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Altair Club Cars Road Test: 2011 Porsche Cayenne

Road Test: 2011 Porsche Cayenne

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Road Test: 2011 Porsche Cayenne

Motorweek televisions original automotive magazine despite a chilly reception from diehards when it debuted for 2003 the porsche cayenne utility quickly became a success and today accounts for almost 30 percent of the brand’s american sales for 2011 porsches hot rod cayenne is all new inside and out with more power across the lineup and there’s even a hybrid

On the way so let’s give this spicy new sport you to go while clearly evolutionary there is a fair amount of panamera dna at work on the exterior of the 2011 porsche cayenne that includes the shape of the better integrated bi-xenon headlights and the outer front fascia air intakes with led daytime running light strips the profile has more sculpting too which

Tends to make the extra couple of inches added to overall length appear even longer our media are gray metallic ions optional rs spyder style 20-inch wheels came shot in 270 545 michelin latitude sport rubber except for the commanding altitude above the asphalt the interior styling doesn’t fit in suv the dash and sloping center console again favor the panamera a

Traditionally styled 5 gauge porsche cluster is there but it adds a reconfigurable screen that relays all manner of info to the driver available amenities cover the luxury gamut including ventilated seats navigation and rear view monitor with about an inch and a half added to wheelbase adult comfort in the 40/20/40 split reclining second row is improved it also

Slides six point three inches for two aft follow the seats flat and the sixty-two point nine cubic feet of cargo space is about as before power is also evolutionary the entry-level cayenne sports a 3.6 liter v6 but horsepower is up 10 – an even 300 and 295 pound-feet of torque a bump of 22 our s great s utes 4.8 liter direct-injected variable timing v8 rates 400

Horsepower 15 more than last year torque is unchanged at 369 pound-feet the top-line cayenne turbo v8 still bolts on twin turbochargers for 500 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque soon a cayenne hybrid will arrive with a 333 horsepower supercharged 3 litre v6 coupled to a 47 horsepower electric motor except for the base v6 powered cayenne which comes standard

With a 6-speed manual shifting is through a new 8-speed tiptronic automatic with paddle shifters and automatic stop start combined with better traction control the new lower gear allow porcha to drop its two-speed transfer case that plus lots of new aluminum body bits saves 400 pounds we saw the results quickly 0 to 60 and 5.7 seconds about 3/4 of a second faster

Than before the quarter-mile took just 13.9 seconds and 108 miles per hour faster response was even more evident through the slalom with the optional porsche active stability management system on the cayenne proved unbelievably stable as the new transmission showed off near intuitive gear changes the high-speed lane change was equally impressive without notable

Electronic nanny and near zero body roll steering is weighted and sports car precise but lacks a bid and feedback for will vented disc brakes snapped the cayenne to a stop from 60 in an excellent average of 120 feet but there was more fade and twitchiness than expected and the pedal was quite mushy our kyon’s highway manners also benefited from pasm with settings

For comfort normal and sport while adventurous off-roading requires adding the height adjustable air suspension it mates well with the lower transmission gearing standard hill descent control and the all-wheel drive systems for traction settings the results are impressive more good news is that government fuel economy ratings for the porsche cayenne s jumped 23

Percent from last year the 16 city 22 highway on premium gas pricing starts at 47 thousand six hundred twenty-five dollars our cayenne s is sixty four thousand six hundred twenty-five dollars to start with a hybrid next at sixty eight thousand six hundred twenty-five dollars my tea turbo starts at a whopping 100 five thousand seven hundred twenty-five dollars

Traditional porsche files may never respect the cayenne but the 2011 edition clearly deserves it’s porsche bags it looks more like a porsche feels more like a porsche and most importantly drives more like a porsche than ever you

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Road Test: 2011 Porsche Cayenne By MotorWeek

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