road test 2011 ford f 150
Altair Club Cars Road Test: 2011 Ford F-150

Road Test: 2011 Ford F-150

Motorweek is made possible by rock auto save the words best-selling pickup to real truck fans and they will immediately come back with ford f-150 and that’s because for over 30 years the f-150 has ruled the roost it’s done so by providing a light duty full-size pickup truck that can be tailored to any tastes and any mission ford also stays ahead by knowing

When to improve the f-150 to keep it out front indeed 2011 is a year of significant changes for the f-150 and one that stands out where’s the magic 5.0 that’s 5.0 as in mustang 5.0 that’s because the 2011 ford f-150s high-volume v8 is the same 5-litre dual cam v8 that lights up the tires in the mustang gt now just dropping a car motor into a truck is usually a

Recipe for disaster or at least a lot of blown engines so to guarantee that the five leader was up to traditional truck tasks like cargo hauling and trailer towing ford engineers made some serious changes they started by beefing up the engine block and adding new cylinder heads for improved cooling next shorter duration intake cams with revised variable cam timing

Cooling jets that spray oil under the pistons an extra oil cooler and a baffled deep sump oil pan all with compression lowered to ten point five to one for low-speed towing efficiency the result is a 5.0 output of 360 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque with an even 10,000 pound maximum trailer tow that 68 horses and 20 pound feet less than the pony car but a

Huge jump over last year’s 4.6 liter v8 the 5.0 is so strong that the 5.4 liter v8 has also been dropped ford is also taking the daring move of offering a premium turbocharged v6 in the f-150 this first rear drive fitment of the direct injected 3.5 liter ecoboost v6 rates 365 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque with a class best 11300 pound trailer tow limit

Other engines include a new base 302 horsepower 3.7 liter v6 also from the mustang and the raptors 411 horsepower 6.2 liter v8 as to the 5.0 in our truck you feel the ready and willing power as soon as you put your right foot down with a bottom end that’s strong and smooth all highlighted by a throaty nascar like exhaust note that may even make mustang drivers

Whether at highway crews are working through tight traffic all of our drivers were impressed by the standard six-speed automatic transmission with optional select shift manual mode the five-o is one potent powertrain yet still delivers reasonable for a pickup government fuel economy ratings a 15 city/21 highway on regular gas pour more economy the 3.5 ecoboost v6

Is rated at 16 city 22 highway but the base 3.7 v6 rates 17 city and 23 highway which matches the highway number of chevrolet silverado hybrid and all of the f-150 s engines are now easier to fill thanks to the addition of a capless fuel filler once underway we quickly notice that the 2011 f-150 boasts a more nimble feel than its predecessor with a retuned fronted

Rear suspension and more importantly the ride is no longer inferior to rivals the new f-150 soaks up all sorts of pavement irregularities that would have had last year’s truck hopping and bopping f150 styling has always been solid however and the 2011 freshening stays the course some thought that the blocky headlights in our excel teased very prominent grille

Surround the latter included in the optional chrome package were a bit much but we’re cool with our trucks big turn signal mirrors available high shine step bar and 18-inch five-spoke alloy wheels xlt also means you’re living a fairly high life inside with the already well-equipped cabin adding more style and better materials gauges are revised and more legible

With a new lcd message center borrowed from the super duty new as a zoom function for the rear view camera display our truck included ford sync voice-activated interface and a power sliding rear window whip defroster the exhale tease cloth captain’s chairs are not fancy but firm and supportive with better than pickup average lateral support adjustable pedals are

Available and always welcome the super cruise cab rear seat is also above average in comfort with super sized head and legroom for even the big boys plus fold up seat bottoms that expose a sizable cargo floor and speaking of cargo the super cruise cargo box is available in either five and a half foot or six and a half foot links with an eight foot box available

On regular and super cab so there’s a proper fit for personal use and for picking up the big jobs there’s also an f-150 fit for most budgets with base prices ranging from twenty three thousand seven hundred sixty five dollars to forty eight thousand eight hundred fifty five dollars for our super crew xlt the 5.0 adds a thousand dollars while the ecoboost v-six at

$1,750 still the boosted efficient v6 is already accounting for over a third of f-150 sales but whatever the price or options our test team is very impressed with just how much better the latest ford f-150 is in almost every way especially under the hood so for the 2011 model year the ford f-150 will continue to be the best-selling pickup staying link’s ahead of the herd you

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Road Test: 2011 Ford F-150 By MotorWeek

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