rivian r1t 2022 first drive revi
Altair Club Cars Rivian R1T 2022 – First Drive Review Electric Off-Road Dominance

Rivian R1T 2022 – First Drive Review Electric Off-Road Dominance

From the hottest places to the coldest – from 130ºF to -25ºF – our battery system was built to explore, delivering an EPA estimated 314 miles of range when paired with 21″ wheels.

The removable flashlight in the door came by is watching all the people that had a flashlight placed next to the seat so we created a flashlight in that little feature i love something that’s like an easter egg i don’t know if you’ve ever put a pair of wax skis on an automotive paint surface it’s like yeah there’s a rubber strip that’s on the end of the tailgate

So you could set your stuff against it and it won’t fall off roof racks on traditional vehicles they’re not very aesthetically pleasing they add weight and they’re bad for arrow your ability to put your bike on your carb in just a few minutes was the differentiating factor of whether you dried at the end of the day or not gotten into some research trying to make

It as streamlined and invisible as possible so we focused on developing ports that are strategically placed around the vehicle and a quick disconnect process moving the monuments that burden ice vehicles really allows us to open up packaging space carving areas of the interior out i don’t know of another truck that has as much storage whether it’s the bed the

Trunk the gear tunnel favorite feature is the gear tunnel well let me tell you about my ribbon we’re looking for package space and like no we can’t do it it’s too crazy and then now it’s become part of the car space where you can put your snowboard or your golf clubs anything really or if you’ve seen some of the other ideas using the gear tunnel for example to

Put the camp kitchen in it it’s all based on the things that we heard people say and then the types of systems people built to drive some of the insight we used an induction cooktop to not make people rely on propane we thought a lot about the different types of cooking that people do when you go out camping and the kind of space you need and this creates like a

Really nice work surface you also have things like a sink cork is sound dampening so these metal pieces inside it can rattle around but you’re not hearing anything and of course the camp classic cast iron we have a lot of opportunity to innovate on these forgotten areas people start to see the work that you’re making that you’ve learned and you based on what

They do and how they live their lives so on a lot of the interior materials that we used i would literally grab the swab and rub it on my shoe if it turned gray or white said this is not good we don’t want to use this looking at how sand and water snow and rain and mud can inform the materials that are used in the inside you’re okay to get them dirty okay to get

The muddy that’s another one of those opportunities we had to do something different at the end of the day we’re all trying to make one awesome product to prove to people that they don’t have to give up their adventure side or their outdoor side to have an electric vehicle take a left turn and go out in the forest go up a mountain that’s quite special that wind

In your hair i feel like a kid again being free disconnecting from everything i feel like i’m alive a complete mental reset adventures generating memories that you’re proud of and that you want to talk about the ultimate venture for me the adventure of my lifetime is is building this company through the times that i’ve been forced out of my element i’ve seen

So many things that have made my life richer you realize the world is so much more beautiful and awe-inspiring place yes so um oh uh hey um oh oh

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Rivian R1T 2022 – First Drive Review!! Electric Off-Road Dominance By Power Thrust

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