rivian introduces sand mode for
Altair Club Cars Rivian Introduces Sand Mode For R1T & R1S OTA Software Update

Rivian Introduces Sand Mode For R1T & R1S OTA Software Update

Rivian announced that they will be releasing Soft Sand Mode as a software update for both their cars R1T and R1S in the coming weeks. This should allow them to get out of deep sand and…

What is good guys john here let’s talk rivian so rivien has just released a statement saying that they’re going to be releasing a new mode here and it’s specifically for santa so this is going to be called soft sand mode and this is going to be available for both vehicles at the moment right now which is the rt1 and the rs1 so if you guys own any one of those

Cars right now you’re in for a treat as this is going to be coming out as a software update very very soon it’s only a dream of mine to be owning a riven at this point but i have to wait for that really it’s going to be a long way down before i have one in my driveway but literally right now it is the beast of off-roading in terms of just evs i know there’s a lot

Of other vehicles out there like the raptor and the ram but obviously those aren’t as good for the environment with their loud screeching noises and a lot of gas so rivien is really the only option right now until the cyber truck arrives and the fact that they continuously add new features every single time is just fantastic news and they’re adding it for all of

Their vehicles which is literally only two at the moment so not too much but still great nevertheless all right so let’s talk about the new feature here and this is directly from the company so i’m gonna have to look down and just read my notes real quick but i’ll also drop it on the screen here for you guys to see so it says the driver’s input are softened throttle

Mapping turned to initiate and maintain momentum over sand by allowing a gradual buildup of throttle at low speeds and then a more aggressive delivery at higher speeds and then an additional to that is suspension dampening so if you guys go over rough surfaces as well as just a deep holes and ruts you will be able to navigate right through it with ease even though

You are on soft snow at one point before so just to sum the whole thing up because it can get a little confusing for those of you guys that don’t even know or go off-roading so essentially this just lets you get out of just hard to maneuver places and deep sand so this is when you want to turn that feature on it does this magic in the background and it will get

You out now there’s even a video online right now directly from the company i’m going to be dropping it right here for you guys to check out it’s also available on twitter i’ll drop it in the link below and you guys can check that out they do have one or two videos up there uh just showing off the r1s uh the family version of the truck and this is where it just

Annihilates the sand dunes so check that out so like i said this is going to be available for the r1t and the r1s and it’s gonna be available later down the road as an over-the-air update now the company hasn’t specified any timeline but i think it’s gonna be coming out in the next few weeks here they’re not gonna be showing off a feature and then making us wait

Months or years down the line for it so they’re pretty much at completion stage and it’s just about pushing it out to everyone at this point now i am super stoked to be seeing the first videos of that so i’m gonna be waiting just like you guys are and then i’ll give you guys an update video and my opinions on this channel here so make sure you guys stay subscribed

And hit that bell notification if you guys haven’t done so already one day if i do get my hands on the rivian as well as the cyber truck i’ll definitely be making videos on that for you but at this point here we can all really only dream so anyways guys i hope you enjoyed this video if you guys did you know what to do once again peace

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Rivian Introduces Sand Mode For R1T & R1S OTA Software Update! By John Ee

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