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Altair Club Cars Rivians Electric R1T:Surfing & Diving Adventure on the California Coast | MotorTrend

Rivians Electric R1T:Surfing & Diving Adventure on the California Coast | MotorTrend

MotorTrend’s Ed Loh and Miguel Cortina hit the road in the Rivian R1T for a day of ocean adventures at Pismo Beach, California.

You know initially it was about getting into better shape you need to know how to swim you need to be a strong swimmer and then you got to be able to paddle aboard and that requires a lot of like core strength and that took a while to get you’re up early it’s quiet so there’s some some meditative process to this i’m ed lowe and this is my backyard so today miguel

My surf buddy and i we’re going up to pismo beach we’re taking a rivien r1t and we’re meeting our buddy paul a former colleague of ours who works at surfline he’s among the better surfers in my sort of core group but he was very excited to show us he loves the sport and it was great having you in the water with us to show us some of the tips and tricks the waves

Looked pretty good i think i think we got a shot to get in here before the wind picks up a little bit so yeah it’s a little chilly though it is a little chilly it’s good thing we packed some good wetsuits yeah i think we’ll be fine looks epic it’s amazing i got into surfing in my sort of early middle age i admit like i’m not very good at surfing and i’ve been

Doing it for a long time but it doesn’t matter because i’ve realized that i actually enjoy the struggle i enjoy trying to get better at this and that’s very different than i think other parts of my life where if i’m frustrated by something i just stopped doing it it’s not the case with surfing i’m ready to eat up early morning jump in cold water and just suck at

It with the hope of getting better by the end of the day all right so i love surfing that’s pretty clear but other people love other aspects of the ocean you know paul for instance has been talking a lot about freediving and trying to get miguel and i into the sport so let’s give it a shot i’m miguel anthony nice to meet you welcome aboard guys nice to meet

You as well so what are we doing today we’re gonna go get wet have some fun dive sites called target rock and it’s a bunch of quarried rock from the actual rock itself down there and they made a man-made basically estuary opening for the harbor and there’s a bunch of rock reef on the bottom there some kelp growing on it all kinds of cool fish and anemones and

Invertebrates and vertebrates all throughout that region pretty easier diving today 25 foot max so we’re gonna have to be pushing super deep dives today any tips that you can give us to you know deal with a cold temperature um yeah just get acclimated first you know get in the water settle in a little bit you’ll warm up relatively quickly and what tips do you have

For these two guys who have never done free diving before um the most important thing that you need to know is that your weight belt is your ditchable item that’s your safety belt okay it’s going to help you go down but at the same time if you run into any problems you want to get rid of that weight belt so that you are up on the surface and you just let it go you

Just drop it yeah it’s a hundred dollar bill in your life i think we got it what do we do if miguel has to go to the bathroom while he’s in the water everybody does everybody just does for it yeah absolutely keeps you warmer that way so should we suit up fluid up let’s go let’s go all right anthony and his team were awesome they were very professional very

Friendly they were very indulgent of us i do think they thought we were a little bit nuts to go out on a date like we did definitely felt like we were in safe hands it was different it was a very different experience i was a lot less comfortable because it was all new but also just how beautiful the undersea environment can be when you can get into the kelp

Forest you can see all of the marine life that leads to a different kind of experience i know you can do this hat i know you can do this thank you miguel i have your back if you mess up it’s been a great day always a good day when you can get out and do some surfing but even better when you can go out and try something new with your friends and then really get

Into it afterwards over some tacos so what do you guys think you guys have fun i have fun yeah i had a great day surfing free diving backing up the truck with the trailer i mean at first i couldn’t see anything like i couldn’t see where the ramp was or anything like that but i gotta say you guys got a lot of doubts about my abilities i wasn’t gonna i was gonna

Say i was just about to say what a good job you did miguel that’s what they say fourth try as a charm so my advice to somebody who’s who’s interested in trying something new is just to go out and do it go outside of your comfort zone jump into the cold water go out early in the morning just give it a go see what happens you

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Rivian's Electric R1T: Surfing & Diving Adventure on the California Coast | MotorTrend By MotorTrend Channel

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