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Altair Club Cars RIVIAN X MAXTRAX Recovery Board Install on BuiltRight R1T Cab Wall MOLLE Panel

RIVIAN X MAXTRAX Recovery Board Install on BuiltRight R1T Cab Wall MOLLE Panel

Follow along as Matt installs the Rivian x MAXTRAX Extreme Recovery Boards on our R1T Cab Wall MOLLE panel. We’re using our BuiltRight MOLLE Nuts to secure the Rivian x MAXTRAX Mounting Brackets, keeping the boards easily accessible for any sticky situations we may find ourselves in. This install can take a bit of trial and error to get spacing just right, but once your mounting pins are 35″ apart and aligned properly, you will be able to secure up to 4 recovery boards on your Cab Wall MOLLE Panel. Expect this install to take 20-30 minutes using the tools listed below and a set of our MOLLE Nuts.

Thank you hey guys matt here with built right industries if you watched our last rivian video you saw me install our cab wall molle panel on our r1t here and just a couple of days ago my rivian maxtrax extreme recovery kit showed up i’m pretty excited about these parts we’re going to use them along with a set of the built right molly nuts to install them on

Our panel so let’s get into it so a quick rundown on what we’re looking at here of course these are the recovery boards themselves along with their leash we’ve got the plastic composite mounts this is a rivian maxtrax collaboration these are the mounts they’re also going to come with a set of mounting pins rivian includes an interesting kind of t-slot stud these

Are meant to be used with the rivian crossbars we have those crossbars but we’re of course mounting these to our molle panel so i’m going to set those inside in case we want them in the future and then we’ve got a set of the built right industries molly nuts that’s going to contain four of the molly nuts along with all the other hardware you’re going to need

To finish this installation along with me now let’s take a quick look at the tools that we need and we’ll uh we’ll get on with it all right so this installation is very straightforward we need a wrench of some sort for the mounting pin set i’ll explain that a bit in a minute and then we need a 3 8 inch socket and a ratchet to install the molly nuts all right

So we’re bringing our attention back to our maxtrax mounting kit here i’m going to remove these because we’re just not going to need those and then i’m going to open up my mounting pin set now you’ve got four identical pins each pin should have a nut pre-installed on it i’m going to take that nut off and then there’s a washer here we will not be needing that

Washer so i’m going to set this aside with the t-slot nuts and just focus on these two pieces all right so now looking at these composite brackets you can see we’ve got a spot on the back here to hold our nut captive these nuts have a nylock locking ring in them we want to make sure that nylock ring as we place the nut in there is facing us and i’m going to hold

This in place with my thumb come to the other side and begin carefully threading the mounting pin into that as soon as those threads hit the nylock portion which is where we’re at right now you’re going to feel some resistance i can turn it a little bit with my hands and here’s where we’re going to want that wrench you may use a crescent wrench pliers like i’m

Using you don’t want to mar up this plastic too badly but this will work just fine and then i’m going to spin this to tighten that into place okay so now i’ve got this tight you can see on the composite bracket here there are a couple of sort of witness marks that’s going to help us line up this bracket to be straight this is going to make sense once the parts

Are in your hands but i’m just going to back that off a little bit just to get us lined up straight there and we’re in good shape all right so we’ve got one of the pins installed i’m going to go ahead and complete the same process with the other three again ensuring that my nylock nut there is facing the right direction and that i end up aligning the mounting

Pins with those witness marks that i mentioned earlier so that our locking features are nice and straight foreign so before we get started with installing these i wanted to give you a quick uh background on how these two go together obviously this mount matches the shape of your max tracks nicely as we put the max tracks onto the mount it’s going to

Sink down like that i would put my second on there and then to lock it into place i would turn it like that 90 degrees on both of these repeat that on the other end and then we’re locked into place so now we’re going to go ahead we’re going to mount both of these mounts to the molle panel so the last thing we want to do is make sure that we’re mounting these two

Mounts the correct distance apart without having the board in our way max tracks calls that 890 millimeters i know that to be about 35 inches and i’m just going to verify with my tape measure here that indeed that is about 35 inches so that is what we’ll shoot for with our molly nuts it’s easy to make micro adjustments um and you’ll see that when we get to the

Molly panel all right so i’ve got my max tracks up against the molle panel here as you can see we’ve got some room to be creative um i think long term i’m going to mount my max tracks board on my my favorite in the passenger side so that on the driver’s side i can mount a pouch but for right now and for the purpose of this video so you guys get a good clean look

I’m going to try and mount it right centered on the panel um something like that up a little bit higher off the bed so i’m going to hop in the bed we’ll mock up the mounts and then we’ll bolt into the panel foreign here i’m using my tape measure here to look and find kind of where 35 inches is about centered um it looks like for me that means that the mounting

Pins about one two three is about centered on the third uh molly rectangle here so now that i know kind of where i’m going to want my mounts i’m going to move this first board out of the way and i know that i’m going to want my mount approximately centered over this third molly feature and kind of send it on the panel so something like that i’m going to mock

It up and i’m shooting for something kind of like that these max tracks mounts are great with all the slots and the holes i know i’m going to be able to find a place where these line up nicely so the first thing i’m going to do i’m going to open up our molly nut package here so i’ve removed some of the excess hardware from the molle nut kit just to make it a

Little bit easier to see but for each side i’m going to use two molly nuts i’m going to use two of the 5 8 inch bolts and i’m going to use two of the washers i’ll set the remaining molly nut hardware aside all right so the first step when i have this mocked up i’m going to take a look into these slots and try and see where i can get a good clean line of sight

On somewhere around the center of one of our mali rectangles and i may shift it over a little bit i think i’ve got a good opportunity right here in these kind of outside slots and this feature right here so for reference if you’re wanting to do these in your own panels that is two over and three down from the mounting bolt here all right so my next step is i’m

Going to put a bolt through the washer so i know i’m going to use this slot here and what i’m going to do on this first molly nut is flip it over i’m going to get it started with the step facing our mount just a few threads enough so that it’s not going to fall something like that and then i’m going to fish it through again two over three down so that the molly

Nut is sideways and then i’m going to spin the bolt to bring them all in at 90 degrees and put some tension on it so that it’s not going to spin again and then i’m going to tighten this down i’ll use my socket here to do that and i’m looking to tighten it down just enough that the molly nut can’t fall back out of the feature and spin but not quite so much that

I can’t move it around that will make sense once you are doing this so now that i’ve got this in place i know i’m approximately shooting for that kind of a location i’ve got another spot down here where i can fish a molly nut back behind here with my finger foreign and then i will grab the other bolt and washer and get that started i apologize as if this is

A little bit difficult to see you and i are in the same boat in that respect so i’ve got our molly nuts started on this bottom one as well i’m spinning that 90 degrees get into the uh molly feature and then i will snug it up once again leaving it just loose enough that i’ve got some adjustment here you’re going to see why in a minute all right so we’re on to

Our second mount here again refresher we want the pin to be about on this third centered on the third feature there so i’m going to repeat our process from the previous mount which is to use these outside slots i’m going to get a molly nut started on the top one if you’re feeling sporty you can get one started on the bottom and you can manage to maneuver him in

But i’m going to keep it a little bit simple all right if we want the pin to be on the third feature here we know from the other side two over three down so the molly nut is going to go right here i’m gonna get it started in here once again i will twist it 90 degrees let it find its home and then tighten it down just enough that it doesn’t fall out of its spot

Just like that i’m going to grab our next bolt and washer and molly nut make sure this is straight eyeball where that needs to go and i’m going to land down in this feature here all right so before i put in the final molly nut on that side i’m going to set the recovery board in here just to check our measurement because i can see up here that we’re a little bit

Close together and sure enough i’m seeing that here too so what i’m going to do is i’m going to move the recovery board we’re going to pick a different molly feature for this molly nut to go in to get this bracket over towards the passenger side just about a half inch and they’ll be all set i need this to be a little bit over from that so i’m actually going to

Use this slot this time two over three down try that all right so this part of the installation is kind of going to change for everybody depending on where you put your max tracks if you wanted in the exact same spot as i do here then we’ll be able to just tell you exactly where to put the molly nut i’ve got this top one in i’m going to go ahead and do the

Bottom one right here and then we’ll give us another test fit together all right so we just tested that board everything fit up great now we’re going to snug these up on both sides put both boards on and we’ll be all set all right so now that this is all done and mounted up here just a quick refresher in both cases our molly nut was two features over and

Three down from the mounting point the only thing that differed between the driver and the passenger side is which of the two slot options we used in the mount itself but again this is an installation that’s going to vary for everybody depending on exactly where you want these boards our molly nuts along with these max track mounts are going to make it easier for

You to configure and reconfigure move them around as you figure out how you want to use your truck but this is going to be a great starting point for us so with that you have a super clean install of the rivien max tracks recovery board kit using just a set of the built right molly nuts and your built right molle panels if you have any questions comments feedback

Please feel free to reach out via phone email social media we’ll meet you where you find us uh thanks for watching have a good one foreign today i’m going to use a set of built right industries molly nuts the rivien max tracks mounts to mount the rivian extreme traction boards well i stumbled through that they’re painful we’re going to use those two parts

Along with a set of the built right molly nuts to mount this mounting system to our mouth mount we love to mouch today we’re going to use a set of built right industries molle nuts along with the rivian and max tracks mounts to mount a set of the rivian max tracks extremes recoveries boards to mount a set of the rivian max tracks extreme recovery boards is

That a mouthful if you watched our last rivian video you watched me install our cab wall molly panel on our r1t here um you you have a good clip of that for sure if you’re feeling sporty you can get one started on the bottom and you can manage to maneuver him in but i’m going to keep it a little bit simple you like that i’ve been wanting to work that into a video feeling sporty

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RIVIAN X MAXTRAX Recovery Board Install on BuiltRight R1T Cab Wall MOLLE Panel By BuiltRight Industries

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