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Rolls Royce Wraith | First Drive | Autocar India

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Welcome back to the auto car show and to the austrian alps for what is a very rare event in the motoring world a first stripe of a brand new rolls-royce motorcar this is the rate it’s the most powerful car rolls royces ever built it’s the car in the rolls-royce family now that has a little bit of moi a little bit of an evil side to it but what i’m here to see

Is if it still drives like a rolls-royce should look at it from the front and you will say yes immediately based on the same chassis as the ghost the two doll luxury coupe a stays true to its rolls-royce roots while seamlessly moving the brand into the 21st century with elon the unmistakable rolls-royce front grille remains proudly in place but the spirit of

Ecstasy is now tilted forward five degrees a subtle reinforcement of the race coil to spring stance it’s this stance viewed best from rear three-quarter or profile that defines the rate and sets the tone for its performance on tarmac the cabin 2 is built to the same exacting standards as the phantom the leathers are phantom grade it’s available with the iconic

Star light headliner and the signature rolls-royce veneer paneling is a new open grain can dinella process that evokes visions of the decks of luxury yachts the dash and control layout is pretty similar to the ghost but there are some differences too the steering wheel is a bit thicker the seats a bit more dare i say it sporty a while rolls-royce of use phantom

Grade materials in the cabin of the rail they’ve got one step better with the audio system every rolls-royce engineer and technical person i spoke to including product head philip hartnell told me that this is the most advanced audio system on a car ever and on our drive here we’ve been testing it not by blasting music as you’d think but by keeping it really low

Waiting for the smooth nodes of the jazz students to pop up and seeing how many instruments we can identify and let me tell you it’s pretty spectacular at the heart of the new rate is a we 12 by turbo rolls-royce petrol engine that produces 624 brake horsepower making this key most powerful rolls-royce motor car ever it also produces 800 newton meters of torque a

Whopping 800 newton meters of torque from just 1,500 rpm so literally you’ve got power reserves on tap whenever you like that little power is the gate the rolls-royce likes to put on their instrument binnacle is mostly just sitting there between 80 and 100 at all times because this car can fly at the lightest flex of your right while the rate is very fast indeed

In fact rolls-royce claims are zero to 100 times of just 4.4 seconds and a limited top speed of 250 kilometers and are it’s the quality rather than the quantity that really impresses you drive along at around 80 kilometers an hour and you behind the wheel of one of the quietest cars around but asked for full throttle and the response comes so quickly that it’s

Actually quite disconcerting oh and there’s one more thing when you hit the gas in the r8 you can actually hear the engine you can hear an engine note from a rolls-royce whatever next giving the superb engine company is an array of unseen systems that are constantly working behind the scenes to elevate the driving experience even further all that power and torque

Is sent to the wheels through an 8-speed zf automatic gearbox it’s a smooth and seamless gearbox and rolls-royce could well have just let the car be with that gearbox but no they’ve got a lot of electronic trickery happening and right now i’d like to introduce you to jeeves or the satellite-aided transmission now what rolls-royce have done is they’ve linked to the

Transmission with the navigation and the gps system so the car actually senses where you are on the road what’s coming up in front of you what kind of speeds you’re doing and actually pre selects a gear on the gearbox this isn’t really apparent when you’re driving around because like jeeves it does its work quietly efficiently with no fuss at all but when you’re

Driving downhill and you brake and you’re waiting to get on the power again you just kind of get a sense that hey how did the car find exactly the right gear the gear i am looking for what this also means is that the rate does not have paddle shifts there is no option of paddle shifts either but rolls-royce says their profile of customer doesn’t really want to do

Too much work he wants the car to be able to do the work for him quickly and effectively and that’s just what the satellite-aided transmission on the wraith does now the rate may let you hear its engine once in a while it is very very fast and pretty astonishing to drive but in the end it is the rolls royce and therefore it has to ride like one so does it well

Yes it does they use the multi-link rear suspension and suspension at all four corners and they’ve got a bunch of processors working away over time deciding what speeds you are doing what kind of lean angles you’re carrying how much to stiffen up the suspension or let it be so when you’re driving along and you want to walk the lawn like you would in a rolls royce

You do just that you walk on a cushion of air but when you want to push the car turn in a bit hard around corners you actually can do that as well the suspension just tightens up imperceptibly tries to cut down on body roll it can’t eliminate body roll this is a huge car with air suspension and it is a car you can drive around in these mountain roads pushing it a

Bit hard i wouldn’t really push it too hard but you can push it so i spent a day driving the race in a multitude of different conditions here in austria and i have just one word to say amazing it really surprises you this car it’s extremely powerful the first time you put your foot down and you feel it coil up and explode out of the blocks i guarantee the hairs

Will stand up on the back of your neck but it also rides like a rolls royce is expected to ride so really if you have four and a half crores to spent because that’s what it will cost you in its base form in india please go out and buy this car i guarantee you will have a great time owning it

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