rolls royce ghost test drive
Altair Club Cars Rolls Royce Ghost: test drive

Rolls Royce Ghost: test drive

Mastertester drove the new Spirit of Ecstasy car.

We are back with the nada rolls we dream it about it and now we have the ghost more than five meters of smoothness and super drive here in beautiful italia we will go to lake of como and with passion we will drive one with the best car in the world the rolls-royce ghost under the bonnet something incredible the super wood 12 from rolls-royce 12.1 who is a twin-turbo

Engine 570 horsepower a lot of power an incredible newton meter 700 more than 700 newton meters and all these give you a very smoothness but then if you need power you just push down and you have an incredible car that can make 0-200 in less than five seconds here we are with the back of their also of course is elegant that as you can see they gave also a little

Bit of spotless to the car like with that exhaust the elegance is here with the light but the lines are pretty like a coupe and then the trunk you have almost 500 liters of space where you can put your leg edge to go to the riviera italiana and portofino or just go and play golf let’s have a look to this interior and to the drive position where everything is made

Of wood and leather you can choose all the colors so basically each rolls is unique to the owner and also this nice aluminum that give a touch of classic and modern together you have everything multimedia and all the option you can imagine but on these rolls so we have something we really love especially to go around in italy the rooftop panorama let’s have a look

Guys this is new new apartment for today with this one we can go to lake of como very comfortable and this is actually where the owner of a rolls-royce should be because someone else is driving for me and it’s so comfortable i have everything i have a tablet that tv and i can you know have an incredible journey like to be at home on my sofa have a look how all day

Everything is perfect classic and modern together modern and classic and the driving position really cool this one of course is electric for example you know you open it and then if you are inside like here with this button you just close it super cool we can see is elegance but bold and both means power and power for the owner of farrell’s is very important so

Look the full led very nice small but powerful the big wheel 21 inches and the bonnet double collar pure elegance and then the lines very dynamic so this long car becomes very beautiful molto bella must have tested for out of out of you today we have an incredible day a dreaming day and now i will explain you something about the driving enjoy our day motorway we

Really liked everything of this car it smooth very very elegant and you’d ride it as a normal car very easily at the beginning of course the measures of this car are not normal it’s very long and wide but not as much as you can think because the end a lot of suvs are as long it’s like a dream to drive this car and you know if you can have everyone just get it if

You know just dream and maybe sometimes you know get occasion and drive one to understand what’s the feeling of driving with the spirit of ecstasy in front of you so we finish also our test another dream day with a dream car rolls-royce ghost bhura bellezza like italy very nice places were to go with a very bella car inside oh wow so incredible basically if you

Stay in the back you can just sleep and have nice time driving it it’s not bad powerful very comfortable and not so big as you can see so rolls not for everyone but they dream for everyone will love it we cannot wait for another spirit of ecstasy and for out of autopathy t master taster childhood here been arimathaea nostradamus time journey it boy fundamentalism is a caravan

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