that are inside this box

So just very lightly just all right i’m assuming that is front seat maybe there’s a part number on it there’s some lovely seat cover care instructions gently hand wash in warm soapy water okay and i like how the rc the uh rough country logo from the pictures i thought isn’t that crazy like white it’s just a nice silver so it kind of blends in better with that

It’s cool all right i’m not sure what set that is but that set is right here let’s see if i can cool all right without further ado let’s get these bad boys on all right let’s try this thing over here all right so you got to undo the buckles first of course these buckles go underneath the seat there’s also this thing right here which is goes inside here can’t

Go through but kind of goes inside then kind of holds this seat cover down but also before you start yeah make sure you take your headrests off okay so what you’re going to do here to get these off you’re going to press these at the same time so i’ll put this gopro like this you kind of see what i’m doing there we go press those in and then all the way out

Done now it’s out perfect now you can go into the next thing okay so now the actual headrest is off also when you’re doing this you want to make sure that um the airbag cut it up you guys can see this here the airbag cut out is going to be on the side closest to the window so the airbags can deploy still gonna jump into the back course and what i did was i

Just kind of made sure that when i pulled it over all the seams were matching up of the actual seat and then lining up the two holes for the headrest so so and then before you do the bottom one there’s a little thing right here on the bottom of the seat cover push that right in to the actual seat well there we go that sort of keeps it like a line make sure

That all your little hooks are out before you put this over the seat the bottom of the seat i’m going to take these guys i loosened them off quite a bit loosen them off a lot a lot of slack threw them back in here so i can get to them from the other side i’m gonna hook this little middle hook here onto something the driver’s side a little bit easier because

There’s stuff all hanging down oops so when i get like you can only get it i only have access to one side all right because they so that’s just not really i think that’s a little bit better i think yeah better all right so i just went up into the actual seat itself there’s like like just like almost like a like a box spring underneath there it’s always hooked

Onto one of those those wire so now we got two of these ones already hanging down this one i gotta i gotta kind of push through here and i’ve already cut myself when i see the driver’s side so watch out for the metal the metal is a sharp sometimes use a nice long screwdriver just to kind of hook the uh hook from the side here and push it through my help me

I say may uh ugh uh there we go there we go beautiful all right now these guys let’s see where i can put these guys this one’s gonna have to come across the front probably oh right there all right that works perfect all right so after some bloodshed again we’ve got this going down through this one going down through underneath it’s pretty tight the middle

One and the ones over here that’s pretty tight so far so good let’s get the head the head rest on and we’re good okay it should all be lined up if i did this correctly okay good perfect all right there we go and now i will put the headrest cover and there we go that’s on good to go just velcro on the bottom super super simple all right so this one here again

We’re gonna undo all the straps this longer piece will be for the bottom part and again the smoother part will go on the outside over there just like that all right push these through so so all right so taking these out as well you need to take these out so you press on that button there and that putting there there we go all right so we got main one off

Look at this little guy again that button there and that button there there we go okay all right let the games begin undo all your straps all straps undone oh one’s wrong best thing to do is look for the holes for the headrests and you can line all to up all right so this is the part in the video where i went and grabbed my wife because she has really small

Hands and i don’t i have big huge ridiculous fat hands and you need really small hands to get the seat cover to fit behind it because with these ram seats you can’t fold them forward there is a trick out there to do it to mod it but i haven’t done it yet so in this video i’m going to use my wife’s tiny hands also i realized i’d put the seat cover on wrong on

This side because there’s a seat belt that goes sort of the middle as you can see right there i’m putting the seat cover underneath it so if you’re doing this remember to put the seat cover underneath the seat belt you know for safety and all and we’re just trying to figure out how to how to get this thing over top um so basically we’ve done this we’ve we lined

Up the uh the holes for the headrest we got all the uh all the different belts here all the all the connecting wires and such and ropes behind these rods these rough country seat covers and we’re gonna we’re gonna chuck them behind the seat and then my wife is gonna use her little tiny hands to kind of hook everything up behind and then tighten them down and

And we got it we got it done this was really hard the back seat was super hard everything else was easy the back seat was the hardest but yeah if you’re doing this if you’ve got a small child or a small wife or just someone who has small hands or if you happen to have small hands good for you and use those to the fullest and that was it once once we got this

Part on man everything else was easy all right she’s all done seat covers are all in from rough country as you can see i’ve got a 20 20 ram classic with the fold down seat with three cup holders even though it doesn’t say it’ll fit it does fit perfectly actually fits really really well it’s the passenger side course here’s the back seat backseat doesn’t fit

Quite as nice on the back end here and here’s the driver’s seat so again like the controls are completely accessible you know what i mean they did a really good job rough country just sizing this up making it work really well i really wish you guys at rough country would make something for this not to buy it off amazon and i think from amazon only fits the top

I wish they made something for the jumpsuits a lot of people have that jump scene but good job rough country these things fit great and the price is super super reasonable really really impressed with the quality for the price not bad at all good job rough country all right well my amazon package came in not too long after i put these seat covers in so you know

What i’m going to add this to my seat cover video this is amazon special just an armrest in the neoprene that should fit over the top of this so let’s get it on and take a look at it uh shortest video ever but not bad you can still grab it it fits in pretty good nothing too crazy but you know what that’s all i wanted just something to go over that so it kind

Of matches because there’s black it’s black on here this was gray of course you can still see the gray here for the jumper seat but you know what just having that black and black kind of looks kind of looks alright i hope you

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Rough Country Seat Covers for RAM 1500 By Lee Dixon

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