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The new Rolls-Royce Ghost has arrived for 2020. Rory Reid reviews the exterior, interior and examines the levels of luxury to establish whether it’s worth the £250,000 asking price.

So you’re looking for a rolls royce you’re looking for extreme luxury but the phantom is just too ostentatious and you don’t want the cullinan suv what do you go for well the obvious choice is the smaller more affordable but no less desirable rolls royce ghost the new ghost has been revised from the ground up whereas the previous version was built on the

Same steel monocoque chassis as the bmw 7 series this new model referred to as the first goodwood ghost has all new aluminium underpinnings that rolls royce refers to as the architecture of luxury sounds very pretentious but it promises to be lighter tighter and it means the ghost can’t simply be accused of being a fancy bmw they haven’t gone too crazy with

The design the previous ghost had a boxy almost architectural look to it but with this they’ve introduced a couple of subtle curves which give it a much more contemporary assertive look the pantheon grill is still very much in place but for the first time it’s actually illuminated very subtly they’ve actually got a couple of leds with shine on the inside and

What you get is a slightly bling effect but they’ve attempted to subdue this ever so slightly by giving the strikes a twin finish on the inside they have a subtle brushed finish while on the outside it has a polished finish which again goes some way to reducing that bling factor plus if you don’t like it you can of course switch it off completely in profile

The new ghost uses a simple three box shape with every inch of the body work being built from aluminium look closely at the roof in particular and you’ll notice a complete lack of shut lines this gives the impression it’s built from one continuous piece of metal with no visible gaps thanks to a process that requires four craftsmen to hand weld the body together

Simultaneously another great piece of engineering that you might be familiar with are these rear hinged doors but they’ve been upgraded they’re now called effortless doors so they give you a little bit of assistance with a motor to take the strain it works on the front too if i pull this the doors just help me along so i don’t have to work too hard and when you

Want to close the doors just give it a little push and off it goes all by itself same for the front just a little push and the car does all the hard work that is probably going to put quite a lot of people out of the job but on top of that you also get familiar rolls-royce some brothers always need these in the event of bad weather quietness is massively

Important in any rolls royce and the new ghost should excel here the windows are double glazed the bulkhead and floors are double skinned and filled with felt to reduce road noise in total more than 100 kilograms of sound deadening material are used in the doors roof tires and inside the architecture of this car rolls-royce determined that early prototypes were

Actually too quiet which resulted in disorientation of its passengers to overcome this engineers tuned each component to a common resonant frequency the seats now resonate in the same way as the body the boot features ports beneath the parcel shelf to allow disruptive sound waves to escape all of which results in a better overall harmony a cabin that’s quiet but

Not too quiet up front it’s all recognizable as a ghost but there are some very noticeable changes that elevate it above the previous generation i mentioned the starlight headliner now with a shooting star but they’ve actually changed the dashboard to mimic that you now have your own starlight system here on the dashboard with 900 individual lights plus an area

That allows you to customize it yourself to choose whatever writing or motif or family emblem that you might like the wood is new as well on the previous car the wood was covered in lacquer which gave it a slightly glassy maybe plasticky feel but this is open paw so when you touch it it actually feels like genuine wood on top of that you have the satnav which

Is completely uncovered the gauges over here are completely digital although they do look analog thanks to this inclusion of a metal ring around each of the individual gauges inside the ghost has always been luxurious opulent quiet and that hasn’t changed for the new generation rolls royce still have the best rugs in the game bar none they are so comfortable

And so deep that you’ll want to ride around in bare feet all the time plus the car has all the usual luxury tenants including this amazing starlight headliner which now features shooting stars very clever plus you get wi-fi you have a motorized picnic table that folds down as well as a rear seat entertainment system all very very cool plus on top of that you’ve

Got to have a champagne fridge and they do indeed have one so this folds down to reveal a pair of champagne flutes although only sadly room for one bottle of champagne but it’s clever fridge it’ll sound expensive too the new ghost uses a 1300 watt amplifier controlling 18 channels including conventional cone speakers as well as exciter speakers these units are

Bonded to the surface of an object in this case the starlight headliner turning the ceiling into a giant speaker indeed the body of the car itself works as a speaker the seal size and shape have been engineered specifically to enhance audio and work as a resonance chamber effectively transforming the car into a giant subwoofer let’s talk about the powertrain

The new ghost will use rolls royce’s twin turbocharged v12 engine which will make 571 horsepower and 850 meters of torque the ghost will also have all-wheel drive and all-wheel steer so it should go and corner well norther 62 promises to take just 4.8 seconds while top speed is limited to 155 miles an hour meaning the ghost should be no slouch big changes then

But this new car should remain faithful to everything the ghost name stands for luxury refinement and comfort in a car that’s just as enjoyable for drivers as it is for those who want to ride in the back we will of course reserve judgment until we experience it in the wild but based on this experience the new incarnation promises to be an exciting evolutionary

Step for an iconic brand i know

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Rolls-Royce Ghost By See Desire

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