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Altair Club Cars Rivian R1T Launch Ed. vs Ford F150 LIGHTNING Lariat Part 1 Review. Who will win?

Rivian R1T Launch Ed. vs Ford F150 LIGHTNING Lariat Part 1 Review. Who will win?

In this Part 1 vide I’m going over differences in the exterior, size, bed size difference, tail gate and power on board.

Welcome to electrified’s electrified motors channel and you know like i said earlier i wouldn’t be electrified motors if i didn’t have two electric pickup trucks in new york city so you don’t because you i don’t want you to do it i will show you everything about these two trucks uh to know um from exterior the differences between the two trucks also the interior

And also the operating system differences because so-called ui so without further ado let me show you the main differences from the exterior if you look at the trucks just um just standing here you can you can clearly tell that the f-150 is it’s a significantly taller i wouldn’t say much taller but it’s significantly so if i stand right next to it uh i’m six three

And when i stand right next to it to it even taller than me with the riven the standard setting it is a little bit shorter for me if you look at the wheels for both trucks the riven the my ribbon is equipped with 22 inch um all season scorpion tires which are more like sport performance tires the f-150 wheels i believe these are 20s um you can easily pull that

Information from here 20. yeah so these are 20 inch rims with much bigger tires uh so that makes for smoother that makes for a smoother ride um what else i can tell you just from the basic exterior differences another exterior difference is riggin is smaller in general this is a full-size f-150 truck so it will be exactly the same as a full-size regular f-150

Riven has a size somewhere between the f-150 and their smaller smaller system okay also you know the electric trucks are very famous for the front trunks so let’s compare too underneath so when you press it lifts automatically i currently don’t have much uh stuff here but also there is a storage on the bottom and i carry a bunch of cables chargers and some some

Camping gear the difference in the f-150 the dog there’s also a little button and you can also open the the front trunk with an uh with an with a key fob so that’s also a difference in riven gives you a key fob but only one ford delivered two uh key pops standard so the f-150 front trunk if you compare it it is bigger so this bag here as you can see fits uh

The way it’s open basically perfectly into the width of this front here we have quite a lot more more space in addition in addition to the space you have four outlets four 110 outlets and also you got usbc and usb so that’s that’s pretty cool and they also have lights like real working lights so at night this becomes pretty uh pretty light and this low gate here

You can lift and you have access to your 12 volt battery easy access to 12 volt battery i don’t even know a word where the 12 battery is in the review but that’s pretty much it when it comes to um the advantages the advantages of the m150 versus the rivian because rivian has more advantages even though it’s a smaller truck has more advantages where it comes to

It’s famous gear tunnel so as you know the riven gear tunnel is very very useful like i have beach umbrellas here and other another gear i actually keep stuff and i’m using this constantly it’s a absolutely fabulous storage space i love it it’s my one of my favorite storage space as well back here in the region you also have a power cover which is not standard

Now so you you know when you press the button there you go it opens and the size of the bed is not as big as the f-150 however however there comes a there comes a trick that riven has up its sleeve when you open the tailgate also with a bun it extends a little bit further due to this uh particular hinge design so the hinge extends and makes the bed fairly larger

And you can you can drive with the with the tailgate down as long as you strap things like here you got some as you can see here you got at the end some straps and i used it when i went to ikea i got a full-size wardrobe and and also let’s not forget storage underneath the truck bed so it carries either a full size spare or you can take the spare out and actually

Convert this into additional storage and with the drain plug this thing has a drain plug it actually closed really well for the first time it usually has little issues closing uh the f-150 you know if you’re familiar with a regular 150 there is not you know there’s not much uh difference so the tailgate is a power target so in the region it just opens um slowly

Like this but it’s not powered so now when you as you can see the the bed is wider also here uh in the truck you have a 240 volt uh outlet you know to get to to power all of your power tools and if you are in the you know in the construction industry or even if you do work around your house you don’t need to you know be dragging those extension cables you can take

It on your farm whatever you know whatever you need in addition you got two four uh four 110 outlets as well so this is a really powerhouse in addition um when i was purchasing the the truck i found out from the dealer that they work uh ford actually collaborate collaborates with sunrun and they do those installations where you can actually connect this truck to

Your house and use it as a power generator in case your power goes out so that’s very useful the great thing to know also hello fun um uh fun fact about the f-150 bed is that you have a ruler so if you are in construction or you’re building stuff you can actually measure stuff here and the ruler will always be here for you to find and and now let me demonstrate

The the power close so let me press and the gate goes up when i press on the ribbon it does not go up it only it’s only one direction so we have to lift all right oh in addition um i almost forgot so so even though ribbon also it’s not alone when it comes to power in the riven you got two a one turn power outlets that provide decent amperage i think it’s up to

20 amps each and i did connect my vacuum cleaner things like that and on the other side here as many of you might know there’s a built-in compressor there’s no no such thing on the f-150 a pickup truck so this is very helpful in situations where you go off-road you need to deflate and inflate your tires it’s very helpful uh one additional um difference let’s go

Beautiful sunset here in brooklyn and we found a street that is still under construction for the most part so we got so before we go in in the second part of the video into a space inside i just want to show you the the general um the general size of this truck it’s it’s it’s really big so the doors the front and rear doors are large this cabin space is massive

Um let me just briefly demonstrate um and they also have door handle like handles here to for you to grab in case somebody has you know difficulties climbing into uh you know a truck that is a little bit bigger those things help so you can step also help the f-150 has a running board you can step in look at that no a lot a lot of room some six three and i have

Plenty of you know of leg space and knee space and all that so also a lot of room for your car seats if you have family of uh you have you have a big family then of course this is something you know worth noticing so let me sit in the front passenger seat see i had room plenty of room in the back and i have plenty of room in the front in a new leg room when you

Have headroom the seas are very comfortable there are bucket seats there because this is a hilarious addition so it comes with bucket leather seats they’re very nice and let me show you how that situation looks in the ribbon actually we’ve got to go to the other side let me show you actually here there’s a car seat in the arabian and as you can see the the uh

The clearance with the with the regular car seat is fairly limited it’s not the worst but let me just show you the situation in the back same thing i’m just gonna get in and as you can see there’s no no handles to grab so right now my knees are touching the seat so i’m gonna demonstrate so i don’t have room i will have to move this seat up i don’t know if i can

Reach through here no i don’t have to get out let me make myself comfortable about the same you know comfort as i’ve had and uh like 150 are similar meaning your legs don’t touch anything okay so much less room right it’s it’s normal that this is not a full-size truck but right now i got good you know decent leg room um and styling you know between the two trucks

My preference of the styling because it’s such a new nice design it’s rivian it’s it’s more refined in terms of like the looks so here yeah not really room for my knees so in order for two large people like me to sit in the same row that will not be as comfortable as it would be in the f-150 all right so this is it for the comparison of the exterior and also i

Will post up here uh the the different specs so as you know the ford f-150 has two electric motors one in the front one on the rear it is a dual motor we’re giving us four motors uh two in the front two in the rear it is a quad motor drive the horsepower for the riven is right over here and then the horsepower for the f-150 is right over here uh and also torque

And the estimated range when it comes to just specs for these trucks is when it was when this guy was fully charged it was like 304 miles based on a bunch of youtubers doing reviews and range tests that range was realistically uh down to like 280 to 60 anywhere between 260 and 280. for the rivian the estimate the the official range is 314 miles and right here it’s

Very lots of very interesting information but my rhythm took over the audio for the recorder uh usually i turn uh the bluetooth off when i record videos but this time i was shooting with the gimbal so i wanted to leave the the bluetooth on and i forgot to close that door in the region and there we go to go over the audio so basically what i was saying is that the

Riven riven’s official range is 314 miles however when i drove to georgia from new york i i covered 290 miles and i had 70 miles left so i think easily i could get about 340 miles and the ford could get to like 270. so rivian potentially could have 70 more miles of range on top of the ford f-150 lightning that is pretty good um overall you know to to sum up these

Two trucks you cannot go wrong with either or a r riven is an excellent pickup truck an f-150 lightning is also an excellent pickup truck it all depends on your needs if you need a big cabin space and you have a big growing family i would definitely go with the 150 lightning and also if you’re in the construction and you need a big bed that you need all that power

On board go with f-150 lightning if you want something new and you want that styling or the riven and that extra speed and all these four motors go with the riven and you’ll be happy with both so well once again thank you very much for watching and if you have any comments questions please leave them below peace and until next time

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Rivian R1T Launch Ed. vs Ford F150 LIGHTNING Lariat Part 1 Review. Who will win?! By Electrified_ Motors

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