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Rolls-Royce Phantom III

Continuing our look at each generation of cars to bear the Phantom name, this is the third generation Phantom as owned by British 5-star General, Field Marshall Bernard Law Montgomery; in celebration of the launch of the new Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII.

Hi welcome to the next episode of the ralph on cars we’re continuing our look at the rolls-royce phantom so at the years and this one is the phantom free and some free production and the run from 1936 to 1939 following the outbreak of war rolls-royce turned its attention to making merlin aero engines and meteor tank engines however the phantom 3 was clearly

A very exceptional car one road tester concluded somewhere is an ultimate in the highest expression of road travel comforts and performance and the phantom 3 is beyond question the nearest approach to it as yet it featured the 7000 340 cc v12 with jeweled ignition the car was found by testers to be quite capable of cruising at 90 miles per hour on the road the

Way in which the car sweeps along its high speed with practically nothing to show that the mechanism is working and the absence of any pronounced movements raised rolls-royce motoring far above the ordinary if there is one word which can describe the rolls-royce it is velvet that is the touch possessed by the engine the steering the brakes and the gear change

In fact by every one of the controls major or minor though the car gathers way really rapidly it is scarcely believable that the ordinary processes are going on within it then that’s the other end of the scale the car has the extraordinary flexibility in top gear it can keep moving perfectly smoothly on top gear even in slow traffic and pull away quickly without

A trace of vibration or pinking as though this were the natural way to handle the car the actual minimum on top gear is a 5 mile per hour quick walking pace performance testing revealed the nought to sixty times sixteen point eight seconds and fuel consumption in the order of ten to fourteen miles per gallon braking from 30 miles per hour was set to be 39 feet

This particular car belonged to field marshal bernard law montgomery whose victory at el alamein in 1942 helps turn the tide of the second world war known as monte is famously acetic lifestyle and him another nickname the spartan general yet this disciplined forthright soldier allowed himself one indulgence in the match of his personal transport he would accept

Only rolls royce monte had the use of three phantom freeze during the second world war the car seen here known as the butler was his favorite indeed he grew so fond of its of the kept suits until 1962 it was built in 1936 for allan samuel butler chairman of a de havilland aircraft company and its distinctive front sloping windscreen was said to have made it 15%

More aerodynamically efficient than the standard model monte used this car in his desert campaigns because the forward tilting windscreen would not reflect the sun and thereby give away his position to allah to offer the craft of discovery of death with us forever together remember to check out all the videos and if you like them then like share and subscribe

And keep watching out for more videos coming on in the future thanks bye

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Rolls-Royce Phantom III By Ralph on Cars

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