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Altair Club Cars Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II | Driven: Car Review | The New York Times

Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II | Driven: Car Review | The New York Times

With a base price just shy of $300,000, this luxury car made for an exclusive clientele is customizable down to the color of the interior stitching.

To drive or to be driven that is the question in the rolls-royce hierarchy wraith is a driver’s car phantom is to be chauffeured in this is the ghost which goes either way 2015 ghosts are series – cars of freshening as it were perhaps you’ve recognized the stately or grille is now framed by led headlamps no well chalk it up to rarity rolls-royce only builds about

Four thousand cars a year total for the entire world you may never see a ghost in person think owners are stuffy and only listen to classical music thank you rolls-royce claims that many of them are very dynamic actors musicians pro athletes obviously very successful ones ghost starts at 292 grand this one with a few options stickers for three hundred and eighty

Two thousand eight hundred and twenty-five dollars eighty-five percent our bespoke so buyers get exactly what they want down to the color of the stitching and a forest of wood choices there is only one powertrain though this is a 6.6 litre twin-turbocharged v-12 in other words enough cylinders to power three mid-sized sedans a new 8-speed transmission uses gps and

Mapping information for more confident shifting the v12 and rear tires are tasked with moving 5,600 pounds reaching 60 miles an hour in a stately sub five-second manner concentrate and you might detect transmission shifts in the past i have described cars as having chasse ees that are volt like ghost it really feels like you’re driving a vault it is that heavy it’s

That solid and that’s great until you sling hard into a corner physics will not be denied amiata it is not ghost remains composed in the corners but with plenty of understeer not exactly eager to slice through them where it fully delivers is comfort this car is very very quiet or as elmer fudd would say very very quiet he was a big star he probably owned the rolls

And he could afford the fuel to ghost gulps the premium stuff at an average of 15 miles per gallon this probably means little to owners if you’ve been looking at the drive-by shots you may have noticed that the center hub with logo is always upright and properly aligned that in the swept formal design catches eyes feeling ostentatious put ghosts into stealth mode

While video can show that the cabin is a craftsman showcase the heft of hardware softness and aroma of the hide plus finish and precision can only be truly appreciated in person this could be the perfect car for those who live in soggy climates built-in umbrellas series two cars have new chairs in this case heated vented and ready to massage the driver or chauffeur

Classic ambiance meets current technology the user interface has been upgraded to i drive remember rolls-royce is owned by bmw got to love the spirit of ecstasy logo on the controller accouterments back here are pretty jeep the seats have a memory feature they’re heated they’re cool they can give you a massage of course they can and just because you’re riding

Doesn’t mean you lack control watch movie on the entertainment system or read about ghosts night vision system while perusing the owners here in case you ever plan on driving yourself a long-wheelbase model offers even more legroom picnic tables our standard equipment i’ll spare you the grey poupon jokes this car is as deep as the lamb’s wool footrests rolls-royce

Owners probably don’t buy their own tp but it does make a great trunk measurement metric the trunk is better trimmed than most car interiors when it comes to space the very special ghost holds a very ordinary six-packs this is a car for 1% of the 1% if even that and people are thrilled to see it with ghosts in my possession for a few days the rolls was a rockstar

Fitting since you need to be won in any profession to own one oh

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